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HashingBits: Your Weekly Dose of Cyber Shenanigans! From hackers doing the boogie to vulnerabilities shaking things up, we've got you covered. Stay groovy and stay secure, my cyber-savvy friends!

2023.06.06 18:15 Devendra_Khati HashingBits: Your Weekly Dose of Cyber Shenanigans! From hackers doing the boogie to vulnerabilities shaking things up, we've got you covered. Stay groovy and stay secure, my cyber-savvy friends!

Here is the security disgust for the last week:
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2023.06.06 18:00 ronnyt8 Aftermat ISlands

Aftermat ISlands
Aftermath Islands is about ownership, creation, and community. Own land in the Metaverse today! Which Island will you choose?
15% off all products with this Promo Code - 15%RAX3UXKSKO
About Aftermath Islands
Aftermath Islands is a blockchain-based virtual reality interactive platform.
Aftermath Islands as first described in the initial whitepaper published in 2017 and then subsequently updated, was based on the premise of a water-world that had islands that represented destinations in a global virtual game. Since then, the Aftermath Islands metaverse has evolved and now represents exciting themed based islands, communities, and estates where players can experience a wide range of adventures and opportunities.
In Aftermath Islands’ virtual world, users can buy, develop and trade Virtual Land (VL), property and items, like buildings, crafted items, transport, and other items all through NFTs, a non-fungible token that represents the ownership of digitally created items. Each plot or parcel of VL is unique and owners get to choose what content they want to publish on their VL.
This can range from simple scenery and structures to an interactive game, store, warehouse, dwelling, facility, or destination. Users can purchase VL as well as all other goods and services in Aftermath Islands with CREDITS, the current code name for in-game currency, fiat and other authorized currencies, coins and tokens.
Aftermath Islands is a shared virtual world, much like the Metaverse described by author Ernest Cline in his science-fiction novels Ready Player One and Ready Player Two. Expected to launch mid-2022, Aftermath Islands will allow users to connect and interact with each other, create content, craft, participate in activities and quests and play games. Aftermath Islands will have a virtual economy where users can engage in a myriad of in-world economic transactions as well as monetize the content, items, quests, and applications they build.
15% off all products with this Promo Code - 15%RAX3UXKSKO
The Lost Kingdom of T’Sara early sign-up - Earn 50 Aftermath Island Credits - T'SaraRAX3UXKSKO
Yotube -
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2023.06.06 17:57 audyntarek Why Now is a Great Time to Go Long UVIX and Make Money

Hello my WallStreetBets brethen, I’m back again with a money making post (3rd time). Those who followed me on my last two plays made money (check them out here and here). So, it’s time to buckle up, fellow degenerates, because I'm about to lay out a YOLO-worthy thesis on why now is the perfect moment to go long on VIX and UVIX! 🚀📈🌪️ I just loaded up myself with 970 shares of UVIX at an average cost of 6.30.
💥 The Diamond Hands Case for VIX and UVIX 💥
Volatility Party: The current market environment is like a wild party where volatility is the life of the dance floor. While a lot of events that occurred recently have calmed markets (debt ceiling increased, AI hype carrying earnings), there is still a lot uncertainty brewing in the global economy. More importantly though, there are key news cycles and geopolitical events that will occur soon that will result in a prolonged spike on the VIX (CBOE Volatility Index) and its leveraged counterpart, UVI. They are poised for an explosive move to the upside.
While the market may be buzzing with optimism and bullish sentiments surrounding company earnings, it's important to consider a different perspective. Underneath the surface, there are several factors that could cast a shadow of doubt on the rosy outlook. If reality fails to meet the sky-high expectations, disappointment could grip the market, leading to a spike in the VIX. Uncertainty looms, and any signs of weaker-than-expected earnings, missed revenue targets, or cautious guidance could ignite fear among investors. The VIX, known as the "fear index," would respond accordingly, reflecting heightened market volatility as traders scramble to adjust their positions and protect themselves from potential downside risks. Remember, even the brightest stars can falter, and it's essential to consider both sides of the coin in our perpetual quest for 💰.
Furthermore, the sustained rally in the S&P 500 in recent weeks suggests to us that retail and big money investors may be keen to take profits at the first sign of weakness.
Timing Is Everything: Timing is crucial in the world of volatility , and it couldn't be more perfect than now. Vix and UVIX aren’t buy and hold forever types of stocks, they’re a buy at a nice price then sell on the spike. VIX and UVIX are trading at 52wk lows (new low made today). At the time of writing, VIX is going for 29.36 while UVIX is going for 6.32. A juiciest of entries if I’ve ever seen one.
As we've seen in the past, volatility can strike without warning, catching the unprepared off guard. The current macroeconomic landscape is misty, and inexperienced sailors and their portfolios will inevitably be blown off course. As the winds of volatility howl, allow VIX to become your compass, protecting you through the stormy seas of the stock market (as a hedge) or towards untapped riches (as long only).
TLDR : Buy VIX or preferably UVIX (shares preferable, but options dated 1 month out for added risk and leverage. This is WallStreetBets after all! 😋). Don’t buy higher then 6.90. And the lower it goes from where I bought for UVIX, (6.30), the juicier the entry is for you. Fear not.
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2023.06.06 17:44 Mindless-Ad2583 I watched my best friend die when I was 10 and his mother is to blame (long read, I am sorry)

Now before I tell this story some background knowledge is needed, my friend Sam (I never learned his last name as we were kids and that topic never came up, and out of respect for the dead that is his first name) was born with lung cancer because of his mother’s smoking history while pregnant, he was already dying from the time he was a baby BUT I consider the fact that he fought it until he was 10 made him a champion in my eyes… the summer between grades 5 and 6 my grandma takes me on a trip across the country, on the way back we visit him in the hospital as it had been a few years since we actually saw each other, little did I know this would be the last time of us seeing each other. As I enter his room like I had done a few years prior (3-4th grade) he is looking unwell but optimistic, he tells me about how his cancer worsens and has spread to other vital organs in his body and he is unsure how long he will last, his mom comes in after about an hour of us chatting (his mom was a large woman probably in the 250-300lbs range) she always resented her son and blames him because she has to pay for his medical expenses instead of “moving to the Bahamas and be surrounded by adoring hunky men” because he started out with the lung cancer he depended on an IV and an iron lung of sorts to breath, of those machines become unplugged then he can’t breathe and suffocates. She convinces a doctor to have a chat with Sam asking him if he is giving up and that it is ok to do so ( I think she told him that Sam said that he wants to die but I am unsure) Sam outright says “I want to live” and a few hours later his mom manages to bribe a different doctor to pull the plug and end sam’s life. Nothing happened to the doctor and since this was over a decade ago I don’t remember the doctors name as this was my first and only interaction with him. I have never seen his mom again and I hope that remains the case because that woman is undeserving of everything she now has. I am sorry the story was long but I have been holding this and Sam close to my heart for years and becoming a dad recently myself inspired me to tell his tale, ps: Sam knowing he was going to die chose for me to receive his last words as he choked on the lack of oxygen “live your life for the both of us” and I live by this code to this day. Thank you for reading
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2023.06.06 17:44 Familiar-Let-5035 Why is girl-on-girl bullying not acknowledged by feminists?

