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So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye...

2011.03.11 23:22 RodneyCharms So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye...

For those who have decided to delete their account and want some type of closure...

2013.02.14 18:51 Danganronpa

Danganronpa is a Japanese visual novel franchise created by Kazutaka Kodaka and published by Spike Chunsoft since 2010.

2017.10.10 19:41 WeedTuesday_InClass Goodbye, Reddit.

Say Goodbye to Reddit, either forever or just for some time. Post your heartfelt goodbyes to the Reddit world.

2023.06.06 17:13 Sharlivo [FOR HIRE] Skilled tech team at Your service

Hey redditors,
name's Anna, I'm with Celadon: a service company with over 5 years of proficiency in web & mobile apps development. JavaScript, Python and .NET are our core technologies.
Celadon helps sole proprietors, startups and SMEs worldwide to bring ideas on: starting with delivery and dating apps up to complex systems based on AI and ML. Our team has 100 talents at staff capable of creating projects from scratch as well as their further support and maintenance.
We're fond of transparency in development process. To make sure my team's worthy of your time, take a look at our portfolio and, most importantly, what our customers say.
Rate per hour: $30-$35 (depends on complexity of the project). Minimum project duration: 4 weeks.
I'll be happy to lend you a hand as well with fair hourly rates anytime.
You can always contact me here (DM or chat), on Discord (Sharlivo#4793) or via [email](mailto:[email protected]) ([[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])). ;)
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2023.06.06 17:11 Padbluetiger Difficulties ordering from Unbound Merino and Wool & Prince

As part of the clothes I take with me, I have three t-shirts, three boxers, five pairs of socks, all merino wool.
All needed replacing, worn out.
I ordered five pairs socks from Unbound Merino.
I told them not to put me on any mailing lists.
I was assured this would not happen.
In due course all told I was added to four mailing lists.
The socks are superb, the best I would say I've seen in my life, but I've given up ordering from UM for now.
For t-shirts, I turned to Wool & Prince.
I tried ordering these one before, about two years ago. I paid 35 USD for fast international delivery, by Fedex. The package arrived, Fedex did not notify me, and returned it to W&P. There was no time to re-order, as I then left for Ukraine, and W&P do not ship to UA.
So now I try again. The only other shipping option is normal, slow, 15-30 days, UPS/USPS, but the order has been placed and they seem to be on the way.
Having had that success, I tried then to order boxers.
Turns out for orders under 135 GBP, W&P have to estimate UK tax, add it on, and charge you that, which I do not want.
They suggested the EU site.
I tried to order, but the site is broken : if the billing address is in Gibraltar (I've not tried other countries), there is no text field for the post-code, and the order is failed because the billing post-code is wrong.
Unexpectedly, despite the order failing, the money for the order is still taken from your account.
So I've managed one order each from two companies, and now I need to find a third company to try and get boxers.
My general take on ordering on-line is that if your billing address matches your shipping address and your bank card is in the same country, it works. Other than that, generally not.
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2023.06.06 17:11 Otherwise_Chart_8278 When can I get pregnant again?

Basically what the title says. I gave birth to our first less than a month ago. I’ve tried researching on how long it’s best to wait to get pregnant again but can’t find anything. I know I’m supposed to wait 6 weeks to have sex, use tampons, etc. and to allow my uterus to heal in that time.
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2023.06.06 17:11 raewillowriver Rant/Vent about my fiancé’s grandmother

Yesterday myself (F22) and my fiancé (M21) went to have dinner with his grandmother for the first time at her house. She cooked a zucchini bake with lots of veggies, which I am grateful for, because I told her beforehand that my fiancé has issues with gluten/dairy, and that I have celiac.
For reference, I’ve been diagnosed for 4 years, via blood test, and being gluten free has significantly helped me.
Regardless, she was asking me my symptoms during dinner, to compare to her daughter, who apparently has been “cured” of celiac for 6 years.
When I told her I get awful migraines, severe fatigue, body aches, joint swelling/pain, hives/rash, tongue sores, multiple vitamin deficiencies before diagnosis, stomach cramps, severe diarrhea, etc. she decided to tell me that my symptoms weren’t “severe enough” to be considered celiac, that it probably was all in my head, and that it probably was just a “minor food intolerance that I could still live with.”
The worst part was that during dinner, she told me her daughter used to have celiac as well, and that getting pregnant “cured her” and now she “eats gluten all the time with no issues,” and that if I want to get rid of it, that I should just settle down and get pregnant. She said that celiac is only a plausible diagnosis when the patient is seizing, has severe vomiting, and needs to go to the hospital when they get sick, like her daughter. Because my symptoms weren’t identical to her daughter’s, apparently I’m “faking it.”
I’m so tired of being told that just because my symptoms aren’t “severe enough” on the outside that it couldn’t be celiac. I have 7 uncles that have celiac disease, and all have been diagnosed via endoscopy and blood test. It runs in my family, and I have the blood test and symptoms to prove it.
I feel so shitty about the fact that everyone around me thinks I’m faking it for attention, and I’m worried if I do dinner with her again that she might cook something with flour in it to purposefully see if I’m faking it or not….
Needless to say that I’m frustrated, and that’s an understatement.
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2023.06.06 17:11 boltman007 Inspired by our recent encounter

