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2023.06.06 17:18 Racer_alt Cable🔥

Uhhh idk how this happened, I used this controlled on a rig I had for a while and it was perfectly fine. I then transferred it to my main pc with the same fans, and when I turned on my pc it started smoking like crazy. I disconnected my power cable immediately ofc. But is this a known issue or something on my part?
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2023.06.06 17:18 Humble-Bedroom4412 Drunk daughter

So my daughter has been hanging around with a let's say different crowd. A couple of weeks ago she got home after 11 and was clearly drunk. My wife was in bed so I got my daughter balanced and took her to her bedroom. I just lay her down on the bed and returned downstairs. About 10 minutes later I thought I may as well go to bed as I did I noticed my daughter's light still on. I popped my head around the door to tell her to sleep but she was still on the bed where I left her fully clothed. I couldn't help but notice her skirt had ridden up and her pink panties were clearly visible. I wanted to turn away and go to my bedroom but couldn't take my eyes off her panties. I whispered her name and nothing so I gently entered her room and stood at the foot of her bed. My eyes widened as I saw the outline of my daughter's pussy as the panties formed the perfect cameltoe. Fuck I thought to myself what the hell am I doing here. My cock was rock hard in my pyjama bottoms. Just then my daughter stretched opened her eyes and said what are you doing daddy. I stuttered oh nothing sweetie I was just checking you were alright, you came home in such a state. I'm so sorry daddy she said and tried to get up from the bed. She almost stumbled so I got hold of her to stop her falling. She giggled hugged me tightly and said thanks daddy. My rock hard cock was pressed against her tummy as she held me tightly. I loosened her grip and sat her on the bed and told her to go to sleep now. I'm almost sure she saw the bulge in my pants as she looked at me and gave a cheeky wink saying goodnight daddy.
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2023.06.06 17:17 AdeptCranberry1694 did i get lead on?

this honestly is like the hardest thing i had to deal with. i (18F) was dealing with this guy. (19M) We lived miles apart, i was okay with long distance. I was a virgin when I met him, he knew this. I sent him money in the beginning of our relationship & in October-November anytime i insisted on anything that was bothering me I would get ghosted. We didn’t get really serious (in my mind we were serious, silly me) until about December when I flew to go see him. Everything was all good in december. When i flew to see him it was the most consistent I had ever seen him, i even had to beg him to make time for me (please don’t make fun of me.) & i know that i was foolish; i told him that if this was casual sex, I was okay with it. I was fine with it, he insisted he wanted a relationship. & would ghost me for about 2-3 days because he was dealing with “things.” Trip is fine, it’s all good & as soon as i’m on my way back to Ohio, i just completely freaked out because I knew inside of my gut, that this was the end & that he was just going to disappear, he broke it off & he did just that. Then in january/february he hit me up implying he misses me, then we began talking, then he ghosted me again after i talked to him about things that were bugging me & he broke up with me also because of my instagram pictures, how i never sent him any pictures. But when i did send him pictures, he would ghost me and wouldn’t even compliment me, or critique my photos & my angles. I became very insecure, i didn’t know what i did wrong. Then he blocked my number because he said i was blowing his phone up while he was at an interview; i just sent him two-four messages & then i hit him up a month later asking him why he blocked me, then he told me we would be a fire couple now, i was confused. I told him can we just be friends because we never work & he’s inconsistent. He insisted he would be consistent & he just wasn’t. Never made time for me, would always post on instagram & never message me back, would never call me neither. We got into it & i caught him in a lie about blocking me, he said it wouldn’t matter because I would’ve reached out anyway, i was just hurt at this point. March & april rolls around and i had a guy friend of mines give me an ultimatum that i had to stop dealing with him, or our friendship was broken off. I didn’t break it off with the guy i was seeing, but i just lied and said I would let it go. I didn’t talk to anyone about it. In may, i finally broke it off, i was pouring my heart out & he was just one wording me & showing all of my messages to his homeboys and told me that I was unattractive & that that pushed him away. Did i get lead on?
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2023.06.06 17:17 random123me What are your honest confessions about kpop?

