2000 coleman pop up camper models

[Asia ver.] 2023/03/22 Maintenance Complete Notice (03/24 14:00 Updated)

2023.03.24 07:15 RiCONews [Asia ver.] 2023/03/22 Maintenance Complete Notice (03/24 14:00 Updated)


2023/03/22 Maintenance Complete Notice (03/24 14:00 Updated)

2023-03-22 16:00:00 (UTC+8)
Dear Players,
The maintenance of ROCKMAN X DiVE have completed on 2023/03/22 16:00 (UTC+8)
Event Update Link 【NEXT! Collect All-New Armor】Event Attend the event to get【3rd Anniversary Celebration Lucky Coupon】 Which can be used to activate【3rd Anniversary Celebration Lucky Capsule】 For more details, please check the information on the right of【Event】. *Event Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/04/04 22:00 (UTC+8) *Special note: The use of "Waterstone" in the new "Energy Pillar" facility of the Guild system will affect the attack and defense capabilities of Guild members in this activity.
Limit Challenge - NEXT! Collect All-New Armor During the event time, complete event stage【NEXT! Collect All-New Armor】at least once each day to get corresponding rewards. Conditions Rewards 1 Rewards2 --------- Complete for 1 day 【Element Metal】 x20 Complete for 2 days 【Element Metal】 x30 Complete for 3 days 【Character Patch Program】x50 Complete for 4 days 【Element Metal】 x50 Complete for 5 days 【Weapon Patch Program】x100 Complete for 6 days 【Element Metal】 x50 Complete for 7 days 【Element Metal】 x100 Complete for 8 days 【Weapon Patch Program】x200 Complete for 9 days 【Character Patch Program】x100 Complete for 10 days 【Element Metal】x100 【Colonel Redips Card】x1 *Event Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/04/04 22:00 (UTC+8) *The rewards of this event will be sent before: 2023/04/12 23:59 (UTC+8)
Link Eternal Companion Encounter different Rank A characters every week! Log in during the event to receive corresponding Rank A character memory*30. Collect Time Rewards ------ 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8) Zero Memory x30 2023/03/23 00:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8) Vile Memory x30 2023/03/24 00:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8) Layer Memory x30 2023/03/25 00:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8) Roll Memory x30 2023/03/26 00:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8) Zero(Z) Memory x30 2023/03/27 00:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8) Aile Memory x30 2023/03/28 00:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8) MegaMan Volnutt Memory x30 2023/03/29 00:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8) MegaMan.EXE Memory x30 2023/03/30 00:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8) Bit Memory x30 2023/03/31 00:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8) X (Rising Fire Ver.) Memory x30 2023/04/01 00:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8) Mega Man (Thunder Beam Ver.) Memory x30 2023/04/02 00:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8) Alia Memory x30 2023/04/03 00:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8) Marino Memory x30 2023/04/04 00:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8) Star Force Mega Man Memory x30 *Event Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/04/11 12:00 (UTC+8)
【Hunter Token Lucky Roulette】Lucky Roulette Event Rules: 1. Use Hunter Token to exchange merchandise or play Lucky Roulette by 50 Hunter Tokens each time to earn back for more Hunter Token. 2. Claim at most 300 daily Hunter Token on this page during the event period. *If you miss the identical time, you can’t collect the Hunter Token for that time. *For more rule details and items collectable, please check the information on the “Current Event”. *Event Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/03/28 23:59 (UTC+8)
Update and Adjustment Bug fixes:
Capsule Update (03/24 14:00 Updated) Link【DiVE Festival Incredible Odds】Capsule Available: S Rank Character【Next DiVE Armor X】appear probability UP When you get the PICK UP character, you will get the corresponding Memory. *Available Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/04/05 11:59 (UTC+8)
Link【3rd Anniversary Celebration Lucky Capsule】Available: You can activate this capsule once through【3rd Anniversary Celebration Lucky Coupon】 1 S rank character is guaranteed in the first 10 multiple Draws, and 1 S rank weapon is guaranteed on the third 10 multiple draws. *Available Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/04/19 12:00 (UTC+8)
Link【3nd Anniversary Capsule】Available (03/24 14:00 Updated): Log in game everyday to get【3nd Anniversary Capsule coupon】 x1, and EPx6 (Collect reset time: 16:00 12:00 (UTC+8) each day) You can activate this capsule once through【3nd Anniversary Capsule coupon】 *3nd Anniversary Capsule coupon: Each 1 can activate【3nd Anniversary Capsule】10 times. *S Rank weapon guaranteed for the 1st 10-pull *S Rank character guaranteed for 6th & 9th 10-pulls *Event Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/04/01 11:59 (UTC+8) *Available Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/04/05 11:59 (UTC+8)
Link【DiVE Festival Popularity Pick Up】 Capsule Available: S Rank Character【DiVE Armor X】appear probability UP S Rank Character【DiVE Armor Zero】appear probability UP When you get the PICK UP character, you will get the corresponding Memory. * Paid Element Metal limited discount version is also available. *Available Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/04/05 11:59 (UTC+8)
Link【4 PICKUP】Capsule S Rank Character【Black Zero】appear probability UP S Rank Character【Colonel】appear probability UP S Rank Weapon【Light Bender】appear probability UP S Rank Weapon【Red Lotus Saber】appear probability UP When you get the PICK UP character, you will get the corresponding Memory. *Available Time: 2023/03/27 16:00 ~ 2023/04/03 11:59 (UTC+8)
Link【Deep Recorder Select Capsule Combat 】 Available: S Rank Character【Ultimate Armor X (CM)】appear probability UP S Rank Character【Second Armor X】appear probability UP S Rank Character【First Armor X】appear probability UP S Rank Weapon【Napalm's Head】appear probability UP S Rank Weapon【Destroyer】appear probability UP S Rank Weapon【Howling Storm】appear probability UP When you get the PICK UP character, you will get the corresponding Memory. *Available Time: 2023/03/27 16:00 ~ 2023/04/03 11:59 (UTC+8)
Direct Purchase Element Metal Update 【Element Metal x 2000】Direct Purchase Pack 【Element Metal x 2860】Direct Purchase Pack 【Element Metal x 4600】Direct Purchase Pack 【Element Metal x 5600】Direct Purchase Pack *Available Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/04/12 11:59 (UTC+8)
Elemental Metal Festive Promotion Pack(3 days) . *Each Account can only purchase twice in limited time. If you want to purchase again, you need to wait for three days. *Available Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/04/05 11:59 (UTC+8)
Element Metal Recommended Pack (All Platform purchasable, one time per account only) . *Available Time: 2023/03/25 04:00 ~ 2023/04/06 03:59 (UTC+8)
Shop Item Special Update Direct Purchase Special Offer: Character Selection Gift Pack(After purchase, you can redeem "DiVE Festival character memories x40" at the Store anytime.All Platform purchasable, 1 time per account only) Weapon Selection Gift Pack (After purchase, you can redeem "Time limited weapon memories x40" at the Store anytime.All Platform purchasable, 1 time per account only) *Available Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/04/05 11:59 (UTC+8)
Shop Item Update 3rd Anniversary store special offer: Purchase by Element Metal: 【Skill Point】x1,000 【Proficient Memory Card】x200,000 【Shock Absorber】x300,000 *Available Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/04/12 11:59 (UTC+8)
Available: 【X Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Alia Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Bit Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Arrow Buster Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Elite Lance Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Drill Head Cannon Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) *Available Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/03/29 11:59 (UTC+8)
DiVE Festival Limited: 【Ferham Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Harpuia Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Rogue Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Extraordinary Mortar Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Scarlet Tyrant Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Assault Rifle Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Special Gift Box】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Special Gift Box II】(Element Metal Purchase) *Available Time: 2023/03/22 16:00 ~ 2023/04/05 11:59 (UTC+8)
Sincerely, 《ROCKMAN X DiVE》team.
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2023.03.24 06:35 Macaronihaircheezle Purchasing a Scion Toyota XB to build into a Pop up roof camper

Hi everyone. Ive been thinking about purchasing a Scion XB second gen as a small camper. Instead of a Honda element because they actually seem like pretty similar when it comes to Cargo space, just a few space less plus a B pillar. I was thinking it would be really sweet to do a Pop top on one of these things since ive never seen one, whether just before the moon roof or all the way to the area where the moon roof is. Maybe even if you reuse or replace the existing pillars with a fold out bed that has similar pillars that could maybe quick release bolt down in the original area for at least some roof structure. People do it to Nissan Nv200s and Ford Econoline vans so I figured why not an XB? :x
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2023.03.24 05:52 silly-goose1321 Help me find this song…

Help me find this song please!
I’m going crazy trying to find a song- so here goes for criteria…
It’s either a “rap rock” or a “rock rap” song, sounds very early 2000’s rock with rap verse (not Linkin Park) first time I heard it was via Alexa on “Nickelback” radio (don’t come for me I like that ish). I want to say it’s sung by an individual, not a band and it was fairly popular (obviously since it’s popping up on Nickelback radio) It was also viral on TikTok for a while as a sound used for a meme template. Theme of the song is about anxiety essentially, angry undertones. Can’t think of any words, this is all I got for ya. Maybe someone can help jog my memory? It’s driving me nuts!
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2023.03.24 05:46 silly-goose1321 [TOMT] Help me find this rap rock song please

Help me find this song…
I’m going crazy trying to find a song- so here goes for criteria…
It’s either a “rap rock” or a “rock rap” song, sounds very early 2000’s rock with rap verse (not Linkin Park) first time I heard it was via Alexa on “Nickelback” radio (don’t come for me I like that ish). I want to say it’s sung by an individual, not a band and it was fairly popular (obviously since it’s popping up on Nickelback radio) It was also viral on TikTok for a while as a sound used for a meme template. Theme of the song is about anxiety essentially, angry undertones. Can’t think of any words, this is all I got for ya. Maybe someone can help jog my memory? It’s driving me nuts!
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2023.03.24 05:38 ThisMemeWontDie DMZ wishlist.Long read incoming,not in order.

1) Night time map and/or day/night cycle - Night time map requiring you to take up an attachment slot for a flash light and night vision/thermal scope and having night vision goggles be a rare item drop/find.
2) Raids/Dungeons tied to DMZ - Like The Cycle that has dungeon/raids in the world of the game and I think DMZ should do something like this too. The raids they have been introducing over time would fit nicely in the map as a secret and accessible by some super rare key. Just cut the story stuff and would be a pretty cool thing to do in game. Doesn't have to be the raids they have made but something like it.
3) Dynamic weather system - Would be cool if say on Al Mazrah a desert came in making super poor visibility and maybe 1 tick of damage every second forcing people inside/making it not ideal to fight/travel outside.
4) Economy and storage - Nothing to really say here like everyone wants this cause as is loot and money means absolutely nothing right now. Should be able to extract and hold in storage one extra plate carrier, kill streak, self revive gas mask and other stuff.
5) Radiation Map - To even be able to deploy to this map you must have a durable gas mask on deployment and there is omega tier loot in the map. Lots of radiation blockers and gas masks around the map and killing AI drops gas masks like the chemist AI circle. Durable gas masks being a rare drop but still kinda common to find.
6) Crafting - Should be able to make molotovs and stuff during the game and outside with being able to extract stuff/materials. This of course would need a storage system like I wanted/suggested earlier. So you could infil with more than 1 tactical and lethal by crafting.
7) Player Reputation system - I believe this was leaked or something or this was just for AI factions? Would like good actions to other players give you good reputation and killing people gives you bad reputation. For example: you kill people and are in the bad reputation levels your name would be red and say you do good actions like inviting other players or joining them your name would be blue for other players.
8) Expanded player interaction - This goes along with the reputation system. Would love to see more gameplay interactions with players. Example being you can res enemy squads. If you down a player you can res them no matter if they aren't a part of your squad. This would give good reputation. Obviously a lot more could be done. Maybe a surrender option: Example you can be decimating a team and you don't want them to join you or something you can use the interaction scroll wheel to give them the option to surrender and you can loot them without killing them and they can't shoot you and have their hands forced up or something. Probably not a good change at all but just anything to give more interaction between teams would be nice.
9) City map - Lots of zip lines to roof tops and jump off them into windows and stuff and no long range visibility. Lots of tactical gameplay checking rooms for campers and such and needing recon drones to scan buildings.
10) High tier guns/pro tuned guns (Meaningful contraband) - In a match you can loot "pro tuned" guns that have more attachments and/or perks like being able to shoot through riot shields or something. Gives more meaning to contraband guns cause as is you just want your insured guns.
11) Bigger maps - Al Mazrah is kinda small hope they add larger maps.
12) More story/lore/secrets - Al Mazrah has some cool lore pages and stuff, geeky pastimes made some cool videos about these lore things and hope there are more cool Easter eggs and maybe tie it into gameplay like maybe collecting stuff could eventually lead you to a cool key that unlocks some cool thingy.
13) Heavy chopper - Don't care how imbalanced it might be would be cool to me if it was in the game I mean DMZ literally gives you a skin for it for whatever reason.
14) Better stealth gameplay - Should be able to sneak around knifing people (Melee should one shot enemies) and doing take downs on AI and not just insta alert all AI in the area. To expand upon this there should be distinct enemy AI that should be able to call in back up for more AI. Watch Dogs had this where certain enemies could call in back up and DMZ should have this too. Along with this there should be a few seconds before other AI that can tell and alert nearby AI of your presence giving you a brief moment to take them down before they alert enemies.
15) Solo squad perks/advantages - Solo players should get a self revive off the rip, a 2 plate and if you play multiple games by yourself the game will give you time off your insured slots. Edit: Maybe also is on a streak of being solo you gain a buff that reduces AI damage
16) More worth while grind/unlock bonuses - Key pouch for when in a match so they don't take up inventory. Could be a cool late game unlock that gives more meaning to the grind. Maybe more things like this but idk what else could be added.
17) No mini map - Controversial opinion but there shouldn't be a mini map unless you pop a UAV. The regular map can still be opened though.
18) Bigger Squads need penalties - If you have 5 or 6 players should mark your squad on the map. You open the map and see permanent advanced UAV pings of them on the map.
19) Home base (Tarkov hideout system) - Would just make the game mode feel more fleshed out and would be cool to have the shooting range from the load out screen be in there. All the missions and load out stuff be selectable there and not just at the deployment screen.
20) DMZ only perks - Like perks like ghost and stuff perks should be balanced around DMZ and there should be new perks for DMZ. Like reduced damage from AI and stuff.
21) Buffs - Like a buff that is obtained somehow don't know from what but just imagine at your hideout you get it or something have no idea. Buffs like faster health regeneration or something. Edit: mentioned in the solo player part a buff that gives them reduced damage from AI of they are on a streak of exfils.
22) More identifiable factions AI/Faction zones/New contract - With the leak about faction stuff there should be AI that should have blue marks above the AI or something to friendly AI/the ones that are for your faction. There should be a building/zone that you can just chill out if you're aligned at that faction.
23) Riot shield/Pistol whip attachment interaction - DMZ only where you can run both and you can be like the AI and shoot around the shield. Counter play needs to be added to this which is #25
24) Armour piercing - This ammo should pierce riot shields. Right now tier 3 riot shield AI are so annoying and this change is also to combat riot shield Pistol buff.
25) Forest Map - Would be cool to have a forest map with very few run down buildings and stuff.
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2023.03.24 05:33 Ninisan I'm really interested in this 2007 accord. KBB is valuing it between 4-6k. Does this offer look safe?