This is by no means an effort to be inflammatory. I've been personally sorting through a lot of trauma related to my childhood and a very large portion of my self-esteem issues stem from being chronically left out by groups of girls and women as I was growing up.
I know it's really easy to make fun of teen girls who pride themselves on "not being like other girls" because their interests aren't conventionally female-coded and they can be a little obnoxious about it. But in my experience, that attitude doesn't come from nowhere. It's not always a declaration that someone thinks she's special or unique. A lot of the time, those beliefs come from the realization that the girls you've been trying to connect with since childhood will never include you, like you, or understand you. It's an understanding that the only way to earn their acceptance and respect is to conform to their expectations, and it takes a lot of bravery as a kid to continue down your own path to stay true to yourself despite the loneliness and ridicule.
Those weird little girls are really, really lonely. They've been watching their peers have huge sleepover parties, camping trips, and later on, concert/prom/homecoming outings, birthdays, etc., taking polaroid photos and making tons of memories in a close knit group. Seeing that kind of thing all your life and never understanding why you don't deserve that kind of friendship is really hard when you're growing up. It's especially difficult to get older and realize that the vast majority of your peers view your failure to thrive socially as a personal fault.
So why is the default response to shame the outsiders for taking pride in their own interests instead of addressing the ways that young girls are socialized to exclude people?
Yes, I know that there are a lot of extreme examples of the aforementioned NLOG behavior, but even more subtle or harmless iterations of it are met with heavy judgment for "putting other women down". It honestly comes across as very insecure and insincere.
Imagine trying for your entire life to form the close lifelong bonds of female friendship only to fail over and over without any guidance. It's socially crippling and leads to a lifetime of isolation and self-blame. I've noticed this a lot in women and girls with ADHD, autism, or traumatic homelives.
So, I guess the short version of my question is this: why is it more common for feminists to sweep this phenomenon under the rug? It's a very real issue that's typically brushed off as "internalized misogyny" and never addressed further. It almost feels like the feminist movement is more protective of the mean girls, because calling them mean is reinforcing stereotypes that were enforced in 90's coming-of-age movies.
(For clarity I am NB but still identify heavily with the female experience for debate and social justice purposes).
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2023.06.06 17:39 LaticusLad Time Marches Ever Onward: Chapter 3