Not exactly unpopular opinions, but just something about kpop you'd normally not say out loud.
I'll go first; I find the idea of everybody getting sky rocketing album sales very suspicious. I know we live in the modern kpop era where the fans are infinite and the possibilities are vast. But what are the chances that everyone is making massive sales, with some of them not reflecting positively on any charts or any other material marker of such popularity or success???? This is not aimed at any specific group, just a hunch. We've heard of kpop companies buying places on charts or even just stealing songs to make a hit. Inflating or faking sales is not above them.
I miss noise music now that it's gone. 🫠😭
I am a sucker for Jacket Films for videos and shoots. It stems from an addiction of photoshoot behind the scenes.
I think kpop is turning into a platform to launch influencers. I an curious as to how it will end for idols who are launched specifically for that purpose. I mean there was once a time when idols used kpop as launching pad into the acting industry and it worked well for a good number of them. I think influencing helps them reach a larger audience, but at the cost of the music and essence of kpop. I am not complaining, just an observation.
I can not tolerate non-singing at all (constant pictures correct, lip syncing). It kills the vibe of the performance completely and gives me a really bad impression of the idol and their abilities.
There some groups that I sorta hate followed that now have been added to my Playlist or gained some respect for. Don't worry I wasn't leaving hate or anything, just kept up to see what next, like maybe another terrible release. E.g I do not hate NMIXX, never have, but their debut was so out of this world that I sorta kept up with them afterwards. Tbh they are great performers and vocalists, I respect and love that.
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2023.06.06 17:17 KennyLog_Ins /r/TheGlassCannonPodcast will be going dark June 12th-14th.

Hello Naish!
You have most definitely seen over the past couple days, if you've been browsing reddit, that there are some pretty serious changes happening to the site.
This has already been posted to numerous large subreddits, so we're just going to cut right to the chase:

On July 1st, Reddit is updating their API terms of service.

How this affects you

Steps you should take

If you disagree with these changes, you're not alone. The moderation community has organized an open letter to Reddit, and hundreds of large subreddits have already signed on board.
/TheGlassCannonPodcast is additionally supporting the letter - and we implore YOU, as users, to as well. Part of this includes an organized blackout (meaning the sub will be privated) of all particpating subreddits from June 12th-14th.
Additionally, if this matter is important to you, another way you can get involved is to avoid using Reddit during the blackout period.
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2023.06.06 17:17 Zealousideal-Video64 My current WIP is the Fountainview Penthouse in the City Living world of Sims 4. Loving turning this into a modern loft fit for the teen who moved there after I killed off half his family as they were getting too much 😂 He's rich, single, depressed and wants to be a writer.

My current WIP is the Fountainview Penthouse in the City Living world of Sims 4. Loving turning this into a modern loft fit for the teen who moved there after I killed off half his family as they were getting too much 😂 He's rich, single, depressed and wants to be a writer. submitted by Zealousideal-Video64 to Sims4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 17:17 MattEG17 Extended Window for CPA Exam Candidates

Does anyone know how you can find out which states have adopted the extended window of 2.5 years compared to the 1.5 years that CPA candidates have to pass all of the exams? I live in Massachusetts and passed FAR back in January of this year, and I am wondering if I can be certain that I will have 30 months from that date to pass the remaining 3 exams. The only articles I am able to find talk about how NASBA announced the extension, and that the Board of Directors voted to adopt the amendment. Yet, I cannot find anything about specific states or about who qualifies going off of when they passed their first exam.
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2023.06.06 17:17 justcallmepickles MIL deliberately does things with our children that we ask her not to.