I’ve had a bit too much wine. I’m writing you because you’ve been on my mind - and there are a few things that I should have told you already. Running into you last weekend was a sign that I needed to send this letter. I don’t anticipate a reply, but - I wanted to reach out to you to express exactly how I feel about you.
As completely insane as it feels to be writing you, I believe in not only taking big risks but also being a little bit old school sometimes. So, why not write a letter?
When I first came to PLACE last year, I was running from my past as much as I was looking for a new adventure. Past relationships, past friendships, and past versions of myself.
It takes guts to make selfish decisions for yourself, and it takes guts to move somewhere totally new. I’ve done that; you’ve done that.
Something important that’s happened in my life since we stopped seeing each other is my unwavering belief in God. Do you remember when I asked you if you believed? I remember the way you described God as something that no matter what happens in your life that He will be there to help, love, and guide you through the good times and the bad times. I’m not quite sure of your exact wording but that’s how I remember it. Do you remember my answer? I wasn’t so sure at the time, but over this past year, I have come to believe. My view of God right now is essentially everything that we do not know or understand. God IS the Unknown, yet He is an all-knowing, all-powerful force that rules our lives.
Quitting jobs, finding new opportunities, moving, breaking things off - all are part of the unknown in life. To take the best course of action for one’s self in the pursuit of a greater version of themselves is an act of Faith. Because it is unknown, it is a Leap of Faith.” Everything I do in my life is a Leap of Faith. I was promoted, I moved down here, I met you, I was promoted again, I found God, I’ve traveled, I’ve lived my life.
Now here I am, writing a letter to you after having a bit too much wine. But will I send it?
Let’s talk about taking risks. This letter is a risk. I’m risking looking like a complete fool, but I think that it’s worth it. Why? I don’t know; it’s just a feeling inside of me. Maybe it's delusion, but I'm taking a chance that it's not.
Flashback to our second date. I’ll remember that night forever because I have to say - I’ve never had 12 hours fly by so fast. 7 PM, 2 AM, Sunrise. Not sure about you, but I’ve never spent that amount of time with someone so new and had so much fun, learned so much, and discovered so many new songs. As we sat in the car in the Stockyards and talked about everything under the sun, the hours passed by so quickly. Do I dare say how comfortable it all felt? It happened so fast, much like how things happened and left off between us. However, there are certain people you just "click" with and feel comfortable around - and you are one of those people for me.
Do you remember sending each other old videos and pictures of us taking shots, driving in the car, jamming marshmallows into mouths, and other funny videos? I’ve never done that in my life, period, let alone with someone who I’d just met. It was the entire energy of it all. Do I dare say it felt as if I’d known you all my life? Is that even possible to have that familiarity with someone new?
If I’m the only one who felt like this, then I sound batshit crazy right about now. But if you felt that too, then - that has to mean something right? It seems to me that there was a familiarity far beyond the time we spent, and I wanted to share my recognition of that.
Now, I am focused on building my future, and I know you are too. I know that we're both driven and ambitious. I’m on a constant path of improvement and growth by ruthlessly pointing out ways in which I can better myself and pushing each day to do so. From our time spent together, and from what I know you’ve accomplished in your life so far - you’re much the same. Sitting in your car at 3 am eating Whataburger, where there was a brief consensus of the aspiration to own lots of land with a big house. For me, this comes with at minimum a home gym & sauna, a sun deck for BBQing, and a pool - and lots of cows and guns and quite literally a wall around the entire span of the property. A place of full self-sufficiency. I have many more plans for my life including lots of travel and doing things I truly love - involving sports and music.
Next - (and I want to acknowledge that you even gave me an opening to say something when we spoke last fall) - but birth control and communication around sex. I technically did ask you during the act but I never addressed it afterward as to whether you were on birth control or not, and I should have said something. I recall you mentioning that week you had passed out while getting your blood drawn, and I remember expressing concern and asking if you were okay. But I never asked why you had the test done in the first place. I hope you don't mind me asking now, and I want you to know that I'm not making any assumptions or judgments.
Lastly, we have the matter of distance. As I mentioned when I saw you - I originally moved to PLACE, I was only on a 6-month lease, and I wonder if things would have gone differently if you’d known that. Maybe we’d have spent more time together before your move to TOWN. But distance isn't a dealbreaker for me.
90 miles isn’t too far for someone who can work from anywhere and loves to drive.
I don’t expect a reply - but I wanted to let you know exactly where I stand and I figured this was the best (and craziest) way to do so.
Take Care
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2023.06.06 17:11 NoToUncertainty8888 told my mom, di nako mag aasawa