(Any sentences or phrases wrapped with brackets "[ ]" are designated as inner monologue!)
Thank you to u/SpacePaladin15 for creating this wonderful literary universe!
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Memory transcription subject: Tassak, Arxur Paleontologist
Date [standardized human time]: July 15, 2165
I nervously clicked my claws against the wooden table as I waited for the rest of the invitees to arrive. The UN had brought me to the senate building privately so as to not cause panic, and I was grateful. I only hoped that the people whom I was going to be working with wouldn’t freak out at my appearance.
The war against the Federation and the subjugation of the Arxur by the Dominion had ended shortly after my birth, but the effects of the past few centuries of conflict could not be eliminated in such a short amount of time. Societal ideals have to be rewritten over long stretches of time by strong people with strong will, and there simply hasn’t been enough time to do so. As a result, though it has been many years since the last battle against the Arxur, it was still uncommon to see any outside of the space they already inhabited, and still VERY common to see hatred and fear of us among Fed species. It has always been my ultimate goal to show those who fear us just how similar we are, that is why I sacrificed everything to attend the Meiers Institute of Knowledge.
On the Arxur’s side of the societal coin, it was social suicide to interact with “prey” species willingly. [Oh how I hate that word.] Most of the elders of our society could not get over their hatred of the Federation species, despite the fact that they were under just as much, if not MORE subjugation than we were. When I made the decision to go and learn at MIK, I was shunned from all social groups at home. Not that there even were many, most Arxur rarely interacted with each other if they could help it.
MIK was a chance for me to experience new ideas and try new things. For once, I wasn’t discriminated against because I had front-facing eyes and scary teeth, and I learned just how much I loved socializing with like-minded people. I was finally allowed to let my love for knowledge flourish in a way that other Arxur would never have condoned. I graduated some time later with several degrees and a doctorate in paleontology.
Though to some, the idea of digging up bones and putting them together like a puzzle seemed macabre, it felt liberating to me. I felt like I truly understood the value of life and death. I could look at the cracked tooth of an ancient ancestor of the Arxur or the fossilized chitin of one of the Tilfish’s predecessors and identify a pattern, showing the divergent evolution they underwent to achieve their current form. I could see the similarities all life inherently had. Sometimes the similarities between us were shocking, and occasionally it was kind-of scary, but that only made me more passionate about my work.
I assume that is why the UN decided to send me a job offer 3 weeks ago. When I received it I was ECSTATIC at the prospect. The UN government sending ME, a small-time nobody Arxur paleontologist, an invitation to work with them? If I could tell my past self what I would be up to now, I would almost certainly scoff at myself. Even as I boarded my UN funded private ship to Aafa I was subconsciously wondering if it was some elaborate prank. My thoughts were interrupted as I heard footsteps from the other side of the door. This is it, I’m about to meet my partners, please don’t run away screaming.
A human, a venlil, and a gojid stood in the doorway staring at me. The gojid seemed slightly fearful but hid it well, the human and venlil however just seemed confused. [Okay, okay, they didn’t scream at me. That’s a good start.] The three, along with their escort, settled into chairs at the table I sat at, looking at me expectantly. I straightened my posture and prepared myself mentally to greet them. “H-hi, my name is Tassak. Are you the other three invitees?” The human sitting across from me spoke. “Yes. I hope I don’t offend by saying this but I wasn’t expecting an Arxur invitee.” He raised an eyebrow as he ended his sentence. He quickly started talking again, probably to try and explain his reasoning. “Sorry, I-I mean, don’t the Arxur frown upon interacting with “prey” species?” The venlil and gojid looked at me as I thought of a response. “Yes, they do. I had to cut a lot of ties to get into this profession. Let’s get introductions out of the way please.” “Alright, my name is James. I’m 31 years old. I was born on Earth and now live on Venlil prime. I went to MIK to become a historian. My diet is mainly coffee but occasionally I drink coffee as a treat.” The man smiled as he awaited our amusement, but it never came. James’ smirk faded and he coughed into his hand before continuing. “I was invited along with my friend Lemva, she’s the venlil next to me, and Cayek, he’s the gojid to your right.”
I exhaled quietly, James seemed friendly enough. “My name is Tassak, as I said before. I’m 29. I got a doctorate in paleontology at the Meiers Institute of Knowledge, along with some other degrees. I hail from Wriss I currently live on Earth.” As I finished my statement, I couldn’t help but criticize the way I spoke. [Why did I talk so rigidly, ughhh! My first impressions are going terribly!] James spoke up. “Wait, did we all come from MIK? Weird coincidence huh?” I could tell he was trying to ease the tension in the room. “I thought I would’ve noticed a giant lizard guy walking around campus.” Wait, did he call me a guy? “Uh, I’m a girl, actually.” I spoke timidly. The man before me became as red as a fresh cut of steak. His embarrassment was plainly visible, which I found amusing, it lessened my anxiety slightly.
The venlil that James had referred to as Lemva spoke up, changing the subject. “Weelll… Anyhow, my name is Lemva as James told you. I’m 30 years old. I’m an archaeologist and got my doctorate from MIK. My current home is on Earth but I’ve lived a little bit of everywhere. Me and James have been friends for a long time, we met in the institute’s history club.” Everyone focused their attention onto Cayek as Lemva’s introduction concluded. It took several seconds for him to compose himself. I could tell that my presence was uncomfortable for him, and him being seated closest to me of the three people probably exacerbated that feeling. I didn’t blame him for his fear, but it still stung a little. He gulped and started talking.
“My name is Cayek. I’m a 41 year old linguist who also went to MIK for my doctorate. I was born on the Cradle, was taken in at a young age by the UN after it got bombed, and was offered a home in one of the cities constructed by the Cradle Re-colonization Project, where I now live.” The man stopped talking and I thought he was done, but he straightened his posture and started speaking again. “I just want to get this out of the way before it causes trouble later down the line.” He spoke with a sigh. “I was born in a… you could call it a “hostile” household. My family raised me during a time when hate against… “people who were different” was acceptable. My upbringing cemented a couple habits into me that I’ve been trying to chip away at, so to speak, ever since I saw the sheer good that mankind is capable of. I’ve been attempting to be more open to new ideas ever since. Hell, I even took the anti-cure and tried some-” He gulped. “-non-herbivore cuisine, to get some perspective. So if I accidentally say or do something offensive to you please tell me, I truly want to leave that part of me behind.” As he ended his speech, he slouched and let out a breath he had been holding in. I was surprised by his honesty.
James and Lemva both processed the information. I responded first. “Thank you. You have no idea how much anxiety dropped off my shoulders just now. I was worried you’d all run away at first sight of me or treat me like some bloodthirsty beast. I very much appreciate the effort you’re putting into reforming.” James spoke after me. “I appreciate it too. After all these riots it’s such a breath of fresh air to meet a person that won’t cry if I look at them.” In the past 10 minutes, this man had crammed in jokes at any time he could. I think I’m gonna like him. I could tell that the joke came from a place of sadness though, I could see the sadness in his eyes.
James started to look impatient, he tapped his fingers on the table in a rhythmic pattern while he checked his holopad for the time. “I thought we were here for a job offer. How long is this gon-” The sound of the heavy wooden door opening filled the room, as a small group of well-dressed men and women filed in through the doorway. As my eyes scanned over each person who entered, my heart skipped a beat and I jolted upward to attempt a human salute as I spotted President Zhao at the tail-end of the group. [What the fuck? Why is he meeting with us?] The other three followed my gaze and stood to salute as well. In his surprise, James nearly fell over. My three partners were as equally dumbstruck as I by the sudden appearance of the head of the government.
President Zhao took on a small amused smirk as he witnessed James straighten himself out. “At ease. You may take a seat.” We did as he commanded. “Welcome to the Capitol. It’s good to see that you all accepted your invitations. I can see from your confused expressions that you probably want some answers, so let’s get started.” As Zhao took a seat at the head of the table, one of the men who had accompanied him lifted a briefcase from his side and placed it delicately on the table. The man inputted a code into a small keypad and the briefcase unlocked with a click. Inside was a holo-projector, which the man placed on the center of the table. “Before we begin, our four guests will need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, the information spoken of in this meeting must never leave this room.” Another of the officials, a small woman in a black dress, passed four holopads to us, which we promptly wrote our signatures into. The holopads were collected and Zhao spoke. “Excellent. You’re probably all curious about the reason we invited you specifically for this opportunity, why all the security measures and guards, why we’re trying to keep this under such tight wraps.” The holo-projector on the table switched on and briefly displayed the Coalition logo, before transitioning to a hologram of Talsk, the Farsul homeworld. “As you know, for hundreds of years the Federation had been keeping archives filled with classified knowledge and confiscated or outright stolen items. On the nineteenth of june, approximately four weeks ago, after extensive search efforts, we found the motherlode. The Federation had kept many archives but this one was special. It wasn’t a library, it was a tomb. Buried under several kilometers of rock and deep ocean, the Federation sealed away items and information that, if released, could possibly threaten their hold over the galaxy.”
The holo-projector transitioned to a diagram depicting the archive, there was no entrance-way and no exit, just kilometers of water and stone between it and the surface. The hologram zoomed in on the archive, showing a more detailed view of the gargantuan structure. It consisted of several levels, each with a number of chambers housing items or information. At the very bottom of the structure, one chamber stood out among the rest. 10 meter thick walls of an ultra-hard titanium alloy encased a small cell filled with toxic gas. Suspended in the middle of the chamber by hundreds of metal rods was a vacuum-sealed prism of diamond. Finally, inside the prism was a small metal cube along with a holopad.
I felt a chill down my spine as I studied the intricate carvings etched upon the surface of the artifact. I could tell that the carvings were of some language, but it did not match any that I could think of. “Within the records, this artifact was designated as Class-Hydrogen1. The Federation’s information classification system is far too complex to discuss in full, but in summary, the more important something is, the closer to 1 the atomic number of the element it is assigned will be. The classification is then proceeded by a 1 or 2, 1 signifies dangerous information and 2 signifies dangerous materials. For example, in this same archive we discovered an experimental and dangerous singularity generator with a classification of Fluorine2, which has an atomic number of 9.”
“To put into perspective how scary the idea of a Class-Hydrogen designation is, the second highest classification object on record is a self-powered anti-grav receptacle of strange matter. Strange matter will turn any other matter it touches into more strange matter, I shouldn’t have to explain why that is incredibly dangerous. The receptacle was classified as a Carbon2. There are 4 classifications between Hydrogen and Carbon and none of them are being used.” My blood ran cold as I listened. What power could this artifact possibly hold? The question in my mind was quickly replaced by another. Why are WE the ones being told this? Before the window of opportunity ended, I opened my mouth to speak.
“Permission to speak, sir?” Zhao looked at me and nodded. “I still have a question, and I’m sure my partners do too, but why us? Why did you choose to tell us this instead of someone more qualified?” “I’m glad you reminded me.” I heard the clacking of a keyboard as one of the men beside the President switched the holo-projector to a different tab. A close-up of the cube appeared, showing the four sides of the object.
The first side depicts a bipedal creature covered in spikes turning their back on two similar figures cloaked in blood and flames. The creature holds a defiant posture. Flames trail behind them, turning to embers, then to smoke, and then fading entirely.
The second side depicts a small fluffy figure being chased by a dark version of themselves across a variety of settings and locations.
The third side depicts a large being covered in scales bound in chains kneeling on an altar, their arms being stretched to two different sides. On one side a crowd of identical creatures and on the other side a crowd composed of different figures of varying shapes and sizes, both sides pointing weapons at the central figure.
The final scene depicts a man screaming in anger and sorrow pointing a dagger toward a small creature with bloodied hands. Tears stream down his face. A man and woman lie dead in the background.
A gojid, a venlil, an arxur, and a human.
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(This is my first major post on NatureofPredators, any criticism or advice is welcome! I want to make my stories inviting and pleasant to read! Also, please notify me if you find any formatting errors, I'm not very familiar with Reddit's formatting.)
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2023.06.06 17:35 MardGeer1 Help regarding ETB codes

