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2023.06.06 18:26 Tiny_West6609 Refuses regund

I pre-ordered 4 subs for dinner time pickup ... 430 pm... hubby and kids were going to walk over and get them as I was working.
They showed up. No subs. Staff says oh we have no idea what you're talking about. You're trying to.rip us off. We're not making them for you.
I had the order on my cellphone but I was in a meeting so could not give them the order number. They left and got food at McDonalds.
When I got home and heard story I reported the problem via the app. Subway Cansda does not have a number where you can talk to a person. I demanded a refund giving screen shots of order, including pickup time and emails involved.
Next day got a bitchy email telling me that try had made them and they SAT FOR HOURS SO THEY THREW THEM OUT. What time did I come to pick them up?? At the time I pre ordered them for.
They made them in the morning at time of order despite A PRE ORDER TIME OF 430. I replied that they should read the pickup time and once again asked for my refund.
They refuse to. There is no way to call anyone or email anyone aside from the franchisee.
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2023.06.06 18:26 DIY_Dick Best Pan Chanco cakes or treats?

I have an appointment near Pan Chanco this afternoon and I figured I would pick something up from Pan Chanco to surprise my wife and kids. Any suggestions? I have heard their cakes are delicious but don't know which ones to try.
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2023.06.06 18:25 orangemarley Trying to work out what shirt this is

Recently picked this shirt up, it’s a newer iteration, made offshore. I don’t think it’s the field flannel shirt as the pocket design is different and it’s made from a higher oz cotton. Anyone have any ideas? As it’s a M It’s a bit short on the sleeves for me but fits everywhere else, so if anyone wanted to purchase or trade for something else maybe we can come to a deal. As seen in the pictures it has some wear. Uk based. Cheers!
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2023.06.06 18:24 Concorde_1969 Pavement Princess Tears

Absolutely hilarious article fear-mongering about pickup truck bans and how hard it is to have a massive pickup in some North American communities. Interviewee bought a pickup that was too big for his garage in suburbia and had to park his truck on the street, only the community didn't allow massive trucks to be street parked, so he had to park it at his grandmother-in-laws house.
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2023.06.06 18:24 FrankenTooth My feelings on "look whose talking"

In the first 'look whose talking' film, the movie opens with Kristy Ally's character having an affair with her boss, who is married. Yes, she knows he is married and therefore she is affectively a homewrecker especially considering she's gonna keep the baby. She starts being giddy and fantasizing about this family she's building with her boss while the comedic talking baby is developing in her stomach. That is up until she catches him making out with a whole other woman and she goes ballistic that he would fare to do that to her.... Yeah.....
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2023.06.06 18:23 ForsakePariah If you're curious what a budgie with no upper beak looks like eating

If you're curious what a budgie with no upper beak looks like eating
We have a IRN, cockatiel, GCC and this budgie. They all used to be cage free except for sleeping until our budgie got a death wish and started picking fights with the conure. The conure got fed up and bit her upper beak off. Now she stays in her cage when the conure is in the same area. The rest of the birds are fine with each other.
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2023.06.06 18:23 TheRed_Priestess US Visa Application in Calgary, AB (B1/B2) Experience + Process