this is the topic na I can't just open to anyone cos im a strong independent mushroom hahaha so here you go hahahahaha😂😝
parang all my life aral-bahay-work grew up with a kuya so im used to doing the same activities up until now same circle kme umabot sa point na we were on a trip and snama pa nla ako sa strip club (they cant leave me kc dun sa cabin room kc mukhang sketchy ung caretakers)
lalo pandemic came, tlagang aral and work nlng ngayon since most of my friends are married/taken so busy tlga mga go to person.
im goal fueled naman tlg like aiming to finish my post grad na hopefully ths year or nxt and also getting a 3rd PRC lic. I cud say na im set na kaya I realized na yeah I thnk ito ata tlga! na im destined to live a life of solitude.
going back to 2019:
ung mom ko nagagalit palagi pag uwe ako ng late to thnk na ang kasama ko ung work-bff ko. she's suspecting na may smethng kame! so I had enough! me: Ma! 28 nako patawarin bkit may curfew at di kme! we're friends and para mapanatag ka, HINDI AKO MAG AASAWA!!! ok?
and up until 2020 nag asawa na c friend kako sana mapanatag kna Ma! hindi ako magkaka bf!!! tho im dating people at that time, malas lng tlg ako.
nauulit ung scenario: Me: Ma, di ako mag aasawa Mom: Gago! Me: lols
bonus info: at 28 we are sharing a room like mind u we have 6 bedrooms.
I did a silent protest for a month, we didnt talk, I didnt eat anythng frm the house and I go home late like 12am onwards. then she said ok! she'll move.
para sa magsasabing: ure old na freeloader kapa! guys, ako ang ayaw palayasin (unica hija/alalay problems)
again para sa magsasabing: choosy ka siguro! etc. I had suitors back in d day lols, pero juicecolored ung back story gustohin m nlng mamundok kesa to end up with them.
ok going back... my good friend and I were talkng then she said "wala pdn tayo nggng bf noh?"
me: gagi san galing yan? hahaha tanggap ko na, and besides u had a gf (she's bi) naman so ok k na.
her: haaay but still, when kaya? ano ths yr noh let's try!
me: pwede naman, hmmm onga pala! im on my last yr sa kalendaryo No bf snce birth padin 😂
like what I told my online friend… before I live the life as an oldmaid 😅
I have this “what it’s like” list in life :
*What it's like to have a bf?
*What it's like to receive a bouquet of flowers? ung hnd galing work (pag guest speaker😅), ung galing tlg from an SO. ung former ligaws kc I got stuffed toys and food.
What it’s like to HHWW? 🤣 *old soul
*What it's like to get a meaningful hug and a kiss sa forehead whle telling me "everythng's gonna be alright" whle going thru a lot of stress that u know someone's there to cheer u up🥹?
*What it’s like being taken care of?
eto ung mga what ifs lang naman lahat naman cguro may kanya-kanyang lists. but generally im happy naman im in a good place and safe, naglabas lang ng saloobin hahahaha
so update:
She texted me... her: gurl! tatanda na tlga akong dalaga me: samedt
my mga random sumpong talaga sya lol
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2023.06.06 17:11 Interesting-Call8504 Brain mush

New to reddit, still learning at the post flairs etc.
My mind can not reconcile the man I see him as now, to the man I used to know and love. This man is someone I've never met. He's a cheater, a liar, a gaslighter, and a coward. But hes also a good father, and a good friend. I don't just see the flaws of him. I wonder where we went wrong. What lead us here. Was it the stress of having kids, the pandemic, the natural progression of growing apart. Ugh.
He walks around with the same face, but it's not "my" him i see anymore. It's this new him that I don't really know. I have no sexual desire for him. No want for intimacy. If it weren't for our lives being so intertwined, toddlers, house, cars, bills, all the shit marriage brought together. I would have already left. Peace out fool, you made a mistake, but here I am trying for my kids and a friendship that was built on a now crumbled foundation. I think we could mortar it back together. Just not in an intimate love way. At least right now, that's how it feels.
Trying therapy, that's already started off with lies. It will be no help for use but I think it will be for me alone in other ways. I'm basically paying money to say I tried? I have trigged moments when I drive or when he leaves or when his stupid fucking phone indicates he has a message. That stupid fucking phone. I could rant and rage about that motherfucker. One day I'm gonna buy a bunch of old iPhones and take a sledge hammer to them, cathartic thought. You know they have destruction rooms now. You put on some protective gear, walk into a room and just start smashing shit. Looks like a healthy release for rage.
I think I've been handling this all very well. I've not destroyed anything, my emotionial reactions have been well in check. We are not fighting. We are not being verbally abusive. We are stagnant but communicating. Maybe we have been that way for some time and didn't realize it. Stagnent. Most days are no different from any other prior to DDay. Work, dinner, kids, Etc, normal stuff. But it's not the same.
Ultimately, i feel like it comes down to I loved him, the man I knew, now he is just a stranger in my husband's meat suit. I've barely told anyone. No one but 1 person knows what is happening in this house. Everyone is oblivious to its destruction. It's hard to always smile, do the family thing, and keep it cool. I just hope we find some resolution. Time feels like the enemy.
Backstory I found out 3 months ago he had been going to AMP's since 2020. I found hook up sites, porn sites/cam sites. I stopped looking bc my imagination conjures up some crazy shit. He admitted after gaslighting the fuck outta me to visiting AMP's 3 times. But the evidence showed more. When I went search for the truth, I found the rest. He won't talk about it. He shuts down and won't tell me how far it went. I am kind of thankful for that, but the thoughts make me sick to my stomach and angry. Responses have ranged from, "I don't know", "I don't remember"," you've violated my person space"(my fav bc no dear you really violates mine) and "people are innocent until proven guilty in this country"( up by mounting evidence which I have).
Anyway, who's dealt with this kind of thing? How'd you make out? I know, from experience, healing takes time. I guess I'd like to know what you've done to rebuild a relationship with them. If you were able to or if you found it was better for you to split. Because that's what I'm thinking. Separation before resentment dissolves us.
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2023.06.06 17:11 yourmom1536 Service in US Army Reserves while full-time international student