Can anyone tell me is it worth buying ETB codes just for Deck Boxes and Sleeves for online collection? Or do these sleeves become available for gold coin exchange in the game? I can't see Lucario ETB sleeves and box in gold coin exchange portion? Is the code method only way to obtain these other than crystals in game's shop?
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2023.06.06 17:29 solitudesign Genuinely unpopular opinion: Orcust mirrors are fun

Sorry not sorry ¯_(ツ)_/¯
I enjoy mirror matches that aren’t coin flip dependent and allow you to showcase your skill at setting up a unbreakable turn 1 and crafting a board breaking turn 2 alike.
It’s a lot more fun than the Raging Pendulum mirror, where you’re almost certain to lose going first because the OTK potential going second is just that strong and a rank 4 + Volo is pretty trivial for them to blast through.
The Speedroids mirror isn’t quite as coin flippy, but it does kinda come down to whether or not the player going second gets Book or Chalice so they can turn off the opposing Crystal Wing, at which point they become favored. No Book in your first 5 makes it pretty hopeless, however.
So out of the unholy trinity of the meta, I much prefer Orcust mirrors from a quality of life & gameplay standpoint. And Orcust has a million variants, making it less monotonous than Raging or Roids, both of which are more or less “solved” with only minor differences from list to list.
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2023.06.06 17:22 Sunsetbrooks How do I avoid disaster at the pharmacy? Refusal to fill valid prescription.

I had no idea it was legal for a pharmacist to refuse to fill my medication until I had one outright refuse me on the grounds that "better treatment options are available." I was so shocked I asked them to repeat that and when I heard it a second time I had to just hang up, for my own good, called my doctor and told him what just happened. My doctor was just as shocked as I was, but nothing could be done then other than transferring the medication out of that pharmacy. Now I'm waiting again for the next pharmacy to fill it, should be ready in a few hours according to the automated phone system, but really freaked out. I am on life saving medication. I thought some people here at chronic pain may be able to give me some advice, I am on a controlled substance, but I take it for seizure prevention. The idea that I could have another seizure and lose my life, my functionality, sustain further brain damage, all because of a pharmacists personal opinion is horrifying. I only have 2 doses of my medication left. I can enter withdrawal as early as 24 hours after a missed dose. I am fearful for my life and my future after this experience.
Is there a way to prevent this? My head is spinning trying to figure out what I did wrong. I get my medication renewed with 3 refills a couple times per year. Last time the pharmacy, CVS, ran me in circles telling me that no orders for my medication were coming in and I had to wait, this went on for days until I called my doctor. Suddenly the medication was there. This time I decide to switch because I don't want a repeat of that, go to Walgreens. The first pharmacist tells me I can't fill my prescription there because my mailing address on my insurance is in a different city district (big metro area.) I've never heard of anything like that. So figure I made a mistake and have to deal with the consequences. I call a Walgreens in my mailing address zip code hoping to set up a time where I could just get this over with. The pharmacist takes all my information, verifies phone, usual drill, then she pauses and asks what medication I am on. I think it's just another part of the verification process so I answer. Que the pharmacist refusing to fill and giving me inappropriate medical advice. Was I flagged when I tried to switch pharmacies? Could this really be an issue because my mailing address is different than my home address? Should I try getting out of corporate pharmacy and looking for a small business? I'm running through a hundred scenarios of what I did to provoke this.
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2023.06.06 17:22 mnhfzn FAQ on this subreddit.

I've been lurking on this sub for the past couple of months, sorting by new and there's been alot of repetitive question that can be googled.
So here's FAQ on this subreddit.

1. Minion

- What minion is the best for money?
Tier 11 Slime with Enchanted Lava Bucket, Diamond Spreading, Enchanted Hopper and Corrupt Soil.
Alternatively you can add/use Mithirl Infusion, Flycatcher, Other level of Lava Bucket.
- Cost?
Depends on the current market. Currently to craft 1 T11 Slime Minion cost 16.5m coins excluding other stuff.
- How much does it make per day?
Around 175k-180k per minion
- Per month?
5,250,000 million
- Per year?
63,875,000 million
- Source?
Calculator to give general idea. (Note: The calculator doesn't include Diamond Spreading because it was posted 6 months ago and kinda outdated because Diamond Spreading produces more.)
- What is the second best minion for money?
Snow minion with Enchanted Lava Bucket, Super Compactor 3000, Diamond Spreading and optional Hopper any variant.
- Cost?
Should be 10 times cheaper than slime minion.