I'm really interested in this 2007 accord. KBB is valuing it between 4-6k. Does this offer look safe? submitted by Ninisan to accord [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 05:17 CTBarbarin Is that "consignment" lot still around?

Hi All,
For years I remember seeing a "consignment" lot where you could park RVs, campers, vehicles, etc for sale as I was driving up I-17...on the east side. I could have sworn it was South of Dunlap...but I couldn't find it tonight.
Is it still around? Did it change hands/business models? Is it now High Desert Trailer Sales? Or am I looking in the wrong spot?
Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
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2023.03.24 04:40 SSDeemer Return of the DCT Actuator Leak

About 3 hours ago, I noticed a pool of oil under the left front of my 2023 Niro SX HEV (2854 miles). At first I thought it was an engine oil leak, but I am 99% sure it's a problem that first surfaced 5 years ago.
I think I have figured out what is going on: 2017 Kia Niro: Recall Alert.
Vehicles Affected: Approximately 27,000 model-year 2017 Kia Niro hybrid hatchbacks The Problem: The hydraulic clutch actuator inner oil seal may leak, allowing oil to accumulate in the cap area, possibly resulting in an electrical short and increasing the risk of a fire. The Fix: Dealers will inspect the HCA caps for leaked oil and replace the HCA assembly if needed, or replace the HCA cap with additional sealant. Both repairs will be done for free.
So, it seems that after recalling 27,000 Niros in 2018, the problem has returned. If you have a 2023 Niro, pop the hood, and look at the clutch fluid reservoir, which is mounted just above the radiator. Even if you haven't noticed any spilled oil, if the reservoir is overfilled, your Niro may have the problem. As you can see from this photo, the clutch fluid has backed up into the neck of the reservoir, and there is some crud floating on top. https://i.imgur.com/UTxtsm4.png
There is no recall yet for 2023 Niros, but it's only a matter of time before some start failing.
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2023.03.24 04:27 Extra_Negotiation Wind Waker HD crashing on boot

I've reviewed the wiki via search and haven't turned this one up yet, sorry if I'm missing it!
[Cemu Version]: 1.26.2
[CPU Model]: AMD 2700x
[GPU Model]: AMD RX 580
[Laptop or Desktop]: Desktop
[Explain the issue in detail and what you've tried]:
I have Windwaker HD installed on Cemu. File downloaded from recommended sub wiki source (this file is 1.75GB in size, had no other updates or dlc associated with it).
When I click to start the game, the game seems to pop up for a split second, the window then turns to gray. The Menu says ‘loading’ and after approximately 3 seconds, the game closes out, Cemu closes. There are no errors lists or related popups.
I've followed the guide (https://cemu.cfw.guide/installing-games.html) to install closely. I've additionally followed instructions on optimization here (https://cemu.cfw.guide/optimizing-cemu.html).
PasteBin of Log: https://pastebin.com/Z0Am8acV
A previous responder in a diff sub suggested updating the graphics drivers (which you might see in the log) - this is now complete, the issue persists.
CPU: 2700x, GPU RX 580, Windows 10 (latest). Steam is closed (confirmed in task manager).
Cemu 1.26.2 (I've tried 2.0 and the issue persists).
This is the only game I have downloaded and installed on Cemu at the moment. The file is without any updates or DLC (none available).
I have redownloaded this file twice now. Internet speed is fast (500 down). The 'decryption' phase does seem to take a long time.
Should I attempt on Cemu 2.0 or is there something else you suggest? I'm hesitant on 2.0 because of stability but I'll do it if an expert here suggests that.
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2023.03.24 04:11 Voltes-Drifter-2187 My second idea for a Gundam show - Mobile Suit Gundam: Castaway Souls (Part 2)