I am an American international student currently studying at Aberystwyth University, I have just competed a foundation year and will be starting my actual undergraduate course this September.
Over the past year I have developed a strong interest in healthcare and medicine (my degree course is in an unrelated field) and I have been volunteering as a first aider with St. John Ambulance Service.
I have recently become interested in becoming a medic in the US Army Reserves to expand my medical knowledge and certifications and I like the idea of getting to simultaneously study full time in the UK, give back to the UK and my community through St. John Ambulance, and serve my home country all at the same time. Plus there are reserve units in Germany that I could commute to each month fairly easily which is a cool bonus.
My initial entry training could theoretically be done over two summers (basic training one summer, then go to uni for the year, then my actual job training the next summer) I understand that this part would be fine as it would not be during term time, however after my training is complete, I would be required to commute to Germany one weekend per month to serve with my unit.
Given the work restrictions of my student visa I am unsure if this would be allowed, I have heard conflicting information saying that any overseas employment is counted as being self employed and therefore not allowed, and others have said that rule only applies to work being done within the UK, such as working remotely for an overseas company that does not follow UK tax laws and all that.
I am also curious if it is possible to suspend student visas and resume them later in special circumstances, for example in the fairly unlikely event (at least with current foreign policy) I was deployed for a period of time, or if being deployed would cause me to lose my student visa and technically be deported or banned or anything like that. I would understand if no accomodations would be made regarding my studies or visa status considering I would be serving in a foreign (albeit allied) military and that the UK would not owe me anything like that.
If it came down to one or the other I would rather continue my education in the UK as it is such an amazing opportunity but I like the idea of potentially getting to study and serve at the same time and get the best of both worlds essentially.
I apologize for the fairly long post or if any of it is confusing at all, if any of you have any further questions for me please let me know, and I thank you all in advance for your help and advice!
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2023.06.06 17:11 alternatethingacc High School Sweetheart is divorcing me, all love is just evaporated.

We got together at in 2016, married in 2020, moved in together July 2021. All was seeming pretty good, but after a while it was like we were suffocating one another, the passion and emotion drained from our love, and love just became a fact of life like air being clear or the sky being blue, completely uninteresting.
Her Dad died in January, we went to Hungary to see the funeral, but the family tried to get my... do I say ex-wife now? wife at the time anyway, tried getting her to arrange everything. I saw the man's corpse, it hadn't been done up or anything because we weren't actually there legally.
After we got back from Hungary for the next 3 weeks she never really spoke to me, there was a look of hatred in her eyes whenever we made eye contact. And in March she moved out under the guise of looking after her Mum's house while her Mum was in Hungary. She ended up staying there indefinitely and not returning, as a result I could no longer afford the place and had to move back in with my parents. She broke up with me very cattily over the phone saying quite chirpily "yeah... it's not working out". After a few weeks it seemed like we were on the rise, we were no longer planning a divorce, but instead planning a future, the relationship had turned into this quasi-long distance relationship even though we only lived 7 miles apart we saw each other once every two weeks.
Between April and May she seemed really invested in us, the look of hatred in her eyes was replaced by the original gaze of love she had when we first got together. We went out around the centre of town and enjoyed different museums and restaurants, like we were dating for the first time almost. We were both saving money for a deposit on a house, but the initial optimism I had, whilst it wasn't burning out, I was realising just how long this was going to take and I had worries about the realistic feasibility of this relationship in the meanwhile.
We met about a week ago, and I felt really cold, she asked me what was up and I told her. She really didn't like it, acting as if this stuff had all been resolved. And making me feel guilty for my own concerns. I kept bringing up couples therapy which she wasn't at all interested in, calling it pointless.
I asked her if she could take some of the stuff that's clogging my room at my parent's house up. Her computer, maybe one or two of the 14 bags of stuff she left behind. She started crying in frustration whilst ordering the cab because the app was being a pain, little did I realise at the time that was the last ounce of her energy for this relationship being released. I waved goodbye to her. And in the morning I woke up to a text saying "I'm done with you, please stop texting me". That's how 7 years of love evaporates.
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2023.06.06 17:11 Counter_Some My thought on the finale