2. Slayer

- How do I kill T2 Voidgloom Seraph?
  1. Giant Reaper Mask and 3/4 Ancient Necron. All enchanted with Rejuvenate V, Hot Potato Book applied and 5 starred.
  2. Ancient Final Destination armor enchanted with Rejuvenate V, Hot Potato Book applied and highly recommend recomb. At least each piece with 5k kills for easier survivalibility but still possible with 1.5k kills.
  1. Any weapon enchanted with Syphon and you can deal at least 100k on enderman.
  2. Wand of Atonement, Florid Zombie Sword and Mana Flux. Why? because during hit phase you cannot life steal them. So it's better to activate Wand of Atonement of have Mana Flux placed nearby.
  1. Baby Yeti if you cannot survive.
  2. Epic Enderman at least for damage reduction.
Magical Power
350+ The more you get, the greater the damage you'll deal.

3. Farming

- Which crop the best for money/hr
/visit melonkingde
- Best farm design?
/visit melonkingde
- Best yaw angle speed?
/visit melonkingde
- Best reforge?
/visit melonkingde
- Best pet and pet item?
/visit melonkingde
- Who is this guy and why should we visit him?
/visit melonkingde

4. Dungeon

- Best gear for Entrance, Floor 1 and Floor 2?
1) Dragon armor any set enchanted and DO NOT DUNGEONIZE, STAR IS FINE BUT NEVER DUNGEONIZE.
But which one is reaaaallllyyy better?
Unstable/Strong/Young if BerserkeArcher.
Old/Protector if Tank.
Wise if Mage.
2) Any weapon enchanted really but Aspect of the Dragon and Dragon Shortbow better.
- Best gear for Floor 3 and Floor 4?
1) Adaptive armor.
2) Adaptive blade.
3) Dragon Armor if you feel like don't want to spend coins on Adaptive Amor.
- Best pet for each class?
Berserker: TigeGriffin/Lion
Tank: Blue Whale
Mage: Sheep
Rarity depends. If you afford the higher rarity, the better.

theres more but ill continue later
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2023.06.06 17:11 Padbluetiger Difficulties ordering from Unbound Merino and Wool & Prince

As part of the clothes I take with me, I have three t-shirts, three boxers, five pairs of socks, all merino wool.
All needed replacing, worn out.
I ordered five pairs socks from Unbound Merino.
I told them not to put me on any mailing lists.
I was assured this would not happen.
In due course all told I was added to four mailing lists.
The socks are superb, the best I would say I've seen in my life, but I've given up ordering from UM for now.
For t-shirts, I turned to Wool & Prince.
I tried ordering these one before, about two years ago. I paid 35 USD for fast international delivery, by Fedex. The package arrived, Fedex did not notify me, and returned it to W&P. There was no time to re-order, as I then left for Ukraine, and W&P do not ship to UA.
So now I try again. The only other shipping option is normal, slow, 15-30 days, UPS/USPS, but the order has been placed and they seem to be on the way.
Having had that success, I tried then to order boxers.
Turns out for orders under 135 GBP, W&P have to estimate UK tax, add it on, and charge you that, which I do not want.
They suggested the EU site.
I tried to order, but the site is broken : if the billing address is in Gibraltar (I've not tried other countries), there is no text field for the post-code, and the order is failed because the billing post-code is wrong.
Unexpectedly, despite the order failing, the money for the order is still taken from your account.
So I've managed one order each from two companies, and now I need to find a third company to try and get boxers.
My general take on ordering on-line is that if your billing address matches your shipping address and your bank card is in the same country, it works. Other than that, generally not.
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2023.06.06 17:06 thenamekian110 Lukewarm has 1-3 Open Spots. ROTE 11*, DS Geo is 20* 24 Wat Shards. 22mil(17mil Crate) Krayt Raid

Lukewarm is a chill, elder guild looking for more contributing members. Friendly to new players looking for a Raid farm and those looking to retire from more demanding guilds. We are always helping each other out with squad comps, who/what to zeta and much more. Current GP is 239 million currently at 50/50 people. We have 1-3 members who have been inactive for over 14days that we will kick to fill in the spots. We would like to fill it with an active players(in game invite stinks and we’ve had a lot of duds).
Guild's Reset is 11:30 UTC (7:30 PM EST)
Krayt Raid Twice a Week Currently hitting 22mil and getting the 17mil Craye
Territory Battles ROTE: 11* Dark Side Geo: 24 Wat Shards, 20 Stars. Always improving.
Territory Wars Honestly do not know our win rate. 3 out of 4 Avg win rate but it might be better than that honestly
Minimum 3 Mil GP and Only three rules Be polite Be team player, we are all here to have fun. Be active. You may be removed after 14 days of inactivity, just let us know! (Everyone has a life)
Currently communicating within the app is fine, we also have a Discord so you can check us out on there too.
Lukewarm Discord
If this sounds like something you’re interested in joining, let me know and I can kick the inactive players to open a spot.
Feel Free to message me on here or in game: Leader: Farklethewise Ally Code: 169-254-942 (Me) []
Guild Link: []
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2023.06.06 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Tue, Jun 06 2023] TL;DR — Crypto news you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


Bitcoin as soon as you buy it:
Comments Link
Okay, which one of you is this guy?
Comments Link
Just checking if ya’ll self custody your Bitcoin
Comments Link


S.E.C. Accuses Binance of Mishandling Funds and Lying to Regulators
Comments Link
Decentralized or centralized?
Comments Link
Social Anabolism
Comments Link


S.E.C. Accuses Binance of Mishandling Funds and Lying to Regulators
Comments Link
It's Now Official The SEC Files 13 Charges Against Binance Entities and Founder Changpeng Zhao! The Most Important Info Summed Up And CZ's Reaction.
Comments Link
SEC is coming after SOL, ADA, MATIC now
Comments Link


"Hey everyone, I would like to announce a Flipstarter to fund the implementation of WalletConnect v2 on Bitcoin Cash. This project will bring the Web3 experience to BCH and allow other wallets (mobile included) to interact with BCH dApps like, in a fully non-custodial fashion."
Comments Link
US sues Binance and founder Zhaou over “web of deception”
Comments Link
Binance insolvency indicator is way up in the last hours
Comments Link


Desperate measures: When saving your job becomes a mission!
Comments Link
Boosting Project Visibility
Comments Link


AngelBlog - AngelBlock Hosts Its First Raise: A New Era of Crypto Fundraising Begins
Comments Link
Charles Hoskinson Notifies Cardano (ADA) Community of New Scam Method: Details
Comments Link
Liquidity Management Projects Overview
Comments Link


SEC Sues Crypto Exchange Binance Over U.S. Rule Violations
Comments Link
SEC Sues Binance and CEO for Alleged Securities Violations
Comments Link
Institutional Investors Have Pulled $329 Million From Crypto Funds Since April
Comments Link