I’ll start from the beginning, my husband (33m) and I(29f) were best friends for 5 years before we started dating. We got pregnant not too long after but since we’d known and loved each other for so long we were thrilled!
I have never felt like my MIL cared for me and it’s only gotten worse. We didn’t see her much during the pregnancy then once our daughter was born she would just randomly show up at our house and walk in without knocking, unannounced. After several instances of this happening while I was shirtless, breastfeeding, etc. we asked her to stop. She did for a while, would call and say “I’m in your driveway, can I come in?” So not exactly what we wanted but we let it go hoping she would catch on.
Fast forward to 4 years later and things have gotten so much WORSE.
She makes subtle digs at me CONSTANTLY. I am a stay at home mom, her other daughter in law is a lawyer, she constantly compares us, how we parent, keep house, you name it. So while I truly cannot stand her, she also does not listen to a word we say.
Every single time she sees or watches our two children she gives them candy, ice cream, cookies, SO MUCH SUGAR. It’s so often that we’ve told her several times to please try to find other ways of showing affection and making them feel special. Never listens.
Two weeks ago I finally got very stern with her and told her the candy and sugar cannot and will not continue. She said “no problem” then we didn’t speak again until this past weekend when she watched our two kids from 7am-9am. When she dropped our kids back off the first thing my daughter said was “mommy we had cookies!”. I thought my head was going to explode. It was like she took what I said and gave me a big ol “fuck you” right back.
My husband is just as upset as I am, even more so honestly. He’s finally seeing how his mom is very narcissistic, arrogant and out right rude.
After our wedding last year I told MIL “I love you” to which she responded “okay, you guys have fun”. This past Mother’s Day I text her and said “happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for bringing my best friend into the world! Love you” she responded with “happy Mother’s Day to you too”. I won’t tell her I love her again but regardless it hurts.
How do I get her to understand how serious we are about our rules/boundaries? There are so many more issues that I didn’t discuss here but I’m about to lose my sh!t. I don’t want to make her hate me even more, mostly because I think it would be very hard for my husband and children to feel that tension. But also, enough is enough.
Sorry for all the typos, I’ve been typing this through mega tears.
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2023.06.06 17:16 Possible-Demand-5614 Honeymoon Ends on a Rage-Fueled Note

My now husband and I returned from our honeymoon last night after about 15 hours of travel. We are riding that tired glow of post vacation bliss having had a phenomenal trip. His brother, J, picks us up from the airport.
J offered to fly to our state, stay at our home and pet sit our dog while we were on vacation. This made us so happy! J and my MIL still live together in a different state and have a toxic, codependent relationship that is destroying both of them and deeply painful for my husband. At the age of 24, J had never held a job, plays video games all day, has no in-person friends, does not exercise, and gets an allowance. J has also struggled with depression. My MIL cooks every meal for him, cleans everything, and pays his allowance just for existing in her home. She relies on him entirely for emotional support following the divorce.
So when J offered to help us and be apart from MIL, we thought this was a huge step towards independence. We paid him handsomely, excited since this would literally be his first ever job.
While on our honeymoon, J reached out and asked us where the bandaids are. It turns out he got a small cut on his hand from our fence. We got the message too late, and by then he had asked MIL where the bandaids are. She would have no idea where these are...At the first hint of being needed, she buys a ticket and comes to stay at our house and texts us AFTER, not asking for permission but telling us she will be at our house. I have no bed made for her, no clean towels, nothing.
She gets to the house, and immediately decides to walk our 90 pounds, 2 year old dog. My MIL is also around 90 pounds and the age of 65. J tells her he pulls and that she shouldnt take him. J should have held him since 1. J is close to 270 pounds and 2. We had specifically tasked him with caring for the dog. And 3. Because we had been with J to show him how to walk the dog. We told J, be careful with our dog around her when she informed us she would come. She steps out the door, our dog sees a rabbit in our yard, and CRACK, broken collar bone.
J spills the news of all this as we drive back from our honeymoon. I am ashamed that our dog isnt well trained. I know this reflects on us. But I am also enraged that she was here in the first place.
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2023.06.06 17:16 Leather-Orange-8586 Quetz needs fixing

I was playing as my Carcharodontosaurus (adult) last night and I had easily the worst death I’ve ever suffered in PoT. Two Quetz kept flying just above me where I couldn’t reach them, and doing the 360 aerial attack. I literally could see just the top of their wings barely brushing along my dinosaurs back. They did this about 150 times until I died, and I literally had no chance to fight back whatsoever. I was so infuriated. The Quetz should NOT able to do that ridiculous shit. How on earth would the tip of it’s soft wing do ANY damage at all ? If the Quetz tried to use its wing to hit a fully grown Carcharodontosaurus, it would rip its wing and get bitten in half. Absolutely ridiculous. And I haven’t even started about it’s flight capabilities. In real life, a gigantic pterosaur like that could never hover, turn on a dime, take off from flat ground with no momentum, or do a 360. Yet people will literally hover above you, hit you with a 360 wing attack (the weakest part of the Quetz body) and then actually think they’re good at the game. Path of Titans needs to hold the modders accountable for allowing this ridiculous play style to work in game. As of now, Quetz requires zero skill to use
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2023.06.06 17:16 TalesFromDeadBird PART 3: Wayward wife’s DID is sabotaging Our Love. In 2023 she went on a sexting spree, hurling me back to my boyhood.