I didn’t hate the finale, it just took me a few rewatches of S1 to 5 to get my head around it for me to see where the writers were going with it. Now I see most of the clues left around that make me believe Sarah got all her memories back. In the last two episodes we see a confused and conflicted Sarah who doesn’t know who to trust. She is fighting her demons. Sarah was psychologically damaged in mind and thoughts by the effects of the intersect and Quinn's manipulation. It brought out the killer enforcer in Sarah and she was willing to kill her husband without a second thought with no remorse. That's who Sarah has become. A lone efficient killer who has forgotten the last 5 years. It got pretty dark for Sarah who was caught in a nightmare. Chuck has only seen this cold-blooded Sarah once when she killed the agent who was going to expose Chuck as the intersect. Chuck witnessed this and was disturbed by it for months. He never saw the ruthless Sarah let loose like she did in phase 3, or the baby episode. I'm thinking Sarah might not remember the Baby episode, it happened 5 years ago too. Sarah was handed Chuck's files by Graham at the end of that episode to become Chuck's handler. This probably happened a few weeks after the baby incident in Budapest. I don't believe Sarah losing 5 years of her memories created a new Sarah, just an older version of Sarah before she met Chuck at Buy More. This Sarah is not the Sarah he fell in love with. Chuck even admitted he has lost her. This Sarah is broken and lost and has the feeling of not belonging. We see Chuck losing it and is unable to control his emotions. We see Chuck doing whatever it takes to win the old Sarah back, even if he has to start all over again. This Sarah is now a cold trained assassin, but Chuck believes his Sarah is still in there somewhere.This Sarah still has emotions and Chuck uses it to his advantage that backfired badly for him. Sarah subconsciously listens to Chuck who tries reasoning, lowering Sarah's guard a few times. We see Chuck getting through to Sarah, We saw this when Sarah was uploading the intersect onto the glasses and pulled a gun on Chuck, Casey and Morgan. She let him lower her gun and she didn't know why. He makes her vulnerable to being able to switch the glasses until Quinn interrupts her thoughts and brings her back to spy mode. Sarah quickly reverts back to cold blooded assassin and Chuck fails with consequences. We also saw what happened when Chuck took her to their dream home to jog her memory. He is getting through to her emotions and then her brain kicks her back into spy mode and she lashes out. Sarah was cold and ruthless after her memories were suppressed, but when she began to open up and trust in Chuck and believe his stories, we see Sarah seeking out Chuck as she always has been since the pilot. She told Chuck she needed to go away to find herself, but something kept bringing her back. CHUCK. She was going to disappear forever after killing Quinn but came back after 2 weeks and asked for Chuck's help in tracking down Quinn. Sarah kept coming back to Chuck. I don't think she understands why yet. This is a throwback to all the times Sarah was going to leave in season 1,2 and 3. She never did because she always followed her heart which belonged to Chuck. So, in her subconscious mind she could never bring herself to leave Chuck and probably didn't even know why she kept hanging around. Just like Carla said “Chuck, she doesn't even know she is in love with you”. Sarah needs to do what she does best. Follow her heart. Like Chuck said to Morgan and Morgan reminding Chuck to follow his heart, not his head. I believe the same thing can be said of Sarah. All those times Sarah was going to leave in those seasons, she was following her head, but her heart kept saying no. She chose love each time. CHUCK. Ellie advises Chuck that Sarah fell in love with him before. Chuck can do it again. Sarah will remember. Emotions and feelings are powerful things. Find Sarah, spark some of those feelings. He now believes he can get Sarah back. Chuck's love for her is too strong and is willing to do anything. We see Chuck making it his mission to capture Sarah's heart at all costs and it worked by just being himself, the guy she fell in love with. He protected her from Quinn's shot and the authorities. He forgives her for attacking and trying to kill him multiple times. He allowed her to run to protect her. When everyone gave up on her and insisted she was gone. Chuck never gave up on Sarah. He still believes his Sarah was in there somewhere. Once Sarah let go of her demons from the torture and her beaten soul, Chuck showed her the man she fell in love with. He will always be there for her, be by her side and put her first. These selfless acts began to calm Sarah who needed Chuck. We see a calm and quiet Sarah who is recovering her stolen memories and is slowly remembering and reverting back to Chuck's Sarah in the later part of S5 13. All because of chuck' influences.
The first time I watched S5 E12 & 13, it did bother me. Watching all 5 seasons again put it into perspective for me and made more sense as there are clues over the five seasons why I think Sarah slowly regains her memories. We see Morgan slowly regaining his memories, remembering little details like the vault where he hid the intersect glasses and watching movies to initiate. In Phase 3, we see Chuck fully regain his memories from Sarah's kiss. I see no reason why Sarah can't regain hers. I don’t think Sarah regained all of her memories after the kiss. It will take time, but I think she will, eventually as it is suppressed, not erased. The dream house was the start of a long and lonely road for Sarah to find herself. S12 and13 is all about Sarah picking up bits and pieces of her memories, feelings and places. When she saw her name, that was the first sign, but it wasn't enough to convince Sarah. She needs more proof, hence Casey with the CD logs. You can see as Sarah watches more of the video logs how emotionally she gets and begins to believe. By day 564 of the log, we see the tears and hand over her heart. She is remembering and her feelings are slowly coming back but not feeling it yet. We see Sarah remembering things like arranging the cups because they were not right at the wienerlicious. Irene Demova and her writing of her name. We are given clues that she does not know why she remembers certain things like the Irene demova to defuse the bomb. I think the biggest clue is the beach, she remembers it's an important place for them, but doesn’t know why. She also remembers the exact spot where they sat on the beach. You can see the palm trees in the pilot and final episode. 6 tall ones and a little one. These are all important details/clues that her memories are returning, but it is just scattered for now. I also think Chuck telling her their story jugged her memories, judging by Sarah’s laughing and crying while he was reciting their stories. The kiss was the final piece of the puzzle that showed Sarah was remembering and her feelings for Chuck were coming back. Sarah said it all in S3 E13, that she fell for him the moment she met him at the buy more. Another clue. So I can see why it was easy for Sarah to regain those feelings for Chuck once again. Chuck reminded her of who she really is. I don't think Sarah ever fell out of love with Chuck. Her love was suppressed. There are clues everywhere in both episodes. You just got to find them. In E13 at the club, watch closely as they dance and Sarah says “Get me close” and Chuck misinterprets it and pulls her closer to him. Sarah exhales and says, “No close to Renny”. The closeness sparks some real feelings from Sarah. They nearly kissed, her mouth opened but they pulled back at the last minute when Renny answered his phone loudly. Their noses are touching. Sarah's feelings for Chuck are definitely coming back in this scene.
In the scene where Sarah comes over to talk to Chuck in the courtyard in S12. She said I believed everything you told me about us but she wasn't feeling it. The kiss is another throwback to that scene because now she feels it. She asked Chuck to kiss her because her feelings are coming back and Sarah wants to remember more and I think she does. I believe Chuck got his Sarah back in the end.
The kiss to me also proves their love is so strong and pure that even with Sarah’s memories stolen, Sarah chose Chuck once again even when she was struggling to remember a lot of details about their lives together, because deep down the love within her heart for Chuck never died. It was always there waiting for Chuck to unlock with one magical kiss, just like she unlocked his memories with a magical kiss in phase
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2023.06.06 17:11 DrLieutenantDickhead Lol

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2023.06.06 17:10 apexcosmologist Just got rejected