SEC targets $115 billion worth of crypto following Binance lawsuit
Comments Link
Coinbase Stock Plummets 10% Following SEC Lawsuit Against Binance
Comments Link
Dad Bought Eth after 2 years break, literally 10 seconds later it gets sent to some random?
Comments Link


Binance Support Thread
Comments Link


Can Fantom Claim to Solve the "Scalability Trilmma"?
Comments Link
Unveiling the Power of Spark Protocol: A Comprehensive Review
Comments Link


SEC claiming SOL, ADA, MATIC, FIL, ATOM, SAND etc are all securities.
Comments Link
Phantom wallet just ceased working with Ledger Nano S+ and Ledger Live is not showing balance
Comments Link
Token-2022 a new era in Solana DeFi
Comments Link


Bad news: SEC is coming after us
Comments Link
As a non American, can someone explain what is going on with SEC and what it means for ATOM?
Comments Link
Keplr 2.0 - Ledger
Comments Link


Algorand is named as security in SEC lawsuit against Binance and Changpeng Zhao. Other projects that are mentioned are Cardano, Solana, Polygon and so on.
Comments Link
Algorand is a security...
Comments Link
One click nodes coming this month
Comments Link


ADA being listed as a security in the suit against Binance, how will this affect Cardano?
Comments Link
Why we fight - Charles Hoskinson
Comments Link
Phishing scammers ready to exploit Atomic Wallet hack victims
Comments Link


OpenHWW update: No more Ledger, Atomic heart bleeding. Monero Official CLI, Monero Feather wallets, as well as Bitcoin Electrum wallet, all can work through ToTor Browser (new screenshots added)
Comments Link
SEC Sues Crypto Exchange Binance, CEO Changpeng Zhao Over Multiple Securities Violation Allegations
Comments Link
Any recommendations for an email provider - accepting XMR
Comments Link


*Adapt, Gen art, 1600 x 1600, irishnftgal x mpozzecco. *
Comments Link
In real life physically backed NFTs?
Comments Link
Printz NFT - A visual representation of your Ethereum Address
Comments Link
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2023.06.06 16:58 Ipostgames Egg Packing Tycoon Codes

Calling all aspiring egg tycoons! 🥚💼🔓 Looking for Egg Packing Tycoon Codes to enhance your egg-packing empire? Look no further! We've gathered the ultimate list of codes that will crack open a world of rewards and upgrades. Dive into our article and start packing: [article link] #EggPackingTycoon #EPTCodes #TycoonLife
Article Link:
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2023.06.06 16:58 ThrowRA123124125 I (21F) need help on what to advice for my boyfriend (21M)

I am not sure if this is the correct subreddit to post, but I am in desperation. My boyfriend and I have been looking for internships this summer for so long, and unfortunately he didn’t land any. He spent most of his college life coding and practice interviews, even took a gap year to focus on personal projects and practicing. Many of his friends and acquaintances (and some bullies) are landing great internships right now, and it’s making him feel unaccomplished. I knew he has a great resume and other professionals told him that as well— he just got extremely unlucky, partly harder this year because we are international students. It is his dream for 4 years to land an internship this summer to help his parents pay for college tuition. He has been in a constant state of depression and I can’t help but worry about him. I tried talking to him about going to therapy and comforting him but he insisted on staying at home continue to practice. This situation has pulled us further apart. He still treats me very well and I am happy that I am with him, but I don’t want to watch him suffer everyday. This is my first commited relationship so I am not familiar with gestures or things to say. Can someone please give me some advice on what I can do to help him? Thank you.
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2023.06.06 16:57 dealgad [Amazon] Altec Lansing LifeJacket 2 - Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, Floating Portable Speaker for Travel & Outdoor Use, Deep Bass & Loud Sound, 30 Hour Playtime, with 54% off, for $45.54 +save extra 20% with promo code: TELE20AB

[Amazon] Altec Lansing LifeJacket 2 - Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, Floating Portable Speaker for Travel & Outdoor Use, Deep Bass & Loud Sound, 30 Hour Playtime, with 54% off, for $45.54 +save extra 20% with promo code: TELE20AB submitted by dealgad to dealsonamazon [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 16:56 EgyptianNational PSA

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2023.06.06 16:51 2FatC Morning News - Tour of Headlines

The big headline everywhere: The SEC sues Coinbase!
Excerpt from Reuters:
Both cases are part of SEC Chair Gary Gensler's push to assert jurisdiction over crypto and offer better protection to investors who trade virtual currencies.
"Coinbase's alleged failures deprive investors of critical protections, including rulebooks that prevent fraud and manipulation, proper disclosure, safeguards against conflicts of interest, and routine inspection," Gensler said in a tweet.
Coinbase did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Shares of its parent Coinbase Global Inc, which is also a defendant, fell 17.1% in premarket trading.
In a complaint filed in Manhattan federal court, the SEC said Coinbase has since at least 2019 made billions of dollars by handling cryptocurrency transactions, while evading the disclosure requirements meant to protect investors.
The lawsuit addressed several aspects of Coinbase's business including Coinbase Prime, which routes orders; Coinbase Wallet, which lets investors access liquidity; and the Coinbase Earn staking service.
Elsewhere: Market Melt ups & Apple's New Headset
“It’s just Wall Street slang, essentially, for a market that won’t go down, even if there are headlines that mean it should,” clarified Tom Essaye, Sevens Report Research Founder and President.
Where the melting comes in, Essaye explained, is the spreading nature of the rally. It keeps going, pulling in more stocks and eventually pulling in more investors who may have been reluctant to chase it. Witness the range-bound S&P 500 that broke out on Friday, which for a little while Monday was up 20% from mid-October's low. (It closed just under 20%.) Folks, we've almost got a new bull market on our hands.
Keep an eye on which stocks are participating. The bulk of gains this year has been thanks to a handful of large-cap tech stocks, driven by AI enthusiasm. Thursday and Friday's boost was more broad-based, as evidenced by a ratio of the S&P 500 to the S&P 500 Equal-Weight Index (the little downward bit at the end in June is the equal-weight taking a bite out of the standard S&P 500).
The longer the overall rise persists, the more difficult it is to ignore. “If you’re underweight, you gotta be waking up today feeling nervous. Because this thing has momentum in the near term, and you’re missing it,” Essaye told Yahoo Finance. Essentially, the FOMO crowd may start coming out of the woodwork to chase the rally.
But as usual on Wall Street, there is an abundance of opinions on how long the rally will last.
On the bearish side of the ledger stands Morgan Stanley (as usual), whose strategists are calling for a 16% drop in US corporate profits by the end of the year, with the S&P 500 falling to 3,900.
Then there’s Julian Emanuel of Evercore ISI, who raised his year-end target for the benchmark to 4,450 following Friday’s jobs report, and reminded investors that stocks can rise even when earnings per share fall – as long as results are “less bad” than feared.
From Morning Brew on Apple:

Will the Vision Pro live up to the hype?