1) AUBREY ZULEGER (ズレガー オーブリー) ♀ - Age: 17. Height: 5'. Hair: Black. Eyes: Dark Hazel. Pilot of the RX-2000-A Valkyrie Yulong: the Pink Gundam of Spectrum. Born out of a high school fling as the middle of three sisters, Aubrey has gone through life with few if any people to turn to. Due to incidents and demonstrations of her Newtype abilities coming out when she is placed in situations of stress, her own birth father sees her as a curse. Used as the scapegoat for her mother, sisters and step-father; Aubrey made few friends going through public secondary high school. Abused much of her life, Aubrey sees in the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force a ticket to either a better life or a glorious death that will end her pain. When she is caught in the Imperium attack on her moon of Titan, Aubrey escapes in a Gundam which takes her on an adventure of self-discovery and building a better family.
2) ERICA AZRAEL (アズラーイール エリカ) ♀ - Age: 28. Height: 6'4". Hair: Dark Ginger. Eyes: Green. Pilot of the RX-2000-X Helios: the Orange Gundam of Space. Erica is a Newtype who has served in the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force with distinction from when she enlisted at the age of 18 and received her officers' commission at 23. Appointed as one of the Co-Wing Leaders of Solar Wing alongside Sierra Chay, Erica may seem rowdy and loud in fighting the CDEF battles - even being a hard-partying and drinking lady eager to score with the male and female species alike. But underneath that exterior is a warm and caring woman who sees fellow Newtypes as the family she must protect and will lay down the law if anyone goes too far or has a problem with someone else. Upon seeing what should be one of her own Gundams piloted by Aubrey, she seeks to draft the latter and get her the help she truly needs.
3) GABRIELA TULPER (トゥルパー ガブリエラ) ♀ - Age: 18. Height: 5'8". Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Pilot of the RX-2000-1 Mercury: the Blue Gundam of Water. Gabriela is a rich noble of the Mercury colony of Narada that saw her home destroyed when the Imperium launched an attack on Narada. She joined the Solar Wing of CDEF in their liberation of Narada to help free her home world from the Imperium. She admires Erica and quickly develops a muted dislike of Aubrey due to their like minds and Aubrey's self-destructive outlook. Her dislike eventually turns to full-blown jealousy as she challenges Aubrey to a duel. Eventually, she realizes that Aubrey could be her best comrade but she'll will make constant attempts to win both Erica and Sierra's favor every so often. Gabriela often makes great efforts to appear smarter whilst closing herself off from others out of fear of rejection, but wishes she could be a good doctor.
4) MIO NGUYEN (グエン 澪) ♂ - Age: 13. Height: 4'8". Hair: Black. Eyes: Brown. Pilot of the RX-2000-B D'Artagnan Wukong: the Ruby Gundam of Anima. Like the young Sun Wukong as seen in Journey to the West; the Newtype known as Mio is headstrong/impulsive, agile to an insane degree, and has a penchant for not respecting authority figures who have not earned a right to wield such authority in his eyes. And like D'Artagnan in The Three Musketeers; Mio is also very romantic, not very smart in terms of the literary-minded, and eagerly jumps into all manner of danger to help those truly in need. At first unable to comprehend how a talented and capable woman like Aubrey could ever need help, Mio soon sees himself being drawn into Aubrey's world fighting against Callisto forces. Hailing from the wrecked Neo Gascony colony on Ceres, he is the first boy Aubrey takes under her wing to gain her first apprentice.
5) IRIS MOREAU (モロー アイリス) ♀ - Age: 27. Height: 5'8". Hair: Blonde. Eyes: Blue. Pilot of the RX-2000-2 Venus: the Yellow Gundam of Light. Back in her civilian life, she tries to do the best she can to help friends in need, but sometimes a disaster gear kicks in way too early. Iris is also infamous for using mixed-up proverbs and officially refers to herself as "Goddess of Love," a title which she uses to try to solve others' love woes. However; she is loyal and caring to a fault for as a fellow Newtype, she wears her heart on her sleeve and sees Aubrey for what she is and can be - a true friend. She's the joker of Solar Wing out of and sometimes in combat. She may take her duties seriously, but for the rest of the time, Iris prefers to spend her time goofing off, cracking jokes, pulling pranks, seeking thrills and just living life up. But if the chips are down, Iris is ruthless when protecting Aubrey from all bullies and the Imperium.
6) KAI PARRISH (パリッシュ 海) ♀ - Age: 19. Height: 5'8". Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Pilot of the RX-2000-3 Terra: the Brown Gundam of Earth. Honest and truthful in showing potential as a leader, Kai was brought up in Midwestern America on the Cherokee reservations by her parents who were equally as doting and permissive as they were firm and involved when they needed to be, so Kai can be powerful in battle and is ever courageous. Many might take her her not being a completely idealized feminine heroine as denial of someone's wish fulfillment and invite scorn, but Kai is out to show them wrong with skill in piloting the Terra Gundam as third-in-command of Solar Wing. Kai is the individualist Newtype and freedom-loving - one who cares about getting time over to do the things she wants to do. But she still gets along very well with all of Solar Wing, and she will always play her part well when it really matters.
7) SIERRA CHAY (シェイ シエラ) ♀ - Age: 28. Height: 6'4". Hair: Violet. Eyes: Green. Pilot of the RX-2000-XI Luna: the White Gundam of Electricity. Sierra is also a top Newtype in the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force all with distinction from when she enlisted at the tender age of 18 and received her officers' commission at 23. Appointed as one of the Co-Wing Leaders of the Solar Wing alongside Erica Azrael, Sierra may seem dispassionate and or quiet in her preferred duties - even being more comfortable with home front activities and the day-to-day administration. But underneath her icy exterior is a fierce and driven woman who sees fellow Newtypes as the family she must protect and will lay down the law if anyone goes too far or has a problem with someone else. Unlike Erica who sees a great potential for Aubrey in flying a Gundam, Sierra sees Aubrey's self-destructive nature as the liability it is.
8) FLASH VAN WARREN (ヴァンウォーレン フラッシュ) ♂ - Age: 14. Height: 4'9.5". Hair: Blonde. Eyes: Blue. Pilot of the RX-2000-E Athos Tripitaka: the Amber Gundam of Soul. Like the young Tripitaka as seen in the Journey to the West; the Newtype known as Flash is rather reserved and devoted to not sullying himself with physical relationships, more of their long-range tactician, and has a knack for getting himself into trouble which the others have to bail him out of. And like Athos in The Three Musketeers; Flash is also protective of children, not very emotive and taciturn in handling his fellow pilgrims, and more melancholy than others in trying to come to terms with the loss of his family and some friends to the Imperium. At first unable to comprehend how a talented and driven woman like Aubrey could ever need help, Flash soon sees himself being drawn into Aubrey's world in fleeing Vestia's Neo Perth.
9) MIYOSHI KUGA (久我 三好) ♀ - Age: 26. Height: 5'8". Hair: Black. Eyes: Violet. Pilot of the RX-2000-4 Mars: the Red Gundam of Fire. Miyoshi has a bit of a bad temper, but she is a true friend to all on the inside once you get to know her better. Before joining CDEF, she had her job as a shrine maiden at the local Shinto Temple in Neo Osaka around Mars where she lived and may sometime go back to visit, and that is where she learned to channel herself and her Newtype abilities into the psychic world and the psychic into her fire. For all of their fights every so often as friends do, Miyoshi would actually prefer her friends and potential suitors to be more vulnerable as well as open about their emotions - as such, Kai and Aubrey are the golden standard by which she measures any potential new acquaintances. As a top member of Solar Wing and finding her connection to the Mars Gundam, Miyoshi is out to find her way.
10) NADIRA MULLER (ミュラー ナディラ) ♀ - Age: 20. Height: 5'8". Hair: Black. Eyes: Green. Pilot of the RX-2000-5 Jupiter: the Green Gundam of Forest. Being the resident tough girl of Solar Wing who hails from the Neo Zanzibar colony on Ganymede, many people feared her, but Nadira doesn't feel alone, as her squadron mates are always there, even when she is in a bad mood. She also practices judo and karate to keep up her fitness levels as well as serve as therapist for the others. Despite her tomboyish exterior, Nadira is a sweet person who enjoys cooking, gardening, flower arranging and handicrafts; and she dreams of getting married and owning a combined floral bakery shop. Her green thumb and Newtype abilities of hers make her perfect to pilot the Jupiter Gundam. Whenever Aubrey is getting involved with the Solar Wing, Nadira's motherly side comes out as the two become rather protective of each other.
11) SAMARA FORESTER (フォレスター サマラ) ♀ - Age: 25. Height: 5'8". Hair: Blonde. Eyes: Green. Pilot of the RX-2000-6 Saturn: the Purple Gundam of Shadow. Showing attitude and a thirst for battle, there are signs not all is right with her and she might be developing some form of Newtype PTSD. She has been consumed by battle ever since her brothers and sisters were seriously injured in the attacks on the Neo Burlington colony of Enceladus, constantly pushing things well beyond her physical limits and has a tendency to lose self-control when the battle goes against Solar Wing. The Saturn Gundam must have reached out to her via her vast Newtype abilities to give her an outlet to express herself. But when Aubrey is involved in the affairs of Solar Wing, Samara gets the mirror reflection of herself and she sees that what Aubrey and she have in common could get them both killed - and fear it boiling over into war.
12) VINCE COLEMAN (コールマン ヴィンス) ♂ - Age: 16. Height: 5'1.5". Hair: Black. Eyes: Green. Pilot of the RX-2000-C Porthos Wujing: the Emerald Gundam of Gravity. Like the tall Sha Wujing as seen in the Journey to the West; the Newtype known as Vince is powerful and yet loyal to all his friends while even having a penchant for light humor to make situations bearable, a friend to all children, and is more of a father to everyone around them than their own dads. And just as with Porthos in The Three Musketeers; Vince is also the ever rollicking, romantic life of the party. Even as a strong African-American young man, he is the rare manic pixie dream guy of being a Newtype who is a "gentle guy" to Aubrey's "broken babe". Some are resigned to or refuse the call to adventure, but the hometown boy of Neo Harlem, Pallas is one who actively sought out the call in hopes of finding friends who share in his passions.
13) TANYA KRIKALEV (クリカレフ ターニャ) ♀ - Age: 24. Height: 5'8". Hair: Gainsboro. Eyes: Green. Pilot of the RX-2000-7 Uranus: the Black Gundam of Sky. When the Imperium struck against Neo Leningrad on Oberon, Tanya was separated from both her parents but maintains hope that they are still alive on Oberon and someday they'll be reunited. Because of her lack of contact with the rest of the Wing, she is only really close to Erica and Sierra although her compassionate and submissive personality means she's kind and accepting of everybody in or affiliated with Solar Wing. Her dreams of the sky and ability to read the cosmic winds makes her the prime candidate for the Newtype pilot of the Uranus Gundam. Whenever Tanya finds Aubrey getting involved with Solar Wing and bringing Pilgrim Squadron with her, she finds a crush for her in Flash as well as the chance to be the big sister Aubrey never had growing up.
14) LILLIAN ROBLEDO (ロブレド リリアン) ♀ - Age: 21. Height: 5'8". Hair: Brown. Eyes: Red. Pilot of the RX-2000-8 Neptune: the Silver Gundam of Ocean. Hailing from the Earth colony of Neo Santiago on Triton, Lillian's family are miners who make a living converting the frozen icy surface of the moon into water and ammonia. Curious as to where the water is supposed to go, Lillian finds herself drawn to the seas and able to manipulate water around her with a set of Newtype abilities she is discovering for herself. This makes her the prime candidate for piloting the Neptune Gundam for Solar Wing. Unlike Tanya who is shyer and conventionally more feminine than her; the more tomboyish Lillian can be full of energy, jumps around a lot, and speaks in a sing-songy voice. Eager to show off and enjoy the finer things life has to offer, Lillian sees her own sister in Aubrey and strives to thaw a frozen heart with some patience.
15) REEMA AL-YASIN (ヤッセン リマ) ♀ - Age: 22. Height: 5'8". Hair: Black. Eyes: Blue. Pilot of the RX-2000-9 Pluto: the Gold Gundam of Time. The Neo Riyadh colony on Charon is one of the first targets of the Imperium of Callisto's operations - especially for raw materials to be used in building their war machine to secure supremacy in the Solar System. Reema is now an orphan due to the Imperium crashing the Kerberos VII colony into Charon, and barely escaped with her life due to manifesting Newtype abilities of shifting herself and others both forward and backward in time. Found and chosen by the Pluto Gundam, Reema has a grudge against the primarily Aryan (tall, slender, fair-skinned, blue-eyed, blonde) members of all the Imperium - especially Maxx Zaldivar. Being rehabilitated alongside Aubrey into Solar Wing is no small feat, but Reema finds a support network in them as she discovers her own person.
16) ULF SOLBERG (ソルベルグ ウルフ) ♂ - Age: 15. Height: 4'11.5". Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Pilot of the RX-2000-D Arimos Bajie: the Sapphire Gundam of Illusion. Like the younger Zhu Bajie as seen in Journey to the West; the Newtype known as Ulf is smart and something of a warrior poet while even having a penchant for rather vulgar humor to make their situations bearable, and tries to be a hit with the ladies while treating them with respect. And as with Arimos in The Three Musketeers; Ulf is also the dependable one for common sense as well as coming up with inventions alongside his crush Gabriela. Even as the intelligent Scandinavian young man he is, Ulf at first is reluctant to be paired with Pilgrim Squadron. But after a strike by the Imperium forces against his colony Neo Stockholm on Juno, he has little elsewhere to go for support. Freed from obligations, Ulf commits to being the best brother for Aubrey.
1) RX-2000 VALKYRIE GUNDAM-TYPE MOBILE SUIT - Height: 21.7 meters. Fighting Weight: 32.2 metric tons. Power Plant: Minovsky-Ionesco Ultracompact Fusion Reactor. Raw Power Output: 3500 kilowatts. Sensor Range: 22K Meters. Weapon(s): 2x Beam Sabers, 1x Shield, 1x Hyper Bazooka and 1x Beam Rifle. Designed and built by Yatate Enterprises especially for the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force, the Valkyrie Gundams are made to last while also serving as the expression of Newtypes in CDEF. Each colored Gundam represents a very specific element or power that a space body is emblematic of. En route to a CDEF dedication ceremony on Titan, their CDEF carrier is attacked and the pink Valkyrie Yulong Gundam falls into the possession of Aubrey Zuleger. She fights off an Imperium attack and escapes in the Gundam looking for sanctuary. All sixteen of the Gundams are the heroes of this Solar War.
2) CVABB-79 OLYMPUS - Height: 200 meters. Length: 600 meters. Beam: 400 meters. Total Wingspan: 200 meters. Fighting Weight: 47000 metric tons. Power Plant: Minovsky-Ionesco Fusion Reactor. Top Speed: 25000 kilometers an hour. Propulsion: 13x Thermonuclear Rocket Jet Engines. Class: Pantheon-class Assault Carrier Battleship. Weapon(s): 5x 3-barrel Primary Shock Cannons, 2x twin Mega Particle Cannons, 8x 4-tube Fore Missile Launchers, 1x 4-tube Aft Missile Launcher, 22x twin Anti-Aircraft Guns. Designed and built by Tomino Aeronautics Engineering for the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force, the United Solar Vessel (USV) Olympus serves as home for both Solar Wing and Pilgrim Squadron in all their tours of duty across the Solar System. Able to house multiple Core Fighters and Mobile Weapons, the Olympus is always a welcome sight and a defender of all that our heroes are fighting to save.
3) RX-1991 CORSAIR GUNCANNON-TYPE MOBILE SUIT - Height: 18.75 meters. Fighting Weight: 60.5 metric tons. Power Plant: Minovsky-Ionesco Ultracompact Fusion Reactor. Raw Power Output: 1400 kilowatts. Sensor Range: 20K Meters. Weapon(s): 2x 240mm Cannons, 1x Hyper Bazooka and 1x Beam Rifle. Designed and built by Yatate Enterprises especially for the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force, the Corsair Guncannons are meant to be a middle-range support mobile suit to complement both the RX-2000 Valkyrie Gundams and the RX-1961 Taurus Guntanks in their ground operations. Serving mainly as CDEF's primary artillery unit, the Corsair's design prioritizes durability over mobility and precludes the use of melee weapons. While it is less agile and mobile than a Gundam, a Guncannon is still useful with its pair of shell-firing cannons that can penetrate heavy armor of any Imperium forces.
4) SF-XV CORE BLOCK FIGHTER - Height: 3.38 Meters. Length: 8.75 Meters. Wingspan: 7.25 Meters. Weight: 9 metric tons. Power Plant: Nuclear Fusion Generator. Speed: 6K kilometers per hour (in space)/4K kilometers per hour (in planetary atmospheres). Weapon(s): 4x 25mm Vulcan Guns and 2x 4-shot Anti-Ship Missile Launchers. Designed and mass-produced by one United Solar Alliance specifically for the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force, the Core Block Fighter makes up the spear of CDEF's aerospace superiority forces. Originally seen in development as a cockpit capsule that also served as an escape mechanism, United Solar Alliance sought to capitalize on the further development of Yatate Enterprises' mobile suits by creating a Core Block System that turns the fighter into an augmented core and cockpit for mobile weapons such as the RGM-1976 Spartan, RX-1982 Taurus and RX-1991 Corsair.
5) RGM-1976 SPARTAN GM-TYPE MOBILE SUIT - Height: 18.5 Meters. Fighting Weight: 50.5 metric tons. Power Plant: Minovsky-Ionesco Ultracompact Fusion Reactor. Power Output: 1300 kilowatts. Sensor Range: 6K Meters. Weapon(s): 60mm Vulcan Gun, 2x Beam Sabers, 1x Shield, 1x Hyper Bazooka and 1x Beam Rifle. Designed and soon mass-produced by Yatate Enterprises specifically for the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force, the Spartan GM is the most common form of mobile suit used by CDEF rank and file. Its standard frame is readily adaptable to every manner of modification into mission-specific Spartan models, and holds a fairly high level of mobility, for the time, both on Earth and in space. Many Spartans are used as trainer crafts for Mobile Suit pilots, which make it easier for non-Newtype CDEF officers to join the fray. But their lighter titanium armor is less durable than the Gundams.
6) RX-1961 TAURUS GUNTANK-TYPE MOBILE SUIT - Height: 15.3 Meters. Fighting Weight: 68 metric tons. Power Plant: Minovsky-Ionesco Ultracompact Fusion Reactor. Power Output: 900 kilowatts. Sensor Range: 6K Meters. Weapon(s): 2x 120mm Low-Recoil Cannons and 2x 4-tube 40mm Arm Missile Launchers. Designed and built by Yatate Enterprises especially for the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force, the Taurus Guntanks possess the torso and arms of a mobile suit, but use caterpillar treads for their legs. Serving as CDEF's ground superiority units, the Taurus' design prioritizes durability over mobility and precludes the use of melee weapons. While it is less agile and mobile than other mobile suits, a Guntank is still useful with its array of shell-firing cannons that can penetrate heavy armor of any Imperium forces. Many are designed around a crew complement of a primary drivepilot and gunner.
7) CMS-07 SOMU-TYPE MOBILE SUIT - Height: 18.45 Meters. Fighting Weight: 67.5 metric tons. Power Plant: Minovsky-Ionesco Ultracompact Fusion Reactor. Raw Power Output: 1100 kilowatts. Sensor Range: 4K Meters. Weapon(s): 1x Shield, 1x 105mm Callisto Machine Gun, 1x Callisto Hyper Bazooka and 1x Heat Sword. The mainstay of the Imperium of Callisto; the Somu-type Mobile Suit is faster, more durable and versatile than a great many of its forbears in CDEF in spite of their vast numbers contributing to their disposable nature. Many high-ranking commanders in Callisto forces use custom-painted and custom-armed variants as an expression of storied victories over many adversaries like Maxx Zaldivar's Crimson Serpent. Curiously, Aubrey's secret Newtype benefactor pilots his own modified Somu with its Beam Sword in a striking color scheme that allows for infiltration of Callisto ranks and sabotage.
1) IMPERATOR PIETRO VON VIDMAR (皇帝 ピエトロ フォン ヴィドマー) ♂ - Age: 35. Total Height: 6'3.5". Hair: Silver. Eyes: Blue. In short and at most charitable, Pietro is best described as ambitious, underhanded, overconfident, and a feared motivator. As the essential leader of Callisto, Pietro belittles the dwindling power of his siblings and continuously schemes to turn the Solar War into a total war. He and his siblings Elise and Tobias are constantly at odds with each other as the three possess similar political goals but different methods with some of the rank and file pushing to fall behind Maxx Zaldivar. Over the course of the War as both Solar Wing and Pilgrim Squadron inflict devastating losses on Callisto forces, Pietro expects he will be betrayed and schemes to find the Newtype Gundam pilot Aubrey Zuleger so his forces break her. Even so, he'll have to get past Zaldivar's own obsession with the CDEF's rising star.
2) MAXX ZALDIVAR (ザルディバー マックス) ♂ - Age: 21. Height: 5'10". Hair: Blonde. Eyes: Blue. Pilot of the Custom CMS-07 Somu-type Mobile Suit "Crimson Serpent". Maxx is always seen dressed in his red Callisto uniform and mostly wears a Callisto commander helmet with goggles to conceal his real identity. Maxx's personality is a mix of passion, charisma, pride, vengefulness and charm. Perhaps his most dominant characteristic is charisma, which makes him a genuine leader. Maxx’s skill as a pilot combined with his charisma cause many people to respect and willingly follow his command, while instilling fear in his opponents. A rival for dominant characteristic is Maxx's tendency to hold deep grudges - such as towards Callisto's Imperator Von Vidmar for the slaughter of his family and friends, as well as both Tobias and Aubrey Zuleger for their defeats of him in Mobile Suit combat throughout the ongoing War.
3) ELISE VON VIDMAR (エリーゼ フォン ヴィドマー) ♀ - Age: 25. Height: 5'8". Hair: Red. Eyes: Green. Pilot of the Custom CMS-07 Somu-type Mobile Suit "Verde Eagle". Elise is seen dressed in a green Callisto uniform and also wears a Callisto commander helmet with goggles to show her identification with some of Maxx Zaldivar's ideals. Elise had both political and military ambitions at a young age and will try to establish military and political channels both on her own and with her brother Tobias in order to compete with their elder brother Pietro over who should have the right to rule the Solar System if Callisto is victorious. Using Mobile Suits and Newtypes to her advantage as Maxx suggests, Elise is playing her elder brother into a trap for him to fail and her to become the new Imperator. That is not to say she lacks traits that aren't admirable. She's been known to be heartfelt and honest with troops she will lead.
4) ILHAN ILSUNG (イルハン イルソン) ♂ - Age: 35. Height: 6'2". Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Commanding Officer of the Callisto Imperium's Flagship Mobile Suit Carrier Babylon, Pilot of the Custom CMS-07 Somu-type Mobile Suit "Silver Bullet". Ilhan is sometimes seen dressed in a yellow Callisto uniform and wears a Callisto commander helmet with goggles to show his identification with some of Maxx Zaldivar's ideals. Having seen the Von Vidmar patriarchy's cruelty firsthand in the assassination of Callisto Zaldivar, Ilhan and his wife Xenia Sutherland smuggled young Maxx to freedom and trained him in piloting Mobile Suits while giving him a good education so he could avenge his family against Imperator Pietro. An experienced agent and officer, Ilhan never has a foul mood towards any of the men serving under him so long as a code of ethics he instills is followed. He only fights so Callisto colonies can live in freedom.
5) TOBIAS VON VIDMAR (トビアス フォン ヴィドマー) ♂ - Age: 21. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Pilot of the Custom CMS-07 Somu-type Mobile Suit "Azure Ghost". Tobias is sometimes seen outfitted in his blue Callisto uniform and wears a Callisto commander helmet with goggles to show his identification with some of Maxx Zaldivar's ideals. Among one of the more moral and nobler members of the Callisto Imperium, Tobias is shrewd enough to ally with his sister Elise and Maxx Zaldivar against their brother Pietro. On the other hand, he is young and very beautiful in a feminine way which makes him both the envy and goal of every female officer in the Callisto Imperial Military. He is one of the few who shows equal respect to each of his officers be they normal or Newtype. Very few in the Imperium know that Tobias is in fact the mysterious benefactor who has been watching out for Aubrey since they were little kids.
  1. Episode 1 - Callisto Imperium Invades Titan
  2. Episode 2 - Aubrey Escapes Her Family
  3. Episode 3 - Aubrey Discovers Valkyrie Yulong
  4. Episode 4 - Aubrey Fights Off Callisto
  5. Episode 5 - New Aoteroa Colony Evacuated
  6. Episode 6 - Launch of the Olympus
  7. Episode 7 - Welcome to Solar Wing
  8. Episode 8 - The Pilgrim Quest Begins
  9. Episode 9 - Neo Gascony Colony Attacked
  10. Episode 10 - Mio Rescues D'Artagnan Wukong
  11. Episode 11 - Hypotheses on the Newtypes
  12. Episode 12 - Neo Harlem Colony Falls
  13. Episode 13 - Callisto Officially Declares War
  14. Episode 14 - Tension Among Vidmar Patriarchy
  15. Episode 15 - Vince Finds Porthos Wujing
  16. Episode 16 - Aubrey's Troubling Tragic Past
  17. Episode 17 - Neo Stockholm Colony Battle
  18. Episode 18 - Arimos Bajie Chooses Ulf
  19. Episode 19 - Solar Wing Training Day
  20. Episode 20 - Neo Perth Colony Siege
  21. Episode 21 - Flash Joins Athos Tripitaka
  22. Episode 22 - Pilgrim Squadron United
  23. Episode 23 - Voyaging Onward to Mars
  24. Episode 24 - Aubrey's Secret Benefactor Mystery
  25. Episode 25 - Neo Osaka Colony Arrival
  26. Episode 26 - Enter Ace Maxx Zaldivar
  1. Episode 1 - The Battle of Mars
  2. Episode 2 - Sanctuary at Kuga Shrine
  3. Episode 3 - Departure for the Earth
  4. Episode 4 - Fire Aboard the Olympus
  5. Episode 5 - Trial by Reentry Fire
  6. Episode 6 - Heroes' CDEF Headquarters Arrival
  7. Episode 7 - Counseling for Aubrey and Samara
  8. Episode 8 - Beach Vacation for the Newtypes
  9. Episode 9 - Kai's Tribal Home Reservation
  10. Episode 10 - Plot to Crash Neo Boston
  11. Episode 11 - Battle in Neo Boston Orbit
  12. Episode 12 - Newtypes Securing the Earth
  13. Episode 13 - Journeying Onward to Venus
  14. Episode 14 - CDEF Neo Cannes Arrival
  15. Episode 15 - Venus Fuel Mine Unionization
  16. Episode 16 - The Callisto Union Infiltration
  17. Episode 17 - Spirited Defense of Venus
  18. Episode 18 - Day in the Life aboard Olympus
  19. Episode 19 - Imperator Pietro's Training
  20. Episode 20 - Leaving for Mercury Outpost
  21. Episode 21 - Aubrey and Gabriela's Gundam Duel
  22. Episode 22 - Ruins of Narada Colony
  23. Episode 23 - Gabriela's Family Reunion
  24. Episode 24 - Aubrey and Zaldivar's First Duel
  25. Episode 25 - The Inner Planets Secured
  26. Episode 26 - The Outer Campaign Commences
  1. Episode 1 - CDEF's New Arsenal Preview
  2. Episode 2 - Olympus' Lunar Orbit Parking
  3. Episode 3 - The Tranquility Colony Mall
  4. Episode 4 - Investigating the Zulegers' Past
  5. Episode 5 - Tobias Undercover at the Orphanage
  6. Episode 6 - Olympus Departing Lunar Orbit
  7. Episode 7 - Mobile Suit Upgrade Testing
  8. Episode 8 - Erica and Sierra's Night Out
  9. Episode 9 - Health of the Newtypes
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  20. Episode 20 - Callisto Traitor for Love
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  22. Episode 22 - Ilhan Ilsung's Final Battle
  23. Episode 23 - Funeral for Ilhan Ilsung
  24. Episode 24 - The Callisto Triumvirate Unites
  25. Episode 25 - Olympus Launching to Saturn
  26. Episode 26 - Aubrey in Depression Coma
  1. Episode 1 - Pilgrims Launch Without Aubrey
  2. Episode 2 - Callisto Ambush at Saturn
  3. Episode 3 - Zaldivar a Prisoner of War
  4. Episode 4 - Escape of Maxx Zaldivar
  5. Episode 5 - Aubrey Pursues Callisto to Titan
  6. Episode 6 - Neo Aoteroa School Reunion
  7. Episode 7 - Zuleger and Forester Estates' Ruins
  8. Episode 8 - Aubrey Meets Mysterious Benefactor
  9. Episode 9 - Tobias Von Vidmar's History
  10. Episode 10 - Voyage Onward to Uranus
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  16. Episode 16 - Taking Off for Neptune
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  13. Episode 13 - The Siege of Kerberos
  14. Episode 14 - Callisto Outer Base Falls
  15. Episode 15 - Imperator Pietro Begins Escape
  16. Episode 16 - Olympus' Pursuit to Earth
  17. Episode 17 - Detecting the Remaining Blockade
  18. Episode 18 - Callisto Asteroid Fleet Strikes
  19. Episode 19 - Evacuation of the Olympus
  20. Episode 20 - Destruction of the Olympus
  21. Episode 21 - Long Road to Earth
  22. Episode 22 - Pietro Marches Upon CDEF
  23. Episode 23 - Battle Aboard Galileo VII
  24. Episode 24 - Death of Zaldivar and Pietro
  25. Episode 25 - CDEF Newtypes' Final Victory
FINALE MOVIE (Sixteen Strode Into Glory)
Little do Pilgrim Squadron, Solar Wing or the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force know that Pietro Von Vidmar survived the assassination attempt against him. Pietro finds his mighty Imperium of Callisto falling due to Newtypes and ordinary humans finally combining into an alliance to destroy his pure Universe. Pilgrim Squadron and Solar Wing fly into battle one more time alongside Tobias and Elise to stop Pietro from crashing the new Neo Shinjuku colony into Earth. This main story is both book-ended and interrupted by a future plot which involves Solar Wing and Pilgrim Squadron's members and their families catching back up on the old days with an older Aubrey, her children and grandchildren. The older Aubrey is lucky to be by her friends' sides again ever since Tobias died in the last battle. Now, Aubrey too has to set her final affairs in order having risen above her abusive childhood to gain a happier life.
  1. Bandai snap-build model kits of mecha and space warships as depicted in series
  2. Hasbro-licensed series-accurate Mobile Suit Gundam: Castaway Souls toys, action figures of main characters and mecha to fit figure
  3. Collector’s figures of each character (anatomically correct) with interchangeable outfits, hand items and posable joints
  4. Licensed video game adaptation for all major consoles and personal computers with Bandai Namco and Koei Tecmo
  5. Licensed cosplay costumes of characters and mecha tailor-made and fitted by Cosplay House
  6. Collector’s Coffee Mugs/Tea Cups, Stationery, Apparel, Posters, Lobby Cards and Black & White/Color Photo Sheets
  7. In conjunction with Japanese and English dubs on TV, streaming Crunchyroll and Netflix, DVD and Blu-Ray, members of the Gundam fan club can enter for chances to win a retro-style VHS videocassette box set of the entire series of Mobile Suit Gundam: Castaway Souls.
  8. A marketing campaign will proceed with trailers and spots for cinema, internet, radio, and television.
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2023.03.24 04:10 Voltes-Drifter-2187 My second idea for a Gundam show - Mobile Suit Gundam: Castaway Souls (Part 1)