Feels awful. Got a callback, did a scene with the casting director, and got redirected many times. She said I was being textual, relying too much on the words, instead of thinking about what I was saying and what I was trying to communicate. We go again, she stops me, then again. She seemed very displeased, and I felt I wasn’t giving her what she was asking for. I agree with all her feedback, but It feels awful because it tells me I’m a terrible actor, with no potential. I was really nervous because she’s one of the biggest casting directors in my country, and I couldn’t focus on the character. I was also terrible at preparing and studying the given scene. She asked me a lot of questions about the character I hadn’t thought of before, and I’d never ask those myself if she didn’t.
I feel like quitting. Like I’m wasting my time
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2023.06.06 17:10 AshSays_LGBT How do you teach a child not to hit people

I (16M) have a 3y/o niece who seems to be getting unusually more likely to punch me for no good reason. On Friday, before she went shopping, she came up to me and started punching me in the stomach, and she did the same again today. She tried going for multiple rounds but each time I just gently pushed her away, enough so that she would be far enough away to not punch me but not hard enough to make her fall over or hit into anything. This didn’t seem effective so what do I do? My mum sees her doing it and doesn’t say anything and I don’t want to hurt her (I shouldn’t need to either). I just want to teach her that it’s not right and to stop doing it, because she might start doing it at school if it gets any worse.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.06 17:10 secretlyatacotruck Am I crazy for thinking I have a chance with an old flame?

Alright, Reddit, strap in, because I’m probably about to give you way too much context. Throwaway account.
This old flame and I went our separate ways nearly nine years ago. They were my first love, first serious relationship, and truly a best friend. They challenged me in the best ways, we could laugh about anything, and we were able to navigate the serious moments, too. Our families were close — I babysat for their siblings’ kids, our parents would have dinner together, and their parents always made me feel welcomed and appreciated. I fell in love with this person through the small moments and the grand gestures - from running to the store for something little to planning elaborate surprises.
We were young, and life pulled us in different directions. For full transparency, it was a situation where they left for college and I still had a year of high school. We both respected that we were in different phases of life, and that was that. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t try to force myself into wasting the last of my teenage years following around someone in college like a sad puppy. We chalked it down to right person, wrong time and moved on.
About five years ago, they reached out and asked if I wanted to get together and catch up. At this point, we were both in college and had grown a great deal since we had last seen each other. Despite all the changes, though, it was like no time had passed. I felt entirely at home with them, and it was refreshing. We spent a few days together and went our separate ways, but not without deeply considering what it would look like to start fresh. Unfortunately, at this point, they were about to get out of the military, and I was looking to go in. We agreed that it wasn’t the right time again, but damn if it wasn’t a breath of fresh air to see them again.
A few months after this, they started dating a new partner. I was thrilled for them, and knew that I should back off of any hopes to rekindle our relationship. Life happened, and in the time since then, I’ve been to grad school and moved several times. I got into a relationship for a couple of years, and while I deeply loved that person, it was another case of our lives going in different directions career wise. The military never happened for me, which has been for the better. I did always wonder what it would look like to pull a grand romance novel move and tell them that my plans had changed and we could reconsider things again, but I was not about to interfere with their relationship, and I never want someone to feel like the weight of my plans changing is on them. Also, fictional characters can get away with that - I would prefer to not look batshit crazy to this person.
So here we are now, just over five years later, and both us are single. On a whim, I reached out to them, and I’ll be dammed, they replied. This time, though, it does feel like time has passed. We’re both in our mid-20s now, and I know that our lives have changed a lot since we were in high school (and even college) - I’d be concerned if they hadn’t. I know that I would not be falling for the same person I met nearly eleven years ago, but I have also never stopped considering what this person has meant to me.
Through dating and relationships with other people, my heart seems to always come back to this person. Of course, up until now, I haven’t been able to do anything with that feeling. Beyond that, I have to stop and wonder if having my heart set on my first love is crazy. Do I have feelings for this person, or am I in love with the memories of them? I’ve talked about relationships with my therapist, particularly after my break up last summer. My heart remains torn. Do I appreciate the new adventure that would come with getting to know my first love again, or do I face the possibility that I’m living with my head in the clouds?
Something this person told me nearly ten years ago was that they can’t be my only source of happiness. As a teenager, I didn’t understand why someone who I was madly in love with couldn’t be my biggest source of joy - but as they years have passed, I have come to realize that in all things in life, you can’t depend on one thing/person to bring you joy. I have experienced too much love from people, places, opportunities, etc. to ever rely on just one thing, but I still can’t stop myself from imagining what could be if the spark reignited with this person.
Who knows, maybe I’m just delusional. Maybe asking internet strangers for advice isn’t the best idea (I’m sure some of you will have some absolutely unhinged shit to say), but I think it will at least help to be in conversation about this with someone who isn’t me.
TL;DR: Turn on your sad girl indie playlist and help me decide: Is it plausible to reignite the spark with an old flame who happens to also be my first love from over ten years ago? Life changes, people change, but sometimes love just won’t shut the fuck up.
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2023.06.06 17:10 Plz_Fix_Thx_21 Looking for a Little Positivity/Encouragement