While some believe the Vision Pro will be the iPhone of mixed-reality headsets, others aren’t so sure, considering how existing competitors have done so far.
So, why might this be different? Short answer: Apple is cool—they’re good at revamping existing markets with reinvented products. But consumers will have to wait until the Vision Pro hits shelves early next year to see if they really want to strap a screen to their face.—ML
So Apple fun fact from the Q2 2023 transcript, Apple has 975 Million subscribers, up 150M y/y. The installed base of devices continues to grow.
Am I going to purchase a pair of extremely expensive googles to pretend I am living another life? Nope. I'm not part of the video game generation. Will gamers embrace the Vision Pro? Not a clue and the stock has received a downgrade on a ho-hum reaction.
That said, I've owned this stock since 2009 and this isn't the first "ho-hum" moment. I remember when the analysts said the iPad was dead, the desktop computer was dead, and basically, said Apple was dead. Uh huh. Apple beat Q2 revenue estimates by $2B so not a bad showing for a dead company.
That's it for the news...glad I don't own $COIN because look out below...
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2023.06.06 16:34 r3crac Hohem iSteady Pro 4 Gimbal for 101.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: 104.99 USD) [Country limited!]

Here is the link: Hohem iSteady Pro 4 Gimbal
Coupon code (apply in the cart!): BGXIFD783
Current price is 101.99 USD. The lowest price in my database is 104.99 USD. There're already 6 records in DB. Price monitoring since 29.10.2021!
Notes (coupon may work only in selected countries): CzechRepublic,Croatia,Hungary,Slovenia,Slovakia(SlovakRepublic)
If you're too late or you want e-mail PRICE ALERTS, then you can check current coupons for Hohem iSteady Pro 4 Gimbal here:
Best regards.
Good deal with nice discount.
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2023.06.06 16:26 lykwydchykyn WTT: One-of-a-kind handmade stuff, various cheapies. WTTF: A wide variety of musical items

Back again with my pile of funky little builds for people who want something different on their board.
These pedals are built on vero or point to point, many in upcycled tins, a few in hammond boxes. They all run on standard 9v pedal power.
I have valued them in 4 tiers:
I have prices for most of these listed here if you want to buy.
MOBILE USERS: There are 4 columns in the table below: Name, Tier, Links, and Notes. If you don't see all 4, scroll over or ask for more info.
Drives, Distortions, and Boosts
Name Tier Links Notes
Delfterential Distortion A PIC Demo Willmott Differential Distortion with an added tone control; knobs are Gain, Bias, Bass Cut, Tone, and Volume. Housed in an antique Delft-style tin. Has a big ampy sound to it, can get pretty crunchy and fuzzy.
Shining Hope Drive B PIC Demo Differential mirroring drive, gives a kind of overdriven-mixer-channel distortion. Controls for gain, tone, and volume. Housed in a star-shaped Christmas tin.
PoormansSans amp sim B PIC DEMO This is an all-in-one amp & speaker sim prototype in a small square tin. The preamp is custom designed, based loosely on a DOD 250 but with many changes. Soft clipping can be toggled on or off. The speaker sim is a 4x12 simulator designed by TruVAL. Controls for treble, bass, gain, volume, nd clipper toggle. No stomp on this one, it's always on.
Bright-on C PIC MOSFET bright boost with loads of gain and adjustable bass cut. Built in point-to-point fashion and housed in a reinforced heart-shaped tin.
Phoenix Drive C PIC Demo EasyDrive-type circuit with a symmetry knob. Sounds a little muffy on the symmetric side, more crunchy on the other.
Green Sparkler Boost D PIC Just an Escobedo Duende JFET boost built point-to-point in a sparkly little round tin. Gives a little gain and a bit of warmth to the tone.
Christmas Goose Boost D PIC DEMO Point-to-point build of Brian May treble booster made with old clock radio parts. In a little goose tin.
Name Tier Links Notes
Copper Top Harmonic Plonkulator A PIC DEMO The "harmonic plonkulator" is a two-stage fuzz based on a harmonic percolator mashed up with a bazz fuss going into an octave fuzz. Lots of weird fuzz tones available from this one, it has controls for A and B gain (kind of acts like Fuzz and Bias), Tone (which is between the two fuzz stages) and an octave switch that changes the second fuzz stage from a non-octave to octave fuzz. Housed in a 125B with top jacks.
Vulpine Deluxx Timbre Contraption A PIC DEMO My perversion of a Foxx Tone Machine, with a pot to dial in the octave and a battery drain simulator for nastier tones. Has a mid scoop switch for the Tone knob giving you muff-like sounds. In a 125B with top jacks.
Sparkly Sili-Face A PIC DEMO Runoffgroove Siliface II, a wonderful silicon fuzzface implementation, built point-to-point style and housed in a sparkly 125B with top jacks. Controls for Bias and Volume, gain is always cranked on this. Bias goes from full, rich fuzz to choppy gated fuzz nicely.
OogieBoogie Scarecrow Fuzz B PIC Demo Jordan Bosstone-based fuzz with controls for input gain, battery drain, and volume, as well as a switch to toggle between LED and Schottkey clippers. Capable of some truly horrific noises as well as stock fuzz sounds. Housed in a reinforced tin.
Creature from the planet Chyowngg B PIC Demo Prototype of a unique fuzz I've been developing that I call the Chyowngg fuzz. It's a 2-stage octaver that gives a bright synthy tone with a distinctive envelope (hence the name). You can toggle each stage from octave to non-octave mode for a variety of interesting timbres. Also has a tone control, but the tone control is before the octave stages so it results in interesting behaviors depending on the switch settings. It's in a tin meant to be painted like an alien, though some say it looks more like a triceratops.
Lizard Monster of the Planet Chyowngg B PIC DEMO This is like the "Creature from the planet Chyowngg" except it also has a glitchy sub-octave tone that you can blend in for some truly monstrous tones. Housed in a painted tin.
Happy ChrizzMuss Tree Fuzz C PIC Demo Another gated double-bazz-fuss type fuzz, this one features a bias knob for adjusting the bias of the first stage and a bass boost switch. Housed in a Christmas tree tin.
Avenger's fuzz C PIC DEMO Another harmonic fussulator (Bazz-fussified harmonic percolator) built into a little avenger's puzzle tin. Knobs control gain and volume, switch toggles "Hulk Smash" mode.
Pup Power fuzz D PIC DEMO A trashy perversion of a harmonic percolator circuit, built point-to-point from recycled components. Housed in a painted paw patrol puzzle tin.
Stripedy Trashtone Fuzz D PIC Demo A point-to-point perversion of a Jordan Bosstone housed in a bandaid tin. Only volume control here.
Name Tier Links Notes
Splatter Funk envelope filter A PIC DEMO of identical circuit Quackmire envelope filter with added knobs for attack and drive, as well as a smoothing switch. In a 125B with top jacks.
Koozebanian Spoobletron A PIC Demo Not exactly a vibe, not exactly a phaser, not exactly a tremolo, but kind of all of them or thereabouts. Knobs control speed and depth, the switch goes from vibe-ish mode to phaser-ish mode. Housed in a hand-painted 1590b box, side jacks
Oh the flubbles you'll Wubble B PIC DEMO Kind of a vibe, kind of a phase, but also a ring mod if you want it to be. This is an evolution of my spoobletron circuit. Controls for Rate, Depth, and Waveshape; switches for vibe/phase and ringmod mode. Housed in a giant oval tin that probably won't sit nicely on your pedal board. Read the full story here
Shay-key-tay-tur B PIC Demo Simple colorsound Tremolo with knobs for rate and depths. Gives a pretty classic amp tremolo sound. Housed in a Mr Potato Head tin.
Little Amps
Name Links Description
Ample iMank PICS This is a Runoffgroove Ruby Amplifier built into this old multimedia speaker enclosure designed to look like an old iMac. Glows blue when you turn it on. It runs from a standard 9v pedal power. It's not terribly loud, nor terribly clean, but if you dig the classic mac vibe it might be fun. Controls for gain and volume, and a power switch on the back.
Some Non-DIY Stuff
Will be a little picky on the pricier ones. Make an offer.
Brand Name Condition Notes
Olsen Interfaces Mudwedge Excellent Boutique fuzz with tons of tweaking options and a second stomp with configurable functionality. Pretty deluxe item here.
Line 6 POD 2.0 Good Had this for 20+ years, just not using it anymore. It toured and it looks it. Still holds up, though. Can throw in the FBV4 footswitch if needed.
Ammoon Pock Loop Excellent Good looper, I just prefer some other loopers I've acquired. I have the box for it, if that matters.
Danelectro Fab Chorus Excellent Cheap plastic chorus, but sounds great. Probably just a make-weight, too cheap to trade on its own.
Caline 10-band EQ Good Works fine, I just don't really need 10 bands of EQ. Has velcro on the back, and sometimes makes a weird noise when you turn on the pedalboard. Another make-weight.
Ibanez PH7 Good Tonelok phaser. Great pedal, has some glue on the bottom I couldn't get off, but works fine.
What would I trade for??
I'm really open to almost any sort of gear if it relates to music and audio (see the don't wants, though). Leaning more towards synth or recording gear than pedals, but still open to pedals.
Musical wants of various specificity:
Non-music-gear wants:
Probably not wants:
A Note about mods/repairs/custom jobs: I've been asked about this a few times. Right now, I think I'd just prefer not to. I enjoy doing what I do on my own terms. Cheers!
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2023.06.06 16:17 boeing545 Eufy life Promo Code - 20% Off