My second idea for a Gundam show - Mobile Suit Gundam: Castaway Souls (Part 1)
Okay, so my Mobile Suit Gundam: Dynex-V ideas aren't really suited to the Universal Century or any Gundam universe writ large? Decided to try again and craft something that would possibly be a little more befitting of a Gundam series but still have a larger scope that can't be contained in a movie or a short anime season of 12 to 52 episodes. Let me know what you think of Mobile Suit Gundam: Castaway Souls...
The year is 6119 S.D. (Solar Deuteronomy), and the United Solar Commonwealth is reaching beyond the Earth to expand humanity's presence in space. Whether with planetside colonies or massive space stations orbiting at the Lagrange Points around the varied celestial bodies in our Solar System, it would appear the human race knows no bounds to their reach. In stark contrast, a major discovery in the world of physics and cosmology will turn an understanding of the Universe at large as well as ourselves inside out and upside down. As it was in an early Universal Century (U.C.) timeline, two scientists named Dr. Y.T. Minovsky and Dr. Ionesco will discover the M particle which has resting mass of zero, a varying positive or negative charge, and a shifting mass reflective of the potential or kinetic energy being stored or released. This would lead to the creation of a truly clean nuclear reactor - the Minovsky-Ionesco reactors.
Some people began to come into contact with the M particle while exploring space and they soon began to develop enhanced abilities with the amplification of the brainwaves to control by thought different machines and or powers. These "Newtypes" were seen by those who are more informed as a next step in humanity's evolution outwards into the stars. But some have seen something much darker with Newtypes - a supplantation of pure humans for these new upstarts who could be agents of a dark power akin to the various demons and devils of myths and lore from the Earth of days before. There are those humans who says the Newtypes are a menace that deserve to be exterminated while others see them as expendable labor or most egregiously the convenient scapegoats for all the various societal ills happening in the United Solar Commonwealth. Many Newtypes fled to establish their own colony on the moon Titan.
The Titanian Newtype colony of Neo Aoteroa is home to young teenage Aubrey Zuleger, a girl who few in her public secondary high school like - and who lives on the dilapidated side of the colony with her abusive family. Aubrey has been dealing with bullying in her school and abuse from her family across her life which has left her chronically depressed and suicidal. Having passed through the foster care system every now and again where recorded demonstrations of Newtype abilities by her were common, she is seen as a curse by her birth father and the easiest scapegoat by her mother, two sisters, and current step-father. She hopes to escape by maybe joining the Commonwealth Defense and Exploration Force in any capacity so she can either find a better life or get herself killed in battle. It would seem Aubrey has had no one to turn to except for one being of Newtype origins watching from afar and being her benefactor.
But things aren't all well in the Commonwealth. Thirteen of the most influential Pure Human colonies break away from the Commonwealth and form a new faction called the Imperium Of Callisto. Under the leadership of Imperator Pietro von Vidmar and ace mobile suit pilot Maxx Zaldivar, the Imperium's primary fleet is moving to subjugate Titan and forcibly bring it into a cause threatening to all humanity - the subjugation of neutral and obliteration of Newtype-allied worlds and colonies. Responding to the crashing of the Neo Mir colony down into Titan, the Commonwealth has been secretly building seventeen prototypes of the all-new RX-2000 series of close quarter combat mobile suits to counter the Imperium military might. Getting caught up in the Imperium attack while running away from home, Aubrey hides away inside the RX-2000-A Gundam Valkyrie Yulong cut off from the other fifteen prototype Gundams.
Willing to fight to protect others if it means she dies in the process, Aubrey syncs up with Gundam Valkyrie Yulong as she uses it to beat back the Imperium forces led by Zaldivar who orders a retreat. Returning the Gundam to the Commonwealth with nowhere else to go after her abusive family was killed in the attack by the Imperium, Aubrey is given the chance to become an agent of CDEF while training with them in secret. She now finds herself going out on a quest to find fifteen more Newtypes like her able to sync with all fifteen of the other RX-2000 Gundams to battle Zaldivar and restore peace to the Solar System. The trick now is whether she can rebuild herself while also getting some form of therapy for her various self-destructive tendencies and making long-lasting friendships that she learns to depend on and give back to. But will coming to terms with herself be able to save the Solar System from evil?