TL;DR: A year after infidelity, my wife’s alters retaliated against our vow renewal and my mistakes via a sexting spree that retraumatized us both.
Fast forward a year since the two affairs. Despite ongoing issues, AP1 displacing me as uncle substitute gave True Wife vital epiphanies: everything that she finds attractive and attributed to my uncle belongs to me (e.g., scholarly poetic nerd in a library), and I was always her true dreamboat, projected onto the pedo worshipped by her idol (my grandmother)! The uncle-specific shit is strictly trauma. She actually Loves me MORE as I shed the mimicry and become authentic! We felt thrilled to know AP1 wasn’t a destructive vandal—he was a liberator from childhood lies. Her sex alters went dormant. True Wife was eager to rediscover Her Husband directly, sans any uncle mix.
During Our Anniversary (mid-April), True Wife was a trembling ball of remorse and begged for an impromptu vow renewal. Her turn was a meltdown of impassioned apologies and fervent promises to never forsake Our Love again. She convinced me of her redemption. Hope was rebuilt.
After this, I concentrated on processing my grandmother trauma, as she was driving me nuts and preventing us from properly processing the betrayals, kicking out AP1, etc. Grieving Narc abuse left me vulnerable and I took the opportunity to get in touch with emotion, other pains, etc. True Wife offered to join, as most issues are intertwined. We wrote in trauma subs and began drafting our posts on AP1. True Wife rejected new online dudes too. We seemed en route to healing. One problem: we didn’t have sex.
Avoiding sex was incredibly stupid. I didn’t realize that WW’s alters, though dormant, still felt owned by uncle because I never reclaimed her. AP1 reset WW’s sexuality like a factory restore. The beautiful new things needed reinstallation before it was safe for WW to face her rape trauma. My failure to do that made alters restless and our reconciliation was seen as a challenge to the fortified abuse programming. Worst time for WW to post in a rape support sub.
In minutes the creeps descended, and a mere 38 days after vowing never to betray me again, WW met a pedophile whose recounting of toddler rapes woke the sex alters. WW was in denial about any risk and texted me: “Affairs revealed truth about my alters and abuse. This man is helping me too. I am gaining awareness about my programming as I tell him what happened to me and understanding your uncle’s mentality, why he hurt us. I shall make sure this does not get too personal. It is not a real affair. I am just researching.”
My heart was pounding but I tried to trust that she will stay within (barely tolerable) boundaries. NOPE. As the explicit abuse texts veered into BDSM, her alter started pleading the pedo to describe what HE would do to HER as a little girl. He whet her appetite with an explicit fantasy before ghosting. WW was left unfulfilled in the sudden need to feel used. Though still ‘herself’ she appeared on autopilot.
WW ran for relief to a BDSM Redditor previously identified as a sanity risk. She sighed: “I am a crazy masochist! I hope he doesn’t respond!” When he did, she was scared shitless and obligated to engage. The sadist proceeded to demolish WW’s barriers via manipulative language and commanded her to write old tortures until they plunged her into slave mentality. The moment WW called him “Master”, it was over for me.
I stepped back to observe the trainwreck, feeling no sympathy. WW invited the new exploitation and made a conscious choice to immerse as if AP1 taught her nothing. I was dejectedly amused listening to the circus: “This is research, I learn my mind by interacting with men—OMG I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER I CAN SURVIVE THIS FILTH! I WANT ONLY YOU! Oh, another client needs my trauma for pleasure! Got to go!”
I felt too drained to realize that this was stirring my trauma. Another oversight.
From May 27-28th, 2023, her alter was a snowball down Mt. Everest, sucking me into old hell. A tsunami of sickos verbally plundered WW while she did explicit photoshoots right next to me in bed. Against all expectation, these e-rapes catapulted me back to boyhood: helpless to intervene, and too horrified to close my eyes. I knew what would happen once their words bit in and trauma started bleeding. Despite that, my body was physically paralyzed, only able to watch sharks rip apart the one I Love, over and over. Taking the phone didn’t cross my mind, nor did anything else besides memories of BDSM acts. I was braced, stunned, and in AFib agony till my exhausted WW passed out. Eerily, I lost the ability to make sound (any speech, sobs, grunts). It was the most oppressive nightmare in years.
As if forced memory lane wasn’t enough, this possessed wife also became my grandmother. She would look at my tears and CACKLE—same sadistic cackle the did narc as she drove me to breakdowns. As soon as my subconscious linked my wife to that bitch, I was screwed. My narc’s trauma program dictates that I must oblige whatever she wants; this includes watching her affair unfold (as a teen, I was my grandmother’s phone sex assistant). If one regular betrayal is akin to child abuse, what do you call serial infidelity that forces the betrayed to relive ACTUAL childhood abuses!?
As the ultimate insult, WW then spent 12 HOURS building an AP1esque EA with a Redditor. By the end of it the alter was talking about him as a potential boyfriend. In her deluded head, the sexting they arranged for nightfall was going to cure the rest through ultimate satisfaction plus bring True Wife back to Our Love, as this guy makes her finally feel that she is “with you instead of your uncle.”
That afternoon, my wife finally jolted out of the binge-fucking. How? She noticed my distress, 5 days too late. I watched her first comprehend this is hurting me, then struggle to reset consciousness, then remember that Love exists. Out of nowhere she stopped and scolded the ‘client’ viciously, projecting Self-hate onto him. That helped her regain footing.
My jittery wife proceeded to freak about the disseminated pussy photos and spiralled into a suicidal state over betraying me again. She refused to look me in the eye, cancelled every sexting appointment, shut off DMs and spent a lot of time begging Divinity for forgiveness and help. Afterwards, she collapsed into defeated grief from which she is yet to recover. I think we talked once. She apologized profoundly but it’s a blur.
Continued in part 3.
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2023.06.06 17:16 JakeVanss Read first (videos & pictures will be a second post)