Here is the Eufy life Promo Code - 20% Off
You can use this link for discounts and more and save your money.
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2023.06.06 16:13 xBotvernor [xGov-24] VoteCoin - GitHub tools - Scholtz & Co

title VoteCoin - GitHub tools
period 9
author Ludovit Scholtz (@scholtz)
company_name Scholtz & Co
category Community
focus_area Deployment
open_source Yes
amount_requested 100000
usd_equivalent $13,585 (note: automated conversion)
status Final


This grant request outlines our proposal to develop innovative GitHub tools that leverage decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) principles and the Algorand blockchain to manage source code through onchain voting decisions. The project aims to empower developers and communities by providing a transparent and efficient platform for collaborative decision-making and consensus-building.
The proposed solution centers around the utilization of Vote Coin standard on the Algorand blockchain to facilitate onchain voting processes. By integrating Vote Coin standard into GitHub's existing infrastructure, we aim to create a seamless experience for developers, allowing them to propose, discuss, and vote on various aspects of source code management directly within the GitHub platform.
The key objectives of this project is:
Integration with GitHub: We will build a set of tools and interfaces that seamlessly integrate with GitHub's existing functionality. These tools will enable start of DAO vote on each Pull Request, and after end of the voting session with positive DAO result, the merge of the pull request.
The successful implementation of this project will revolutionize source code management by introducing a transparent and democratic decision-making process within the GitHub ecosystem and all allgorand onchain communities. By leveraging the power of Vote Coin and the Algorand blockchain, developers and communities will have a platform to collectively shape the evolution of software projects. We believe that this project has the potential to foster collaboration, innovation, and consensus-building within the software development community, leading to enhanced quality and inclusivity in code development.
We kindly request your support in the form of a grant to bring this project to fruition and contribute to the advancement of decentralized governance within the software development ecosystem.


Scholtz - Product owner. Active on Algorand forum, runs a few projects in Algorand ecosystem such as the VoteCoin, Aramid Bridge, Stabilitas, Diatomix. Has been winner in few hackathons, such as Algorand encode hack 2021, EUvsVirus, Swiss blockchain hackathon 2021, Bitcoin bankathon, Encode DAO hack, Algo HackJam, Greenhouse hack III, Mega Ace Hackathon, ...

Experience with Algorand

Scholtz & Co is relay node runner.
We provide many open source tools to help algorand communities -
Everyday Algonaut channel


1) GitHub tool to start onchain voting question.
2) Github tool to track the result of the question and approve or deny Pull Request
Estimated project delivery is 5 months from the project approval by the Foundation. It is ok for us to be paid after the project is built and working.

Benefits for the community

Overall, the implementation of onchain voting tools using Vote Coin on Algorand will bring numerous benefits to the community, including transparency, inclusivity, efficiency, empowerment, enhanced project governance, and ecosystem growth. By embracing decentralized governance principles, the GitHub community can tap into the collective intelligence and creativity of its members, leading to better software projects and a more engaged and fulfilled developer community.

Additional information

It is ok for us to be paid after the project is developed and working.

Github Links

Proposal on Github
Conversation and changes can be found in the top comments.
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