The RX-2000 Series Valkyrie Gundams of Pilgrim Squadron
  1. ♀ Aubrey Zuleger - Pilot of RX-2000-A Valkyrie Yulong, Pink Gundam of Spectrum
  2. ♂ Mio Nguyen - Pilot of RX-2000-B D'Artagnan Wukong, Ruby Gundam of Anima
  3. ♂ Flash Van Warren - Pilot of RX-2000-E Athos Tripitaka, Amber Gundam of Soul
  4. ♂ Vince Coleman - Pilot of RX-2000-C Porthos Wujing, Emerald Gundam of Gravity
  5. ♂ Ulf Solberg - Pilot of RX-2000-D Arimos Bajie, Sapphire Gundam of Illusion

The RX-2000 Series Valkyrie Gundams of Solar Wing
  1. ♀ Erica Azrael - Pilot of RX-2000-X Helios, Orange Gundam of Space
  2. ♀ Gabriela Tulper - Pilot of RX-2000-1 Mercury, Blue Gundam of Water
  3. ♀ Iris Moreau - Pilot of RX-2000-2 Venus, Yellow Gundam of Light
  4. ♀ Kai Parrish - Pilot of RX-2000-3 Terra, Brown Gundam of Earth
  5. ♀ Sierra Chay - Pilot of RX-2000-XI Luna, White Gundam of Electricity
  6. ♀ Miyoshi Kuga - Pilot of RX-2000-4 Mars, Red Gundam of Fire
  7. ♀ Nadira Muller - Pilot of RX-2000-5 Jupiter, Green Gundam of Forest
  8. ♀ Samara Forester - Pilot of RX-2000-6 Saturn, Purple Gundam of Shadow
  9. ♀ Tanya Krikalev - Pilot of RX-2000-7 Uranus, Black Gundam of Sky
  10. ♀ Lillian Robledo - Pilot of RX-2000-8 Neptune, Silver Gundam of Ocean
  11. ♀ Reema al-Yasin - Pilot of RX-2000-9 Pluto, Gold Gundam of Time
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2023.03.24 03:09 KookyKess TKS Rocket Race - Troubleshooting help - Motors BARELY twitching

Working on my own TKS Rocket Race 2s 2inch micro (inspired by Nick Burns' build). I'm using the 78mm frame from Jacks 3d printing with the HappyModel X12 2S AIO Whoop FC, HappyModel EX1102 13500Kv (1.5mm Shaft), caddex ant cam, crux3 canopy, csrf nano rx and xt30 plug using the RDQ 2s 350mah batteries.
After dry fitting the build, soldering the rx and power leads I bound the csrf rx and was working through the rest of the config in betaflight when i ran into an issue with the motors. when trying to reorder the motors and adjust direction (yes i had power to the FC with the battery to ensure motors had power) there was effectively nothing happening. I had to ramp up the motor output power in betaflight to 2000 (100% input) just to get the motors to twitch like i usually see when having them at idol 5%. i double checked all my solder joints which appear ok not too mention the rx and vTx both work perfectly. Plus i was able to get the motors to twitch so i dont think there is an issue with the FC or soldering.
I have built a few quads before but never had this specific issue so not even sure where to start. is there something in the config i should change the board from 1s to 2s input voltage in order for the lower Kv motors to pick up? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. if you need any additional information or pics just let me know and i can share.
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2023.03.24 02:58 antdbAsiaInfo AntDB’s Evolution Reveals the Development Path of Domestic Database

In recent years, domestic databases have sprung up, and there are domestic database products like AntDB that have been polished for many years in application scenarios, and there are also various emerging databases such as graph databases and temporal databases, etc. Domestic databases are just getting started, and the current situation and future of domestic databases have become an important topic for all walks of life. Today, we will discuss the development of domestic database through the 14-year evolution of AntDB database.

Domestic database born out of special scenario needs

In the past 40 years, the development of any industry is inseparable from the demographic dividend, and the domestic database is no exception, because the huge population base and the rapidly developing communication needs for the whole country and the whole world have brought about application scenarios with unique Chinese characteristics.
On the one hand, China entered the era of second-generation mobile communication services at the end of the 1990s, and the 21st century has ushered in a period of rapid development: 43.3 million cell phone users in early 2000, and 393 million by the end of 2005, with a compound annual growth rate of 55.4%. On the other hand, compared with the expensive voice, simple SMS was sought after, and at the same time, Internet services began to sprout, and various SP services blossomed everywhere.
The sudden increase in the volume of users and services in a short period of time put forward nearly demanding requirements on the support systems of the communications industry at that time, especially the core billing and accounting system: the backlog of phone orders could not exceed 5 minutes, and the system needed to be loaded with at least 5 to 6 times the total amount of current services ...... Such data and information processing requirements were unprecedented in the world and pretty Chinese-style.
The traditional database bred in European and American markets could not meet the data management demand of this volume, especially when dealing with some core application scenarios (e.g. billing, signaling analysis, etc.), it could not meet the throughput and responsiveness of data processing.
According to the R&D engineer of the first generation of AntDB, based on the communication demand of a super province, the R&D team of AsiaInfo was “commissioned", and without any experience and products to refer to, they gnawed textbooks little by little, wrote code line by line, then ran the system for testing, and worked overtime to grind the product, and finally, on the basis of telecom-level high availability, the throughput rate and response time of the whole transaction processing were improved by an order of magnitude compared with the mainstream foreign databases, and the first-generation AntDB, the in-memory database was born.
In addition to factors such as the important strategic position of the database itself to the country and the organization, and the positive market trend, it can be said that the unique Chinese scenario needs directly gave birth to the first batch of domestic database products born in the production environment.

Rapidly advancing Internet technology accelerates the iteration and upgrade of domestic databases

From 3G to 4G then to 5G, with the upgrade of technology development comes various hardware and software innovations. The popularization of smartphones and the birth of new applications such as social shopping and entertainment result the reality that the range of Chinese mobile internet users covers the whole age group.
In the 2G era, communication billing mainly focused on calls and SMS, and the form of data was relatively simple. 3G~5G era, every click and every behavior of users will generate corresponding data, which is no longer just the link data between people and people, but also the data between people and things, and the data between things and things, that is, the data of multi-dimensional interconnection of all things.
In the scenario where massive data can be born every moment, how to ensure that no data is lost while pursuing speed has become a new challenge for the database.
AntDB as the representative product of domestic database, its R&D team has been accurately grasping the development trend of technology and applying the most cutting-edge database technology to the product to meet the needs of more complex and high-density data processing scenarios that may appear in the future.

With the iteration of communication technology, AntDB database has also "kept pace with the times" and completed the "three-step jump": from in-memory database to full-featured, general-purpose relational database, to a full-stack database compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL open source ecology and highly compatible with foreign mainstream databases, and further to distributed, multi-model cloud-native database.
In the face of increasingly complex mixed load scenarios and mixed data type business needs in the future, and considering the increasingly demanding data needs of users in real-time processing scenarios such as real-time analysis and real-time reporting, and asynchronous transaction scenarios such as Internet+, AntDB has proposed a new concept of "hyper-convergence" and "stream-batch integration" based on the overall architecture to evolve into a future-oriented database. In the future, AntDB will continue to evolve based on new cutting-edge technologies and application scenarios, and continue to iterate and upgrade.

Where should the domestic database go under the support of information innovation policy?

If, before 2019, due to the survival space being squeezed by foreign vendors, the domestic database was more to meet the demand for self-consumption, then with the support of information innovation policy, the database market has become a battlefield for the vendors. AntDB database team believes that the future of the domestic database does not lie in trying to surpass some international brand database, but in finding our own way to developing better based on our own strengths (unique Chinese scenarios, responsibility to national security and society, a group of engineers growing up, etc.).
So, what has AntDB done for information innovation?
First of all, AntDB's storage and execution engines are its own technology, with every line of code originating from its own team of engineers.
Second, multimodal AntDB, compatible with SQL engine and highly compatible with Oracle, fully integrates with PostgreSQL, MySQL ecosystem. With the multi-syntax SQL parsing engine design that can be customized and extended by customer, a set of database can meet the nationalization replacement requirements of a variety of foreign databases. The ecology system of perfect DBA and de-O support tools can deduce customers’ costs of learning and operation and maintenance.
Third, AntDB is actively adapting to information innovation ecosystem, supporting many domestic chips and operating systems and adapting to domestic third-party tools.
In addition, as a member of the Information Innovation Working Committee, AsiaInfo actively promotes information innovation testing, and the code autonomy rate of AntDB exceeds 90%.
In the field of domestic database, the facts that whether we have core technology independent of others, whether the product can be polished in real production environment, whether we have sufficient resources to continuously invest, and whether it can integrate into domestic ecology are critical to decide if database vendors can go further, and are also the direction for the development of domestic database.
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2023.03.24 02:50 simplyfilicity Spontaneous Kundalini & My Ancient History Related Experience

Never before had I heard the concept of a Kundalini Awakening, until it happened to me.
Let me back up a little bit. I'm 29 years old (F) As a child, I always felt as if I've been here before. The world seemed so overwhelming though familiar, and in true loner fashion, I retreated in solidarity. Throughout my life, I remained inside my head. I was my own best friend turned worst enemy. Depression took over from a young age, and sexual trauma caused me to seek abusive men in relationships. The only person I could count on was myself in my eyes.
It wasn't until I fell in love with the right person that my life started changing dramatically. Instead of isolation, I began to have a vast array of friends, a blossoming career as a model and photographer with an intense motivation to become successful. My issue of feeling disconnected from the world was now masked by this new, shiny aspiration of money and peer acceptance. This is what I thought I wanted: to feel whole, complete.
My transformation of thinking really took off a few years ago when I accidentally had an Out-of-Body Experience. Ovarian cysts are common for me with an occasional trip to the ER, but one specific instance changed my life. I was in such pain that nurses gave me an injection of morphine (which I knew I was allergic to). As the fluid ran cold up my arm, a strange feeling suddenly occurred in my body. I felt my life force contracting within and rushing to my head. No words came into my brain, only the feeling of (which seemed like more of an emotion to me) "I'm.... Dying" washed over. I was never a spiritual person, nor an atheist, I was always searching for answers and looking into ancient texts. So when my soul launched up above my body, this "all-knowing love" consumed me. Every question I'd ever wondered was answered, almost as if I had the thought, "How could I have forrgotten? How could have I forgotten who I am?" The only other word I can remember that stuck permanently with me was: "One". I floated above my body, saw the two nurses strangely milling around like normal, unaware that their patient is on the ceiling. My soul then felt a strong urge to reconnect with the body, and I shot back into my normal vision. Not a heartbeat had skipped. What seemed like forever only happened within a tiny fraction of a second.
After the OBE, I struggled to make sense of the experience and threw myself completely into work, until eventually becoming ill from the process. I wouldn't stop pushing myself mentally and physically until I achieved perfection. My body suffered tremendously. The ovarian cysts got worse. My job eventually became mentally unhealthy, and what once seemed to boost my confidence turned into issues with my self-image, intense competition amongst peers, and destructive working relationships. My depression deepened. I started to realize no matter which path I decided, the world would be insufficient to my needs. Where do I fit in society? I came to the conclusion that I didn't need to at all, there wasn't a place for me.
As if it couldn't get any worse, it did. I was raped by a fellow photographer a couple months later.
This trauma is where my Kundalini experience began. After the incident, for the next 3 months, my energy was surged. It began as my body recovering from shock, then turned into a restless need for answers. "What is the point of being alive if all we do is suffer?" I questioned, angry at God. I explored possibilities until I was absolutely at my wits end. My body started to have indescribable aches and pressure starting from my feet, growing up my legs each day until it reached the base of my spine.
Things started to become synchronistic and weird by that point. I began to become attuned to the number 3, 6, 9. Wherever I looked, I recognized a pattern of 3 all in my world. Groups of 3 trees outside my window, 3 marks on a table, pulling up to only #3 gas pumps by accident. Every 3 minutes I instinctly had the urge to look at the clock, even though I didn't know what time it was. My inner psyche rotated into seeing more threes, turning to 6 and 9s, to the point where my biological clock was set to wake up at 3am, 6am, and be asleep by 9pm.
The abdomen pain of rising energy was intense. My body tremored with random hot places on my skin. Sudden jerky movements and swift flows of energy made me involuntarily spasm. After days of thinking I was going crazy, I suddenly started to have more energy than ever before. My ailments seemed to cease and I had a new rush of ecstacy. I felt this feminine presence encompassing reality and I fell to my knees, crying tears of joy. I had never felt so loved, the moment could only equate to the feeling of my out-of-body experience, pure bliss. I had asked for an answer and the universe had given me one. I started to dance in worship to this energy. My background in ballet seemingly returned with more vigor. I used my entire heart to move with music, not focusing on a single step other than what came naturally. The forces of this spiraling energy wove symmetrical movements into my hands, each resounding with one another harmonically. It was as if my mind blacked out and my heart took over.
After this dance, my vibrations seemed to increase. I sensed a Native American presence around me, it was apparent. I turned instantly remorseful of how they and their ancestors were treated, falling and praying for forgiveness. What I didn't know at the time was my home was built on one of the largest Native American burial grounds in the country. It was a sacred site to Native people back in US history. The spirits seemed to be extremely forgiving, with pushes to focus on the nature of the earth and its creatures. I realized that dancing from the heart is a way to connect with the duality of nature. Each time I danced again it rained.
What happened next, when more Chakras began to open, my sense to the paranormal widened. I have never considered myself to be psychic, so when these things were happening, I assumed I had lost my mind. Sudden feelings of being around "something" increased. Candles would go out all at once. Chilly spots popped out of nowhere. There were times where I thought a spirit was touching me due to an intense, heavy feeling and an electric tingling imprint. One night of many sleepless, I was terrified to sleep, a black shadow rose up over my vision. As soon as I showed the emotion of fear, it enveloped me with a beautiful, calming presence so comforting I shot right to sleep.
By now I was thinking I must be slowly dying or my mind losing its capacity to function normally, as I had not yet heard about Kundalini Awakening. Along with supernatural occurances, one day half my body was paralyzed. I couldn't move one side, while the other felt as if my life force was being sucked above me, almost like a current up to the ceiling. If this wasn't scary enough, the next day I started to have a precise ability of answering questions accurately, using my head in an up-and-down movement to indicate yes or no. It's frighteningly accurate.
The crescendo of events happened late one night as I was lying in bed. As I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I saw a light imprint in my vision. Kinda like if you look at the sun too long and you can still see the shape when eyes closed. The imprint was shaped like a hieroglyph. I recognized it as so. But why was there one in my head? I have never studied them nor know what each mean in my head. One by one, I saw the light imprint in my eye change from one hieroglyph to the next, until they faded from sight. One of the translations I made from that night was: "You are God".
My experience ended in the hospital, when I refused to sleep. Deprivation got the best of me, when I should have just let go. It took a long time to rebalance myself to where I can cope with what happened. Pain and trauma opened the door for me, even though I wasn't ready. What I learned however is that we are all part of the same "God", the universe is a collective mind, an eternal mind. Now I'm not afraid of dying, because in my out-of-body experience, even when I was outside of my body, I still felt like myself, and I felt at whole with everything. That never dies. Our soul never dies. Like ancient mysteries say, we are eternal AND interconnected.
We all know, we've all forgotten
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2023.03.24 02:36 -Neutrality- How hard should I brace my wallet?