Hi, this is my first time posting in here and about something like this. This was more of an experience but 2 things portray this as an encounter, here it is. I live near 7 graveyards in a small town called Alsip (will not disclose where for obvious reasons) I had always wanted to do a i Ouija Board in one because I love the paranormal, one haunted my house at one time (I’d say around 7 to 8 years ago) I can’t say I was having the time but it made things interesting in the house if you catch my drift. It threw shit and watched sadly just ME from the closet but that’s ok done and said I’m 20 now, so my mom had enough because me and my brother had a brother on the way and closing in on time, so my mom got the house cleansed be a priest, basically it lived in the crawl space on the last floor in the house which is underground, the whole house’s floor started to shake and that’s that, priest said somethings louder it shook harder and it all stopped. We thought it was over but we were wrong, you see I’m going to bring I’m up those 7 graveyards again because this is the only logical way a ghost could keep getting into our house. They would come and they would go overnight (no big deal just felt a presence everywhere you went) but this brings me to current day. 6/4/23 if you recall back to what I said about wanting to try Oujia Boards in our grave yards (IM SO GLAD I LEFT MINE) I have one but I have never touched it because I want to buy sage first incase I accidentally screw up and want to have friends also but anyway preset day, I went into one of our graveyards at 3am (The Devils Hour) on the phone on Discord with 2 friends and I had my camera on I would occasionally turn it off to record my surroundings to try and catch something, I went further into the grave yard taking videos and once I was just going in further I look at my surroundings, sadly I didn’t catch this on video but I saw something in the distance by a tree and thought oh it’s a pole, that pole moved behind the tree and disappeared and that’s when I got spooked but I wasn’t going to let an appertain scare me so I went on a bit further but what’s next is what really had me running, I hear footsteps from my right (where the tree was) and I got elbowed or punched in the Solar Plexis and knocked out of wind but apparently that didn’t keep my body from running because it went into fight or flight and when you can’t see your target somethings not right, my legs just start kicking into high gear and I had been about to record until I got hit so my hands hit the record button so I have a video of me running through the graveyard. I think whatever it was tried to follow me home though because walking on the out edge of the grave yard I had chills going up my spine like needles talking to my friends say “I think there’s something evil in there” when I reality I went there to catch some Orbs and Appertains maybe when I’m reality I caught some hands. I look back on it now, I don’t think it was something much evil but they were trying to rest in peace in the graveyard and probably got angry from me disturbing they’re slumber, but then again it was The Devils Hours and you never know what may be lurking at that time, in a place that is haunted or your homes. (Videos & Pictures will be a second post if you want to see)
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2023.06.06 17:16 Original_Adeptness22 Is this type of gaslighting common?