Second-year BL lit associate. A few years of work exp beforehand. I’m unhappy here. The pressure to bill, worry about billables, make sure there’s enough on your plate, etc. has really messed with the way I think about work (especially when compared to my corp America job beforehand), and that says nothing about the other downsides of working in BL (fire drills, etc.). Hell, even something as simple as the thought of a Tuesday happy hour with my SO is utterly foreign to me now.
I’m likely going to start applying to fed gov’t jobs with the goal of getting back to a normal 9-6. With the COL adjustment, I can likely walk in making $100k-$120k. Student loans are all fed, totaling ~$100k. I have about 9-10 months of expenses saved. Even though I feel like I could financially manage the change, I have this inner panic that it’d be the wrong decision, mainly because I’d be giving up this Looney Tunes level salary (although it comes at the cost of free time, hobbies, flexibility to just…be a person). My SO is really supportive of any decision I’d make (including staying for another year or two), but it’s hard for family/friends/therapist to relate since they’re not really doing this job. To be clear, I understand that BL pay means BL demands, and I don’t look down or judge anyone who stays here - everyones’ situation/goals/desires are different, and I really do respect that. I’d really just appreciate thoughts/comments/positive vibes regarding leaving BL and trying to put myself back in a life where I have control over my free time, especially from those who made the jump as a junior.
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2023.06.06 17:10 AutoModerator [Download Course] Cody Wittick & Taylor Lagace – The Influencer Marketing Blueprint (Genkicourses.site)

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2023.06.06 17:10 mlollypop My T is Ghosting Me and I'm Spiraling

I have (had?) an amazing therapist. We've been working together for at least seven years, and the last three we've been doing some really hard, really amazing work. I was starting to feel like I had overcome a bunch of childhood trauma issues, and was feeling better about myself and how I relate to the world. The guy has literally saved my life at least twice, and I was so thankful for all the work we've done.
About a month ago, he sent an email indicating that he was moving away from private practice to a job with the state and would be transitioning his clients out. I had an appointment the following week and expected to discuss plans for transitioning or starting the termination process, but we talked about a recent crisis issue I had had and he mentioned that he might be able to keep a smaller caseload while he was working this full-time gig. I said that if I could stay on, great, but if I can't I feel okay about moving on. I had another appointment scheduled the following week and assumed that either we'd finalize a plan to transition to someone new, or we'd make a plan for continued treatment.
The next week, he cancelled our appointment because of a scheduling conflict and said we could reschedule. And that's the last I've heard from him. I've tried contacting him via text and email and it's radio silence. I tried to make an appointment on his website, but it says there are no openings available at this time.
It's been almost two weeks since he cancelled and I've sent three messages and nothing. I bounce back and forth between being worried that something's happened to him, being sad that we won't get a final session, feeling selfish because I know he's dealing with a new schedule, and being angry because I feel so let down and betrayed after seven years of really vulnerable work. If he wasn't responsive in the past, I wouldn't feel so broken, but it's generally only 24 hours between when I reach out and when I get a response. To go 12 days without anything, not even a "my schedule's really crazy atm I'll get back to you soon", is really throwing me.
And honestly, up until this week I would have been fine making a plan to move on to another provider but this has me so rattled I feel like I can't trust anything anymore. I have huge abandonment and attachment issues so this is pushing all of my buttons. I want to believe that there has just been some sort of miscommunication or something, but I find myself wondering what I did wrong? Is this some test to see if I'm genuinely doing better? Is this some fucked up mindgame? Knowing my background, why would he deliberately do this? I just am so lost and don't understand and I feel like I can't trust anything that we've worked on because if I'm this rattled am I actually bettehealing or was it all just a facade? The worst part is, he was the go-to for debriefing things and helping me work through hard stuff, and now I'm alone and don't know who to talk to.
I started googling "when your therapist ghosts you" and so many of the answers are "it's a violation of ethics, report them" and I don't feel comfortable doing that because up until now, we had an incredible working relationship. I don't want this to taint everything that he's done, but at the same time I don't understand why he would do this. I keep trying to tell myself to just move on and find a new provider, but I just feel so broken and lost at the moment and I just wish I understood why or could have had the chance to say goodbye or get some closure.
I'm sorry this is so long, but I'm so gutted and I don't know what to do. At this point I know I shouldn't reach out again. But what do I do? And what do I do if he eventually resurfaces? I've been crying and swirling in this cyclone of worry, anger, and sadness for three days now and I don't know how to make it stop and just move on.
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2023.06.06 17:10 ObamasBootee How to unfumble the bag and get her back (Me 18M, Her 18F)

This girl and I had a thing for around 6 months. We started talking in October but things actually started between us in November since that’s when our first date was, and it went all the way through may. We kind of had an off period where we weren’t hanging out for a month or two in Jan/Feb and I thought she lost interest but she just got shy or something idk. Then we started hanging again in March. I’m really dumb and throughout this whole 6 month period I never made any sort of intimate moves like a kiss or holding hands, even though I really wanted to but I was too nervous too, and we never talked about relationships/where this was going between us. As a result in May, she became a bit distant and then we had a talk where she basically told me she felt like it’s been going on for so long and feels like it’s going nowhere and that the opportunity to take it past friendship has passed. This really was a massive punch to the gut, everything was so perfect until it wasn’t, her family loved me, I was homies w her little brother, we went to prom and homecoming together and we got along so well. I feel like there’s a small chance I can recover from this though, because she ended things on good terms and we’re still “friends”, although we’ve barely talked at all for the past month except for exchanging a few words in class every now and then, and despite this a couple days ago she asked me to sign her year book and then signed mine which I thought was odd but I didn’t think anything of it, but she wrote such a sweet and heartfelt message which made me hella sad how I could’ve fumbled this. But How and when do you think I should go about this? And before y’all come at me saying to just move on and take it as a lesson, I know I know I’ve heard it a lot but I just want to shoot my shot one more time and see what happened the worst that could happens is I get rejected.
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2023.06.06 17:09 Elegant-Spare-4102 Pink Seoul rate?