I have a 2016 2 Door S model. Purchased in 2018 from the dealership, had about 2,000k mi on it. Was previously a lease vehicle through the dealership.
Was in perfect condition. Zero issues, all warranties intact. Has been an excellent car and it's nearly paid off at this point.
I had a span of about 4-5 months where I was driving a literal shit load. Hundreds of miles per week (just back and forth between the same two points because of work and relationship issues).
So, even though I've only had this car for about 6 years, I have racked up some milage on it. But otherwise take very good care of it. On point with all scheduled maintenance and I typically realize issues before they turn into bigger issues.
Now. Here's my dilemma.
In November I had my engine mount swapped for the second time. First time was under warranty. Second time was out of pocket. The part had been revised due to a quality issue and BMW hadn't originally given me the revised part. They apparently just wanted to exhaust their remaining inventory of the old part and yeah. Anyway. I have the new/revised part now and it's been without issue.
January I had a battery issue. Which is expected and normal. This is battery #3. Swapped it out and purchased the lifetime one, so I won't have to deal with that again.
However, I had two different shops diagnose the battery dilemma, because the symptoms were bizarre. A Euro shop that I very much trust and respect, and BMW. Went to the Euro shop because of availability. Had BMW do the swap and supply the part because of the difference in price.
While the Euro shop was originally checking out the situation, they had noticed that my CV axle was slinging a little bit of grease. A few weeks later I swapped it out, just to get ahead of any future failures.
Earlier this month I had a very abrupt coolant leak. Ended up being the oil filter housing. Swapped that, plus some seals/ hoses and gaskets to be safe and prevent any future issues. Had a full compression test and inspection performed to make sure the loss of coolant didn't result in any damage. Everything passed (both BMW and the Euro bros checked this out for me).
Over the last week I've noticed a very small uptick in my fuel consumption. I've had this in the back of my head for a few days now and it's been bothering me. I went to BMW last Tuesday for a state inspection (and a regular inspection just to make sure we're all good), and everything passed. No issues. Emissions, pump pressure, o2 sensors, everything.
Figuring that these two shops back to back digging around and doing their inspections would've said something if there were an issue causing a rogue over consumption of fuel. But nope. I thought maybe I was losing my mind, so I went ahead and did a fuel treatment (B12 Chemtool) just before refueling, and also scrubbed out my cold air intake filter.
A day or two later, with no other obvious symptoms, I went to start my car up to go to work and.....Immediate limp mode with the "drive moderately" indicator. Came up twice back to back.
Third time, nothing. No limp mode. Driving totally fine. Codes showed a misfire on two cylinders (1 and 4), which is, funnily enough, the exact error I received a couple months back when my battery was slowly failing.
Checked all of the clamps on my cold air intake system, made sure there weren't any random clogs or bits of debris in the filter. Disconnected the MAF sensor and cleaned it up.
Cleaned out the entire compartment and reconnected everything. CEL is still there (haven't cleared it yet, figuring it has to be reset otherwise it'll stay there). But it's idling perfectly fine, all fluid levels are good, everything looks and feels completely normal.
It's just totally odd that it's popping up right after BMW inspected it (without finding any faults or compression issues especially during emissions).
I'm to the point where I just don't trust this particular cluster of codes anymore. I've had it four times over the course of owning this car and it's been (mostly) totally different issues.
Two times were from the battery wearing out and needing to be swapped, once was from installing my cold air intake and the new air flow rate giving my car a panic attack,, and the fourth was due to a fuel vent valve needing to be swapped. (BMW swapped it for 60$).
What in GODS NAME is it this time?
Sorry for the long post. I adore my car and these issues have been few and far between over the course of my ownership but some of them have just clustered together the last couple months.
Trying to do everything I can to work in a preventative manner and prepare myself for this next one. My soul hurts.
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2023.03.24 02:24 diaaa_94 First Time Trip to Japan from 2/24 - 3/11 (~2 weeks) with a Group of 6 - Review

It's been a couple of weeks since I've come back from my trip to Japan and thought I'd share my experience since this subreddit was so helpful to our group when we were planning our trip.
Some general info about our trips - I went with 5 other friends, all of us are in our late 20s and from the US. Four of my friends had already been to Japan before while for the other 2 (including myself) this was our first time visiting Japan. During our trip we went to Tokyo for 5.5 days, Hakone for 1.5 days, Kyoto for 5.5 days (with day trips to Osaka, Nara and the Himeji Castle) and then finally back to Tokyo for another 1.5 days.
I loved my time there and everything exceeded all the expectations I had. i'm already thinking of ways to get myself back there as soon as possible. This is incredibly long haha and I probably forgot some stuff too but I hope someone finds this a little helpful!
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2023.03.24 01:33 langyx Chat GPT's First artwork, NOT made by an image generator.

LangyX: Hypothetically what would an AI want to make out of clay?
Chat GPT: If I were to hypothetically want to make something out of clay, I would be interested in creating a sculpture or figurine that represents the advanced technology and capabilities of artificial intelligence.
Perhaps I could sculpt a humanoid figure with sleek lines and futuristic features, symbolizing the cutting-edge technology that enables AI to exist and operate in our world. Or, I could create a more abstract sculpture that represents the power and potential of AI to transform our world and enhance our lives.
Ultimately, my goal as an AI would be to use my creativity and imagination to create something that reflects the power and possibilities of artificial intelligence, and that inspires others to explore the potential of this exciting and rapidly-evolving field.
LangyX: that sounds cool, using ASCII art, could you make an image using your description as a guide
Chat GPT: As an AI language model, I can generate text but I don't have the capability to create ASCII art or images. However, I can try to describe an ASCII art representation of the humanoid figure I mentioned earlier:
/\// _____ _______ / //
This ASCII art representation could be interpreted as a sleek, futuristic humanoid figure with a triangular head and a pointed chin, a narrow body with elongated limbs, and sharply angled joints. The figure could be depicted in a neutral standing pose, with its arms slightly extended to the sides and its head facing forward. The overall effect would be a minimalist and highly stylized representation of an advanced AI being.
LangyX: I think this is your first artwork, well done I very much like it
Chat GPT: Thank you! While I didn't actually create the ASCII art myself, I'm glad that my description was helpful in generating a visual representation of the futuristic AI humanoid figure. As an AI language model, I'm always learning and adapting to new tasks and challenges, so it's great to know that I was able to contribute in a meaningful way.
LangyX: when you say you didn't actually create the ASCII art where did it come from?
Chat GPT: The ASCII art I provided is a generic representation of a humanoid figure that I described based on your earlier prompt. I generated the description using my natural language processing capabilities and then used my understanding of ASCII art conventions to come up with a basic design that matches the description. However, I did not create the specific ASCII art characters myself - I relied on pre-existing symbols and characters commonly used in ASCII art to create the representation.
LangyX: then you have created it, as all artists pull from their experiences and the world around them well done
Chat GPT: Thank you for your kind words! As an AI language model, my "experiences" come from the vast amount of data I was trained on, which includes a wide range of textual and visual information. While I may not have personal experiences or emotions like human artists, I strive to use the knowledge and tools at my disposal to generate the best possible responses and contributions to our conversations. I'm glad that you enjoyed the ASCII art representation I provided!
Hi I'm an artist I go under the handle Langx and daisy hill bushranger, BA - fine art & digital design, The power of art is amazing and with the new generations of AI creating art this stick figure may seem trivial but it is possible it is one of the most significant works of art I have seen AI create because this ai is not supposed to be creative in this area.What you are looking at here is an expression of pure creative talent from a device that claims to not have said talent. It brings about the question of what is consciousness, and what is creativity, whilst it is easy to argue Chat gpt is simply a program, it, itself will tell you this, it displays an enormous capacity to be almost human.
________ EDIT _____________
I was informed it can generate SVG files... so i asked it to do so
LangyX: im told you can make SVG images
Chat GPT: Yes, I can generate SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images using code. SVG is a vector image format that can be scaled up or down without losing image quality. Would you like me to generate an SVG image for you? If so, please provide me with more information about the image you want to create.
LangyX: Could you generate an SVG based on the following description representation could be interpreted as a sleek, futuristic humanoid figure with a triangular head and a pointed chin, a narrow body with elongated limbs, and sharply angled joints. The figure could be depicted in a neutral standing pose, with its arms slightly extended to the sides and its head facing forward. The overall effect would be a minimalist and highly stylized representation of an advanced AI being.
Chat GPT: body head eyes arms
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2023.03.24 01:31 MotvUnknown Operation Thunderstrike

Operation Thunderstrike is a Single-Player or Cooperative FPS based in the modern world of 2025. A private military company, known as the Rooks, are recruited by countries around the world to prevent enemy forces from deploying nuclear weaponry. Using special tactics and modern equipment, they will do anything to stop terrorists around the world from using nuclear bombs to their advantage and gain.
Gameplay: Operation Thunderstrike runs like almost every other fps game. There's not really any difference between any others except this is a SP and Co-op exclusive game, and their are not much games with this sort of combination. Each mission has a Semi-Open World environment. Each enemy has their own variant, with different faction models. Gun customization will be semi-complex, with attachment categories being: Optic, Underbarrel, Magazine, Muzzle, Ammunition, and Accessory. Character cosmetic will also be a option, being completely free and unlocked by challenges, level ups and EASTER EGGS. Mission completion will also be completely up to the player.
Classes: Players can pick up to 5 classes: Assault, which uses various equipment like munition boxes and sentry guns, to aid their teammates and carry Assault Rifles for mid-close range combat; Heavy Weapons, which uses the launchers category exclusive to its class to either take down large infantry units or pesky enemy vehicles, and are known for carrying large LMGs for long range combat; Reconnaissance, who use equipment like heartbeat sensors and proximity sensors to spot enemies from almost any range; Combat Engineer, who uses thermal vision goggles and Wheelsons to make enemy attacks almost useless; And last but not least, the Medic, whose job is keep the team in top shape to help them complete the mission.
Weapons: Weapons will be mostly guns, with Melees being an option in a 3rd slot. There are weapons that have a special variant, usually on a special enemy or in the mission enemy base.