Telling family member "A" something in confidence (something personal or private) and then family member "B" (or a friend/partner etc of family member A) mention the thing you said privately to family member A. But not directly referring to you.
For example (hypothetical), you tell your mother you've gained weight due to a medical condition that you're experiencing, then when you speak to their partner they mention about how their cat is gaining weight and say something weird about how they'll have to put it on a diet.
Not the greatest example really but when I've seen it it's things that are more obviously referring to something I've said. I think it's gaslighting , but if you call it out it's easy for them to brush it off as you reading too much into it.
Being around people who do this makes me uncomfortable lol, and unfortunately it can fuck your filter for this stuff up so you wonder this kind of thing about people who aren't narcissists, but when you grow up around people who are, it's sure great for social anxiety!
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2023.06.06 17:16 PlayerRedacted How would you build this Wizard with possible multiclass?

Hi guys, just started a campaign with some friends. 4th session is this Friday, we started at level 3 and leveled up at the end of last session. We are using Roll20, and at the time I didn't want to use anything outside the free version of its character creator just in case I messed anything up, but on 4th level I wanted a feat and roll20 didn't have any by default, so I had to go off script anyway. I picked Evocation Wizard for simplicity, but since I had to learn to copy/paste in Roll20 format anyway now I'm considering switching that. We're all relatively new to D&D, and because of how early it is I'm sure my DM wouldn't mind me switching. I will still ask before making any changes of course, but I want to know what I'd be changing before I bother bringing it up.
Now for the important bits, my current stats are:
Str = 9 Dex = 16 Con = 13 Int = 18 Wis = 11 Cha = 11
Half Elf Wizard with the Sailor background.
I'm planning to take the Metamagic Adept feat for lvl 4, which I think I want to keep. I like the idea of metamagic, and I think it makes sense for my character since his backstory is a Sailor who was always fascinated by magic, eventually found a wizards spellbook, learned enough to cast a spell, and then went to a school to learn magic. At the school though, he got very bored and decided adventuring was the best way for him to learn magic, so I was thinking possibly multiclassing into Sorcerer once I get my Cha up so I could get more metamagic options and sorcery points.
However, now that I've decided to consider other Schools/Subclasses outside of PHB only, I'm wondering if there's another School/Subclass you guys think would be a better fit considering the current backstory? I was considering War Magic or Order of Scribes. Bladesinger would work really well considering the Sailor background, but I think I want to focus more on magic than martial combat since I'm currently the parties main source of ranged damage.
What would you do with this character mechanically to better fit the backstory I've written? Should I stay Evocation and multiclass into Sorcerer later? Should I switch to a different subclass and take an ability score improvement instead of keeping Metamagic Adept? Should I change subclass, keep Metamagic, AND multiclass into Sorcerer?
We are a 4 player party, and 2 of the other 3 have very strong Subclasses from UA, so while min maxing isn't that important to me, I definitely want to be able to keep up with the damage they're outputting as well.
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2023.06.06 17:16 OuterspaceDisco Summer Activities for Children

Neighbors and friends I am at my wit's end. Ophelia and Viola are usually so busy during the school year with Girl Scouts, theater, and, well school, that now that they're off for a couple months, they're running wild. They're going to Girl Scout camp in July for a week but I have no idea what to do with them until then. Tom is teaching summer courses and running Shakespeare in the Park so he can only help out when he can. I have got to finish this manuscript or my publisher is going to be very upset, plus I can't let my Locavore LDP and PTA responsibilities slide.
Does anyone have an ideas on how to keep them out of my hair for just a couple of hours a day? They're 10 and 6. I would take them with me to things, but last time Viola tried to fight someone for eating a hamburger.
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2023.06.06 17:16 justletmecreateanick Need to rant about (stupid) offlane players and pulling

There is a pattern occurring in my games when I play pos 4, and I have to get this off my chest:
If the enemy pos 5 is single pulling the small camp, their creeps will actually push the lane afterwards. This will HELP our lane and damage their carry's.
Stop telling your pos 4 to "block camp" or "stop pull" if the enemy is single pulling. I know what I'm doing you f*cking idiot.
It's so damn tilting to hear the FREE FARMING OFFLANER telling me how to play. Not only that, but you're giving nonsense, low skilled advices.
I'm so tired of 3k players giving arrogant and toxic "advices" to me or others. Stop trying to blame others, you low skilled dog. You're the single reason you're stuck in your bracket.
Just played with an offlane OD who was free farming, missing a ton of free lh's, but his first comment was "can you stop a single pull". I can't even..............
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2023.06.06 17:15 spaghetticourier Home Depot rented me two faulty chainsaws. They gave me 20% off the price, but not a refund. Is there anything more I can do at this point?