Hi all!
I went off skincare a while back bc life. Trying to turn a new page and put aside time for myself again every night.
Someone talked about the Pin Seoul box a few days ago and it got my attention.
What did y’all think? Is it worth the money?
Is it a good box to start a skin care journey like their description says?
I just need to start off with cleanser and moisturizer at this point. My Ipsy box has had toner for like four months straight -.-
Thank you!
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2023.06.06 17:09 OtakuJuanma What's up with the wild Digimon AI?

I started playing yesterday. I'm a veteran to Digimon World 1 so I got a pretty good hang of all the mechanics (Already so much better than the original, it's the same game but with a million QoL improvements!!) but I've noticed that in battle the AI always, and I mean ALWAYS attacks my Left partner, whom is currently a Lillymon going into Rosemon, thus pretty low on HP. The other is a pretty balanced Megadramon going into Wargreymon that on evolution already achieved almost 1k STR, Both are the starters, first generation.

My issue is that on every fight, and I do mean EVERY fight, nobody attacks the tankier Megadramon, it's ALWAYS Lillymon. The only time Megadramon was attacked was when I was destroyed by Black Agumon and Gabumon (Side note, who had the idea of putting an inescapable fight against level 30 enemies in an area where the average is lvl9?). From the weakest Goburimon to the recruitable boss fights, not a single attack has landed on Megadramon, not when he was a Black Agumon, nor when he evolved to Sabirdramon, not now. I promise, I'm not being hyperbolic here, I'm not saying it feels like such and such; I'm saying Megadramon never took a single point of damage, it was all Lillymon (with that one exception I mentioned, because she was dead)

So I got to ask, is the AI programmed to attack only the digimon with the lowest hp? or only the left-side digimon?or something like that?
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2023.06.06 17:09 rainbows_girlfriends Should I tell my younger sisters about why I went no contact with our father or should I leave it alone?

I'll start off with a little background: My mother and father were high school sweethearts who married at 25 and got pregnant with me at 26. My father then, while my mother was still pregnant with me, cheated on my mother and promptly informed her that he was leaving her for this other woman, we will call her E. So they were separated/divorced before I was even born. My mother goes on to gain full custody of me, marry my stepdad, and have two kids with him before amicably divorcing when I was 16. My father married E around the same time as my mom and stepdad, and they also had two kids together.
My father was not very present growing up, I saw him sporadically and he didn't always keep his promises to me. He could go months without contact to calling me out of the blue, most people in my dad's life do not know I exist, there are no pictures of me at the house, the house had 4 bedrooms but one was used for storage so I slept on my sisters floor etc. Partly because E doesn't want to disturb her picturesque life. My mother says she used to play house with me as a baby until they had their own kids, and after that she tended to completely ignore me.
This means that when I did spend time at my dad's, we tended to stay at home the entire time. I spent most of that time with my younger sisters, who were always so excited to see me and treated me like an idol. Probably because they so rarely saw me. I love them so much and I always did my best to subvert my father and E's subpar parenting. At 15, I had a terrible experience that made me stop trying to contact my father myself and when I turned 20 I decided to go full no-contact (Which wasn't hard bc we hadn't spoken for 2 years anyway).
I haven't seen my sisters in close to 6 years and I miss them. I have always felt guilty for not keeping contact alive, even when I was a kid. I am the oldest, I should have contacted them more and been more active in their lives. And I do so want them back in my life. They are both 18+ now and starting new lives separate from my father and E. The problem is this: I do not want my father back in my life yet and I feel that in order to have a full relationship with my sisters we need to have a serious talk about how their father wasn't my father and why they might be invited to things and he will not be. I don't hate my father, we just had different experiences and I made a choice for me. I don't know how they would take that or how I will react if they scorn me for it. People in my life have told me many varying things: Contact them and have the talk, don't contact them, contact but don't have the talk they would just side with your father, etc.
TL;DR I haven't spoken to my father for years bc of his treatment of me and how he allowed his wife to treat me but I want to reconnect with my half-sisters who I also haven't spoken to in years. I feel I need to talk to them about my father and our relationship in order to have a fulfilling relationship with my sisters, not to pass blame or hate but bc I need to make my position and decision clear.
So. Should I contact my sisters to sit down to have this talk? Or should I just leave well enough alone? Should I contact them and just not bring up my father at all?
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2023.06.06 17:09 the-greenest-thumb My dog growls at people, but only on a specific trail?

I have a 2yr old papillon, though I got him in February. On regular walks he's perfectly fine, I live near downtown so there's lots of people and stuff. He loves women and children, less so with men but he's never ever growled at anyone on walks. He usually either ignores people or tries to say hello.
Then in April I took him to this strip of wooded trail that runs through my city, it's pretty popular and has lots of people walking and cycling through it. He growled at every person that went by and was on high alert. He did not calm down until we were back on the street. I tried again in May at a different, less wooded part of the trail and he again growled at everyone and was tense the whole time until we got back on the street.
When the weather started getting nicer I started taking him for short picnics at the park across the street from me (and only a few blocks from the trail) and he's perfectly fine. He relaxes, sniffs, plays fetch, greets people etc. He did once growl at a baby, but I think it just surprised him as the baby was crawling very fast towards him.
And a couple days ago I took him to a beach that has a wooded area, very similar feel to the trail by my home. And he was again perfectly fine; not a peep out of him, body language was calm and happy and he even chose to approach several people who asked to pet him.
I don't understand why he growls and gets so uncomfortable with people on that particular trail and nowhere else, I can't see how it's different from the other locations. I really want to fix this as I grew up going to that trail every year, it's a 20min walk from my home and half the reason I got a dog was so they could walk it with me.
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