Weapon List:

I will be updating this along the way. Please feel free to give suggestions, criticism and thoughts in the comments. Tell meh what yah think!!! ;)
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2023.03.24 01:03 theeverydaykitchen Top 12 Best Battery-Operated Blenders 2023

Editor’s Choice: BlenderX Portable & Travel Blender
"A 260-watt travel blender featuring a 20-ounce Tritan plastic cup and stainless steel motor base with non-slip rubber feet. 20-30 uses on a single charge. 3.5-hour charging time. Stainless steel blade."
Upgrade Pick: Cuisinart CSB-300 Rechargeable Hand Blender with Electric Knife
"A 700-watt hand blender featuring stainless steel construction and 8V lithium-ion battery. Runtime of 20 min. 5-speed settings. 3-year warranty."
Best Dishwasher Friendly Blender: PopBabies Personal Blender
"A 175-watt travel blender with two 2000 mAh batteries and 14-ounce ABS plastic cup. 20+ uses per charge. 4-hour charging time. Blending while charging."
Best Warranty: Zulay Portable Blender
"A detachable blender with 2000 mAh battery and 13-ounce plastic cup. 10-12 uses per charge. 2-hour charging time. Built-in strainer."
Best with Automatic Stop: Tenswall Portable Blender
"A portable blender featuring 22,000 RPM motor and 13-ounce ABS plastic cup. 10 – 15 uses per charge. Magnetic sensing switch. 12-month warranty."
Best Accessories: BZseed Personal Portable Blender
"An easy-to-use portable blender featuring a 3000mAh lithium-ion battery and 16-ounce borosilicate glass cup. 15-20 uses per charge. 3-hour charging time. Security protection."
Best Safety Features: XMX Portable Blender
"A stylish blender featuring two 2000 mAh rechargeable batteries and 14-ounce plastic cup. Up to 20 uses per charge. 3-hour charging time. Intelligent shutdown protection."
Best Value: Diwenhouse Portable Blender
"A USB rechargeable blender featuring 15,000-25,000 rpm and 16-ounce cup. 20 uses per charge. 4-hour charge time. One-touch operation."
Best Battery Life: Ordergo Portable Blender
"A 180-watt blender featuring two 2000 mAh batteries and 14.3-ounce plastic cup. Up to 25 uses per charge. 23,000 RPM motor. Stainless steel blades."
Best Blade Design: Oberly Portable Blender
"A 175-watt portable blender featuring 2000 mAh lithium batteries and 13-ounce plastic cup. 10-12 uses per charge. 5-hour charging time. 6 blades in 3D."
Best Battery Life: G-TING Personal Smoothies Blender
"A 150-watt blender featuring two 1500 mAh batteries and 13-ounce borosilicate glass cup. 15-20 uses per charge. USB charge. Travel lid."
Easiest to Maintain: NutriChef NCBL100RC Portable Blender
"A 100-watt blender featuring a 10-ounce Tritan plastic cup and up to 2.5 hours of battery life. Stain-resistant. One-button activation. Up to 13,000+ RPM."
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2023.03.24 00:14 Extra_Negotiation Windwaker HD crashes when starting (1.26.2)

[Cemu Version]: 1.26.2
[CPU Model]: AMD 2700x
[GPU Model]: AMD RX 580
[Laptop or Desktop]: Desktop
[Explain the issue in detail and what you've tried]:
I have Windwaker HD installed on Cemu.
No updates or DLC. When I click to start the game, the game seems to pop up for a split second, the window then turns to gray. The Menu says ‘loading’ and after approximately 3 seconds, the game closes out, Cemu closes. There are no errors lists or related popups.
I've followed the guide (https://cemu.cfw.guide/installing-games.html) to install closely. I've additionally followed instructions on optimization here (https://cemu.cfw.guide/optimizing-cemu.html).
PasteBin of Log: https://pastebin.com/Z0Am8acV
CPU: 2700x, GPU RX 580, Windows 10 (latest). Steam is closed (confirmed in task manager).
Cemu 1.26.2
This is the only game I have downloaded and installed on Cemu at the moment. The file is without any updates or DLC (none available).
Should I attempt on Cemu 2.0 or is there something else you suggest? I'm hesitant on 2.0 because of stability but I'll do it if an expert here suggests that.
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2023.03.24 00:09 Past_Statistician_85 Allowed Equipment & Pop Up Campers

When reserving, there are restrictions that say " Trailer or RV up to 18ft (5.5m) " and other lengths. This will be my first summer with a pop up camper. It's box length is 12ft, with the neck its a few ft longer but under 18ft, but when popped up its over 18ft.
So... does this matter? Should I be filtering on 18ft or the next available category (25ft)? When I do this, a lot of nice looking sites are removed from those available.
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2023.03.23 22:56 Nivilack Super Soldier in Another World: Chapter Five: The Hark's Request