Important details:
*the safety equipment they gave me was broken, it was only that one of the ear muffs was detached but still broken. The saw gas cap was so dirty with old gas I had to use pliers to open it.
*The first chainsaw they gave me didn't function at all. It simply wouldn't turn on. This was confirmed by the renter employee when I brought it back. They gave me a second one which he started in store to confirm it worked.
*the second one turned on and was functional for about 20 minutes, then stopped working entirely. Would not turn back on, at this point it was 730pm and I couldnt saw anymore anyway.
*I return the next day, the first guy can't start the saw at all. A second guy comes and gets it started. This is great except I needed it the day before. They refuse a refund because it worked then and there, but I only had it for one day and needed it to work the day before.
The employee dropped 20% from the price, but I still feel like they took my money and I received nothing in return.
Any suggestions on how I could get my money back? Or anything else I should do?
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2023.06.06 17:15 MastodonMilk Anyone else feel like the music in general has become less "mature"?

I've been a fan since 2020 and its felt like the music has regressed in terms of its "maturity" if you know what I mean. I remember someone commenting under a post about how during the GM era, the music sounded like they were creating an entire Lord of the Rings-esque world with their style/lyrics and how sematary has turned into making derivative rap songs as of late and I tend to agree. The latest Lord of Ephraim single, Hunting Wabbits, and Butcher House in general with songs like 'Burn A Cop Car' make me feel like a 15 year old as a guy approaching my mid-twenties with how angsty/edgy the songs present themselves as. Granted, I can see how someone might say "well there was nothing mature to begin with when sematary was talking about how he was in a bunny suit, etc." but it's less about the lyrics and more about the presentation/vocal delivery/overall package and aesthetic that haunted mound is pushing. The old stuff sounded calm and collected, didn't take itself serious, and felt natural whereas the new stuff sounds too try-hard and edgy to me. RB3 still sounds sick to me for instance and I listen to a lot of black metal to this day and it somehow sounds less edgy than the newer stuff. I couldn't care less about personally being perceived as immature due to my taste in anything, especially music, but I've suddenly felt disillusioned with a lot of it if that makes any sense.
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2023.06.06 17:15 kooka777 Buddha on relations with parents, teachers, friends, spouse, servants and monks

“How, Sigālaka, does a noble disciple cover the six directions? These six directions should be recognized: parents as the east, teachers as the south, wife and children as the west, friends as the north, servants as beneath, and recluses as above.
A child should serve his parents as the eastern direction in five ways, thinking, ‘I will look after my parents who brought me up. I’ll support them every time they need help. I’ll maintain the family lineage. I’ll use the inheritance properly. When my parents have passed away, I’ll offer gifts to virtuous persons and share merit with my parents.’ Parents served by the children in these ways, show compassion to the children in five ways. Parents keep children from doing bad. Parents support children in doing good. Parents train children in a profession. Parents find children suitable spouses. Parents transfer the inheritance to the children in due time. Parents served by their children in five ways show compassion to them in these five ways. Sigālaka, that’s how the eastern direction is covered, kept safe and free of danger.
“Sigālaka, a student should serve his teacher as the southern direction in five ways: by rising for them if students are seated, by serving them, by listening to the lessons well, by looking after them, and by carefully learning their profession. Teachers served by their students in these five ways, show compassion to the students in five ways. Teachers make sure students are well trained and well educated. Teachers clearly explain all the knowledge of the profession. Teachers introduce students to their skilled friends. Teachers provide protection for students. Teachers served by their students in five ways, show compassion to them in these five ways. Sigālaka, that’s how the southern direction is covered, kept safe and free of danger.
“Sigālaka, a husband should serve his wife as the western direction in five ways: by talking to her with kind and honest words, by not looking down on her, by not being unfaithful, by giving authority to her in household matters, and by presenting her with adornments and gifts. A wife served by her husband in these five ways, shows compassion to him in five ways. She gives well-prepared food at the right time. She treats the servants well. She’s not unfaithful. She preserves his earnings. She’s skillful and tireless in all her duties. A wife served by her husband in five ways, shows compassion to him in these five ways. Sigālaka, that’s how the western direction is covered, kept safe and free of danger.
“Sigālaka, a friend should serve his friends as the northern direction in five ways: by giving, by kind words, by supporting to earn wealth, by helping equally, and by not cheating. Friends served by a friend in these five ways show compassion to him in five ways. They guard him when he is negligent. They guard his property when he is negligent. They keep him safe in times of danger. They don’t abandon him in times of trouble. They support his children. Friends served by a gentleman in these five ways show compassion to them in these five ways. Sigālaka, that’s how the northern direction is covered, kept safe and free of danger.
“Sigālaka, a master should serve his servants as the direction below in five ways: by assigning duties according to servants’ abilities, by giving food and salaries properly, by supporting them with special care when sick, by sharing delicious food and valuable gifts with them, and by giving time off work. Servants served by a master in these five ways, show compassion to him in five ways. They wake up early in the morning and get ready to work, and work until late night. They don’t steal. They do their work well. And they promote a good reputation about their master. Servants served by a master in five ways, show compassion to them in these five ways. Sigālaka, that’s how the direction below is covered, kept safe and free of danger.
“Sigālaka, a lay person should serve recluses as the upper direction in five ways: by helping recluses with a kind heart, by talking to them with a kind heart, by recollecting them with a kind heart, by leaving the gate open for them (inviting them to accept food), and by providing them with material needs. Recluses served by a lay person in these five ways, show compassion to them in five ways. Recluses keep a lay person from doing bad. They support him in doing good. They advise him with kind thoughts. They teach him the Dhamma. They clarify what he has already learned. They explain the path to heaven. Recluses served by a lay person in five ways, show compassion to them in these five ways. Sigālaka, that’s how the upper direction is covered, kept safe and free of danger.”
That is what the Buddha said. The Blessed One further said,
“Parents are the east, teachers the south, wife the west, friends the north, “Servants below, and recluses above. A clever lay person succeeds, by honoring these directions. “The wise, virtuous, experienced, talented, humble and kind person gains fame. “The diligent, energetic person, is not disturbed by troubles. He continuously follows good behavior. “He’s wise and gains fame. He treats friends well using the four ways of making friends. He thinks about the well being of his friends. “He helps many people generously and voluntarily. He shows the right path to others, and encourages others to follow that path. He’s kind and gains fame. “Giving, kind words, beneficial instructions and treating equally in righteous ways, as befits friends in each case; these ways of making friends in the world are like a moving chariot’s linchpin. “If there were no such ways of treating others, neither mother nor father would be respected and honored for what they’ve done for their children. “But since these ways of treating others exist in the world, the wise practice them well, so they achieve greatness and are praised.”
When this was said, Sigālaka said to the Buddha, “Excellent, bhante! Excellent! As if someone were to upright what was turned upside down, or revealing what was hidden, or pointing out the path to the lost, or lighting a lamp in the dark so people with good eyes can see what’s there, the Buddha has made the Dhamma clear in many ways. I go for refuge to the Buddha, to the Dhamma, and to the Saṅgha. From this day on, may the Buddha remember me as a lay follower who has gone for refuge as long as I live.
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2023.06.06 17:15 No_Worldliness8520 Can't repair the Repair module?

I can't use the repair module to repair itself, when I try it just turns off. Is this intentional? How can I travel longer distances if the repair module breaks and I can't repair it...
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2023.06.06 17:15 SeaFrosting7010 How to prevent ED to occur. PLEASE HELP!

I (16M) am really serious about bodybuilding and for that I have had to eat perfectly clean and track every macro and calorie that i consume fot a long long time. I am going to keep doing this but how do I make sure this couinting won't turn into ED? I don't personally even understand what and ED is i need help
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2023.06.06 17:15 kjcarrot Probably a no-brainer but hear me out...

Sorry in advance if this is gonna sound stupid, but I'm at this stage where I'm still discovering myself despite being almost in my 30s.
How do you like someone? How long do you have to know a person to like them?
How do you justify liking them? Is it necessary to actually "justify" it?
Like aside from them ticking off your preferences or non-negotiables. 'Cause I guess I don't exactly know my preferences yet? Like mostly, it's just about emotional maturity at this point.
Went kinda reckless for a few months and just got with emotionally unavailable guys one after the other, and now I'm not so sure if I like someone or not.
How do you know you actually like someone??? 💀
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