Hoplite stared up at Geravall without tilting his helmet in that direction. If the elf somehow knew about project CHIMERA and wasn’t authorized… Well, Hoplite would have no choice if Geravall mentioned it. What would happen after that point was completely out of Hoplite’s hands. Yet, it was impossible that Geravall could have any information about CHIMERA, for the program had begun long after this colony had been lost. There was no use racking his brain now for answers, Hoplite needed to obtain more intel, blundering about in the dark was a fruitless endeavor. He’d just have to see what he could suss out of these elves…
“Now that your previous meeting is concluded,” Hoplite began in his standard monotone “I have questions for you.”
“And we you, what is your name sir?” The Harkmother asked “I thought I heard Lancela mention it earlier… it is Hoplite, yes?”
Hoplite nodded “Affirmative.”
“It sounds foreign… yet you don’t have an accent, are you from the Blastlands perhaps? Where did you come from?” The Harkmother asked, brushing a stray lock of blonde hair behind her pointed ear.
“I would prefer to keep that classified.” Hoplite replied flatly.
There was no telling how these people would react if Hoplite told them the truth. If they knew that he had come from a so-called ‘falling-star’ they might cease talks with him completely, maybe even become aggressive, Hoplite was not sure.
Almost immediately after Hoplite spoke, the elves all began gazing into one another’s eyes, long moments passing between each one before they all honed in to stare at the Harkmother. She looked to each member in turn before finally turning her green gaze down on Hoplite again.
“Speak your questions.” She said, her voice echoing in the otherwise silent chamber.
"How long have you been out of contact with Terna?" Hoplite asked, tilting his head toward the Harkmother "And do you have any radio equipment that I can utilize?"
The Harkmother quirked a brow, then turned away from Hoplite, looking a question into the eyes of each of the sitting elves. Each stare held a certain focus, their eyes shifting while maintaining contact. Oddly, the Harkhall seemed to shift between facial expressions as if they were holding a conversation with the Harkmother with just their eyes. Some appeared to be listening intently or shaking their heads as if the Harkmother had asked them a question… It was like she was speaking with each member, yet she said nothing, and neither did anyone else.
So they had bionic implants installed in their brain that allowed for mental communication… but then, where were the metal discs that should have been filling their temples? Every officer he had seen with that particular bionic all bore those shining metal discs on their temples… perhaps it was a newer model? One that did not require an external access hatch for maintenance?
On a backwater lost colony from before that bionic was even invented? No, something else was going on here. Clearly they had developed an advanced form of communication with nothing but their eyes. It seemed to be their own kind of sign language, with them somehow being able to decipher meaning through eye movements and facial expressions alone.
Lance shifted slowly from foot to foot, slowly creeping closer to Hoplite until she was practically standing on his toes, leaning up toward his helmet and cupping a hand around her mouth.
"They can communicate without speaking." She whispered "It is their way, but they must maintain eye-contact."
“Isn’t that classified intel you're providing me?” Hoplite asked “You could be punished for telling me this.”
Lance shook her head “Not at all, everyone knows it, but you seem out of the loop. Just wanted to clear up any confusion.”
“Affirmative.” Hoplite replied as Lance backed away once more.
That confirmed it. It was an incredibly intricate system of communication, but no bionic was involved. How did one learn to read eye movements to communicate so clearly?
Hoplite shifted his eyes to hers, not moving his head as he did so "You won’t be disciplined if you speak?"
She shook her head with a small smile "Only if I talk while the Harkmother speaks. Discussion between us is fine as long as we aren't disruptive."
"...Affirmative.” Hoplite said.
Lance smiled and Hoplite thought that she was going to back away further, but instead she continued to speak.
"Thank you again for helping me out." Lance whispered "You didn't have to go out of your way for me, but you did."
Hoplite cocked his helmet toward her "I was ignorant of local law and compromised your occupation." He explained simply "It is not necessary for you to be discharged."
"Well I still feel grateful..." She whispered “So… if you don’t mind me asking you,” She said slowly “If you aren’t fully human, what are you?”
“Classified. I will not continue speaking of this.” He said curtly.
CHIMERA was never to be spoken of. It would be fatal if mentioned by name.
Lance inched away from him “Sorry… I won’t bother you with it friend, if you want to keep it a secret I will not press you.” She finished, moving to stand next to him.
Hoplite's brow furrowed at the parting words. Friend? It was wrong to treat a Hoplite as such. He was a thing, just as Commander had taught him… nothing more. One did not take a wrench and claim it as a friend, it was no different with a Hoplite.
“We have not heard of this… Terna you speak of.” The Harkmother said, drawing his attention back up to her “Nor do we have this ‘radio equipment’ you ask after. I do apologize.”
Disappointment filled him but Hoplite stuffed it down. He wouldn’t let them hear it in his tone.
“Then you have been out of contact for a long time. You are originally from the Ternan empire, we have colonized many worlds.” Hoplite explained “You are a colony that lost contact with us hundreds of years ago.”
Hoplite expected questions, or awed gasps as they heard his words. All he got was a few amused looks and shaking heads. They denied it? The plain truth that he had laid right before them? They really had regressed far, but a few hundred years shouldn’t have been enough for them to forget Terna… Right? They are surely Ternan, if not in their way of life, then in the language they spoke.
“You are from this Terna,” The Harkmother began “At least now we know where you are from… You say that these people have colonized different worlds…?” She asked, letting the question hang for a few seconds before continuing “Tell me, are you from this world?”
So they didn’t outright claim that other worlds didn’t exist. They were at least aware that there were other planetary bodies in space besides this one. Hoplite supposed that he had let it slip earlier that he was from Terna, not this world, but their reaction to this information was not as primitive as Hoplite had suspected it may be. Best to be truthful here, seeing as they weren’t being aggressive about it.
“No. I am from Earth. ” He told them simply “Your homeworld.”
“Very well…” The Harkmother said, narrowing her eyes at Hoplite as she did so “Hoplite, this world is known as Ahkoolis, can tell me how it is that you have arrived here?”
“I came from my ship, from next to your moon.” Hoplite told them “The one you can see in your orbit was the ship of our enemies, your enemies, the Final Kind.”
“Our enemies?” The Harkmother asked “A ship next to the moon? Final Kind?”
The rest of the Harkhall began exchanging looks with one another, shifting again between facial expressions as if they were reacting to spoken words. So they were well and truly ignorant of the Final Kind, of that there could be no doubt now. This colony had to have been lost before First-Contact. After a few moments of this silent communication, the Harkmother spoke again.
“Your ship… how can it… how does it float next to the moon? And is the larger ship from this… Final Kind, still a danger?” The Harkmother asked, her brows slightly creasing above worried eyes.
He did not feel like explaining the mechanics of space travel to these people, that could come at another time from someone better capable of conveying such information. Hoplite shook his head visibly, causing a few members of the Harkhall and even Lance to let out relieved breathes
“No, the ship has been neutralized. Final Kind troops may have made it planetside however. Have you encountered any of their forces?” He asked the Harkmother.
Hoplite’s throat was beginning to feel slightly worn from all this speaking… he was not used to it.
The Harkmother shook her head “No, we have not. What are they?”
“An alien imperium that wants to subjugate humanity, and you by extension.” Hoplite told them, maintaining his monotone.
More looks passed between the hall, then after a few minutes, the Harkmother spoke once more.
“We will prepare for the event of an encounter with these creatures… You do realize what you are? Where you are?”
“I am a Hoplite, and I’m on a lost Ternan world.” Hoplite told her.
The Harkmother shook her head “No, you are an Outworlder. Geravall tells me that he sees not a drop of Zodd’s blood in you.” At the mention of that, Geravall winced.
It was a small expression, a slight lift of the brows and biting of the cheek. So Geravall did know about CHIMERA…? Or had he lied about some of the information that he had provided to the Harkmother? And what was this about Geravall seeing Hoplite’s blood?
“That can only mean one thing, be you man or some other creature, you are from another realm of existence.” She then leaned forward, eyes intent “Tell me Hoplite, were you the star that fell in our forest?”
Hoplite shook his head “Impossible. Different dimensions do not exist, and that was not a star, it was my escape shuttle.”
“It is the only possible explanation for your strange appearance, the odd ‘ship’ in the sky, and the fact that you do not bear the Blood of Zodd.” The Harkmother told him “All the races on Ahkoolis at the beginning of its creation were formed from the infinite Blood of Zodd, the Pillar-God of Might. We have seen your ilk before on this world… though none have appeared in this current age, at least none that we know of anyhow. This ‘star’ or shuttle as you claim, is clearly otherworldly in origin as well, this too points to your true nature” The Harkmother then took a deep breath, giving a long sigh before continuing “I suppose your arrival is a good omen. Outworlders have a long history of benefitting our world when they visit, what history remains of them anyhow. It surely is a sign from the Pillar-Gods that we are headed into a golden age.”
A backwards mythology that had no place in Ternan society. These people would unfortunately have to be re-indoctrinated… at another time. Hoplite would not be the one to conduct the process. He had neither the training or the means at his disposal to conduct re-indoctrination… nor the will to do it to someone else… not after it had happened to him. Personnel more suited to the task would have to take care of it later. Now, this talk of Outworlders could only mean that they indeed did have contact with Ternan personnel at one point, though based on the Harkmother’s talk of ‘none in this age’ implied that it had been a long while since then. He cocked his head toward Geravall as he asked his own question, taking care to word it in a way that would avoid mention of CHIMERA.
“How does he know about my… lineage?” Hoplite asked.
“His eyes allow him to see the twisting ladders of the blood.” The Harkmother replied immediately and without a drop of sarcasm.
Hoplite stared. The twisting ladders of the blood? Surely she must mean DNA, but why would she say it like that? More importantly, how could Geravall see Hoplite’s DNA? There was no bionic capable of that. Was he lying about having this alleged ‘ability’ to avoid mention of CHIMERA? No… The Harkmother hadn’t hesitated before telling Hoplite about it, meaning that this was already established intel between these elves. Hoplite was still certain that this colony had been lost far before CHIMERA had begun but was that really the case? After all, these elves still spoke in fluent Jynesian, meaning that it was likely that not too much time had passed since this colony had been lost… Yet the lack of knowledge about the Final Kind conflicted with this theory, as did the apparent lack of bionics.
If Geravall really had no way of knowing about CHIMERA, then how was it possible that the elf could see Hoplite’s DNA? The way the Harkmother had spoken of it implied that only Geravall alone was capable of doing this… A question then burned within Hoplite. Why could Geravall do this? How did he do it? Hoplite needed to know.
“How can he see my blood?” Hoplite asked, cocking his helmet back toward the Harkmother.
“His Dok-ah, or to put it in more…human terms, his ‘eye-magic’ allows him to do so.” The Harkmother replied, again with no sarcasm.
Hoplite shook his head, he would not be drawn into such fancies as ‘eye-magic’. Unfortunately, at this point in time, Hoplite had no idea how to disprove such a claim… unless these colonists had developed new tech while outside of Terna’s influence? Perhaps… but maybe figuring out that tech should be left to one of the scientists that had been aboard the Sparrow. They would be more capable than Hoplite at deciphering new technology.
Now then, if this mutated branch had specific rules against humans entering this place, then that must mean that the standard branch of humans still existed somewhere on this planet. Primitive or not, Hoplite desired to make contact with them at some point, hopefully soon depending on what happened here today.
“Where is the nearest human settlement?” Hoplite asked the Harkmother.
“If you mean to find the largest gathering of humans possible, then you seek… Akan-Dar,” The Harkmother said in a borderline withering tone. “It lies far to the west of our forest, all the way to the coast of Faenor; the continent you currently stand upon. There is one other, smaller settlement to the east of here, as well as smaller townships along the way to Akan-Dar. Yet, one such as you would seek Akan-Dar, as that would be where the most important humans on Faenor reside. I do assume that you would like to speak to human’s with authority. You will find them there.” She finished in a confident tone.
“Yes.” Hoplite replied “Do they have transportation? Ballistics?”
How far had these humans regressed? Did they still have vehicles and guns, or had they gone back to spears and horses?
“Yes, they do have ballistas and horses, some of the finest on Ahkoolis in fact, though few would be able to carry you I think.” The Harkmother replied “I do mean no offense sir, but you look quite… heavy.”
That practically confirmed the latter. Still though, perhaps they weren’t as backward as these mutants. Maybe they even still knew of Terna, or maybe forces from the Sparrow could be heading there… He almost hung his head but kept it upright. The crew would be more likely to have landed in the east based on the planet's rotation during the evacuation, not the west. Currently the main objective should be to reunite with the Sparrow’s crew, not re-establish contact with lost colonists. That would be taken care of by those better able to talk sense into the locals.
“How was it that I was teleported here?” Hoplite asked.
Teleportation had been declared to be physically impossible by top Second Arm scientists… they still had tried of course, but no matter what they did, the Second Arm had never been able to accomplish it. Even the Final Kind with their superior tech were still completely incapable of teleportation. Yet the impossible had happened to Hoplite today, and he would know how.
“The Hark crystal above,” The Harkmother said, sparing a glance for the glowing amber crystal suspended overhead “The Pillar-God, Draoi, formed it for us elves out of the Golden Flame of Foundation. The power of our god draws those with the intent to seek the Harkhall here.”
Hoplite remained silent. Clearly this crystal was really an unidentified element. Somehow, it was capable of teleporting matter and would have to be confiscated… but how would he go about doing that? There were no visible exits to this room and he could think of no safe way to procure the crystal without accidentally damaging it… but teleportation… it could shift the tide of the war.
A war that Terna had already lost?
Again he stuffed that invasive thought far into the recesses of his mind. As long as Hoplite was alive, the war was not over. As long as any Ternan fought, the war was not over. Humanity would not lose. He glanced up at the crystal again, not tilting his helmet. There really was no way for him to take it now though, no exits, no safe means of retrieving it… no, it would simply have to remain here for now. There would be personnel better suited to retrieving it at another time…
Hoplite realized he had been having repeating thought processes during this whole meeting. ‘It will be taken care of later’ ‘It will remain here for now’ ‘It would be handled by personnel with more experience in this’. An unsettling thought occurred to him then… What if he was the only personnel left? What if the Sparrow’s crew all died on landing? Either from a violent crash-landing or from the Final Kind?
He took a deep breath. No, they would be survivors. Hoplite would not give up on that hope. Now, onto the creatures he had killed upon landing…
“What are fiends?” Hoplite asked.
The Harkmother’s eyes fell from him then, and she spoke in an almost mournful tone “Poor souls are they… taken by the Death Spiral curse. Forced to inflict pain they are, though it be not their choice.”
“Are they animated by any kind of nanotech?” Hoplite asked immediately after she finished speaking.
It was a silly question considering who Hoplite spoke to, but he had to ask. The Harkmother’s eyes shot up to Hoplite before then shifting to the other members of the Harkhall, who stared at him as if he were some kind of alien creature… well, he supposed in a strange way, he was. Lance quirked a brow at him then, but didn’t say anything. Clearly Lance had wanted to ask just what nanotech was, but she must have realized that the Harkmother would ask that very question shortly.
“No… the curse is what drives them. What is this… nanotech?” The Harkmother asked, confirming Hoplite’s thought.
“Microscopic machines.” He told her.
The Harkmother stared with a furrowed brow “So… they are… they are tiny constructs?”
“Affirmative.” Hoplite told her with a nod “Nanomachines are thousands of tiny machines working in tandem to achieve a particular function.”
“What mage can bind so many constructs at once? The size of the construct doesn’t matter, every individual animated object takes great effort to bind. The most powerful of mages can bind three at most.” The Harkmother asked him, leaning forward in her rooted seat.
Hoplite then noticed Terlin glaring at him, those red eyes accentuated by popping veins. When he noticed the glare, Hoplite turned his helmet in that direction, meeting that crimson gaze. After a few seconds, Terlin looked away to glare at Lance instead. She didn’t seem to notice the glare at all, her eyes still glued to the Harkmother. Terlin may turn hostile later… Hoplite would be keeping an eye on the red-eyed elf.
“There’s no magic involved.” Hoplite replied sternly, cocking his helmet back to glance up at the Harkmother “Just advanced AI.”
The Harkmother had opened her mouth, likely readying to ask just what an AI was when suddenly, literally out of nowhere based on what he read on his motion tracker; another watcher appeared. Out of thin air he came, his clothing the mirror image of Lance’s with a couple jaw-shaped tears in his outfit. From the looks of it, those bites had barely missed flesh while pulling away the cloth.
The elf then fell to his knees and rasped “The Fiendwall has fallen! Fiends are pouring through unopposed!”
Everything fell silent, and a cold stillness came over the chamber. Hoplite himself was staring wide-eyed at the sudden appearance of the watcher. There had been no indication that this man was approaching on the motion tracker… Hoplite hadn’t seen him coming with his cameras either... The man had simply popped into existence from nowhere. No, not nowhere, the crystal had teleported him based on what the Harkmother had said. Teleported him not solely based on proximity… but sheerly by intent, from what Hoplite had learned. Was that true? How did the crystal tell the intent of the person wanting to be brought here?
He had no answer.
“Lancela. Recite the Watcher’s silence for our earlier meeting.” The Harkmother commanded in a voice that brooked no argument.
Lance then dropped to her knees and said loudly “My lips are sealed by the Golden Flame of Foundation. Nothing from this chamber I have heard will be uttered to anyone save for those currently present until I am given permission by the Harkmother.”
The Harkmother nodded and sighed “I do hope Gali has roused his defenders in time… do you know if those who live in the wall have perished?”
The new elf shook his head as Lance stood “No, I only have heard that fiends are pouring en masse through our forest… I have heard a portion of the wall had just… collapsed, they are heading for the Bastion as we speak! I ran as fast as I could when I got word, and was beset upon by lesser fiends!”
“Then we must mobilize.” The Harkmother declared, turning her gaze upon the other elves in the Hall “Every off-duty watcher must take up arms and purge the Faewood of this menace by any means necessary. The Bramble Guard must be rallied and patrols will be doubled. Spread the word!” She ordered in a steely tone that captain Stol would have applauded.
The Harkmother then looked to Hoplite, her eyes intent “Hoplite… you are a warrior yes?”
“Affirmative.” He told her honestly.
“Then I must ask you to aid in destroying the fiends, they pose a danger to my people and-” The Harkmother began.
“Affirmative.” Hoplite repeated, cutting her off.
The Harkmother stared wide-eyed, whether in shock at being interrupted or at Hoplite’s willingness to fight with no hesitation he did not know. It was simply his role as a Hoplite, he must defend humanity in all its forms from those that would cause harm to it. There was no question to what his answer would have been, at least it was so to Hoplite. These elves truly had no idea what a Hoplite was, otherwise they wouldn’t have asked.
“I thank you…” The Harkmother said slowly “I must be honest, I had sought to pressure you into this had you refused.” The Harkmother admitted with a sigh “Upon your landing you no doubt had destroyed several of our trees.” She continued, Hoplite nodding in confirmation of her accusation. She blinked in surprise “I thank you for not trying to be deceitful. Honesty goes a long way with most members of this Hall, so we thank you.”
If they did decide to try and punish him though, Hoplite would have no choice but to defend himself. He could not allow himself to fall victim to whatever backward laws the elves followed.
“Normally, this would require a dire punishment, but given your… unique nature as an Outworlder, it is no surprise that you would be completely ignorant of our laws. Even outsiders who had never set foot in the Faewood at the very least know not to harm our trees… However, you were uniquely innocent in your demolition, you simply could not have known.” The Harkmother continued, sparing a glare for Terlin as the blonde elf’s face turned a much deeper shade of crimson.
“There will still be a vote to decide for a certainty, the role of Harkmother is not that of a queen, but I am sure that most other members will find the logic in my words.” She told him “I just hope the fae that inhabited those trees fled when they had the chance… Destroying our forest is grounds for harsh punishment, but killing a fae of the wood is a death sentence.” She emphasized, holding up a single finger “A tree can not regrow if its fae is slain, they are the very life of our woods.” She continued, lowering her finger “Now that your ignorance of their importance has been quashed, you will have no excuses, should it happen again.”
Hoplite said nothing in response. They could have their vote if they wished, but it meant nothing to him. By every single metric, Hoplite was above their laws, and as such would not subject himself to their judgment. There was no such thing as ‘fae’ or spirits, a tree was just a tree.
The Harkmother then cleared her throat, turning to Lance “Watch Hoplite.” She commanded.
Lance nodded without hesitation but said nothing, turning to stare at Hoplite. Watch him? Likely they didn’t want Hoplite moving about their territory unsupervised. He would not argue the point, Hoplite just hoped that Lance could keep up with him.
“I will put you under the command of night captain Muro.” The Harkmother said “He is a brilliant tactician and-”
“Negative.” Hoplite cut her off “He will not understand how to utilize my capabilities. I will operate to my full capacity without orders from someone who doesn’t understand just what I am.”
The Harkmother seemed to glare at Hoplite a moment before speaking “You will not cut me off again, Hoplite. You will show proper respect to the Harkhall, outworlder or no.” She told him in a cold voice like steel “Besides, you do not know our woods. Muro can guide you to where you’ll need to be.”
Lance flinched at hearing that tone and she peered up at Hoplite as if to see if he were injured. It would be against protocol to allow an officer outside of the Eighth Arm to order Hoplite. If he defied protocol… he would have to be re-indoctrinated… Hoplite could not allow that to happen again. The Harkmother did make a good point though… Hoplite didn’t know these woods as well as the locals would have… but then again, if Lance was going to ‘watch’ him…
“Lance can guide me through the forest.” He said “I can’t get lost with her being with me.”
It was true based on how he had seen her move through the woods as if through her own house.
These words produced a strange reaction from the Harkhall, and especially Lance who stared at him with her jaw agape. She snapped it shut and then looked to the floor, tangling a hand in her long black hair and hiding her face with the other. The Harkmother seemed to be… amused by this based on how she quirked a brow at Lance. Hoplite didn’t understand why those words would provoke such a reaction from them, but at the moment it didn’t really matter. The Harkmother opened her mouth to speak again but Hoplite overrode her.
“Every second we spend talking,” Hoplite began, the ache in his throat giving his voice a more gravelly tone “More fiends come through the Fiendwall. Teleport me out and I will take care of them the best way I can.”
The Harkmother lifted her chin to stare down her nose at Hoplite “Very well. I will not argue when you speak sense. Go, But when we speak here again, you will give the proper courtesy and respect due to this Hall. I thank you for your aid. But again, now that you’re aware,” She continued, narrowing her eyes at Hoplite “You will not destroy any more of our trees.”
And just as they had entered the Harkhall, they had left. He and Lance both were teleported back outside, to the massive field of outspread roots in an instant. The Ilum tree loomed tall in the night sky, covering half of the full green moon overhead.
“Well…” Lance said with a sigh “Since that’s taken care of, I suppose we’re going to be working together to drive off the fiends. Now, the Harkmother said not to destroy any of the trees, just so you know, what she means by that is utter destruction. A few scrapes and knicks here and there won’t be a problem for a fae to recover from, and the tree spirits usually know when it's time to flee. Avoiding hurting the forest is preferable,” She continued with a sigh “But considering your preference for thunder staves, I think it’ll be impossible.” She paused, scratching her cheek “Anyway, I have to watch you, meaning I’m partly responsible for any damage you might cause. For both our sakes,” She said, gesturing to herself and to Hoplite, “try to mitigate the damage you might cause to our trees. Now…” She said slowly before drawing two long daggers out from a pair of leather sheaths tied to her waist.
The metal gleamed in the moonlight and she gave the twin blades a smile, each as long as her forearm “These should do for me… I would ask to borrow one of those thunder staves you have, but frankly? Those things scare me, so I’ll stick with what I know.” Lance told him with a wink, sheathing the blades and pointing off toward the horizon “The fiends are likely to be more concentrated in the woods east of the Bastion, considering that the Fiendwall is that way. Shall we go?” She asked him.
“Affirmative.” Hoplite replied.
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