My appointment was on a Tuesday morning (7:45 AM) There were several "stages" and I'll also share some clients do's and don'ts that will definitely make your appointment smoother.
Please don't take a whole backpack with you. It's even written on the website. They will not let you in if you have a huge purse or a backpack, so better leave it at home. This was such a common issue during my appointment, and some clients even had the audacity to get mad at the guard when it was clearly stated to NOT bring backpacks / tote bags / laptop bags etc.
Don't wear something complicated, wear comfortable and clean clothes. I showed up wearing sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt - and only wore my earrings. I left my Apple Watch, rings, bracelets, necklaces at home. It's way too much of a hassle to take them all off during the "airport" security phase (see below)
Don't arrive TOO EARLY. It clearly says on the website and e-mails to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment. There's a Tim Hortons inside the building too if you brought someone with you, or if you need a place to stay while waiting for your appointment.
What to bring: Your DS-160 Confirmation Page, Passport, ID, PR Card (or proof of status document), Supporting Documents (if applicable), and a 2x2 photo
  1. Right before you enter the actual office, there's a guard outside to check for initial security (anything hazardous, etc) - pretty standard stuff. She will ask for your passport and will also ask you to turn off your phone.
  2. Next stop will be checking your Passport, DS-160, Photo ID and Proof of Status. They will also explain how you'll get your Visa (if approved) - and just explain your selection (whether you selected home delivery or pick up)
  3. Next stop will be this more thorough security check (think airport security) - you will be asked to take off your jewelry, empty your pockets, take off your shoes and other accessories and place it in the bin. They have a small locker for cellphone, and that's pretty much the only thing that they will keep in there.
  4. You will then be asked to sit in the next room and wait (maximum 2-3 minutes) and you will be guided to the elevator
  5. Next stop: The staff behind the window will ask for your passport, photo and proof of status document. They will keep the photo ID and will ask you to go to the next window.
  6. Fingerprinting
  7. Interview. NOW, there were applicants before me that were interviewed for 10-15 minutes, and at the time of my visit, one of them was interviewed for a solid 40 minutes before getting denied. Of course, it was nerve wracking, but when my turn came - I was only asked 1 question "Why are you visiting the US" After I stated my answer, he handed me the paper (how to track your document's status) and said "Your visa will be likely approved" and he grabbed my passport and off I went. My interview lasted for 15-20 seconds and I was so nervous for nothing. I didn't even have the chance to show any of my supporting documents.

Overall, the entire process was pretty straightforward and quick. I was there at 7:30 AM and was out by 8:47 AM.

I hope this helps someone! This was the type of information I was looking for when preparing for my appointment. If you have any other questions that are not mentioned above, let me know!
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2023.06.06 18:23 Whatchamahcallit Being ugly makes me want kill myself

Im a 20 F Being ugly makes me want to kill myself. I dont leave my house. I live with my mom and i dont have a job or career (in spite of knowing what i want to do i cant do it) because i cant be seen by the world. I have no social media presence as well. Ever since i was a kid i was always the ugly girl by everyone I knew and met and was rarely if ever complimented. I was always bullied for the way that i look and every physical aspect was picked apart till i soon realized everything was ugly about me no matter what i did/do. Things that i couldn’t change or had a hard time changing or would have adverse effects. I used to pray to god begging to make me beautiful and cried wondering why he made me so ugly. I got a nose job and im still ugly like i went from one ugly nose to another. I have short hair cause it was damaged from trying to keep it straight for so long ,so i wear wigs and im still ugly. My skin is brown so i tried to bleach it and it never seemed to work no matter what i did. No matter how much i physically feel bones i still see fatness in some parts when i look at myself. Im ashamed of my face and my looks and i can never be seen by the world. To me my face is such a disgrace that i want to kill my self for because i feel i have no point or purpose in life if im not beautiful. I cant even look at myself in the mirror anymore without wanting to cry or die and i have compared myself so heavily to others that it has become a mental/emotional/physical disease for me. Im metaphorically rotting in the bed because of my shame and inability to be seen by anyone. I dressed up a bit to go to the mall and i thought i looked cute and My mother got complimented on her hair and i got no compliments at all and i remember feeling embarrassed that my mom got complimented before I ever did and i remember feeling that way when a man flirted with her another time. I dont like to show pictures of my sister because she was also someone else i was compared to and i fear I’ll hear those same comparisons all over again if i ever do. I dont ever get called beautiful till i cry and have a mental breakdown about it but then i can tell those people are just saying that to make me feel better and to make me shut up. I’ve never had a boyfriend or friends or any social life and I know its cause of my looks. And they are things i cant seem to change no matter what i do. Its like my face/looks are resistant to being pretty/beautiful and dont want to cooperate. It hurts to see myself and to feel this way. I feel shame for being ugly and not even being able to do anything or have a life because of it. As a girl we are judged harder on our looks as that is considered our main value and id rather die than walk this world alone and forever always being the ugly girl. I fear I’ll die alone loveless and friendless and penniless because of my ugliness. I wish i was born pretty or never born at all! Everything i don’t do with my life reverts back to being ugly and i know im wasting my life away but i cant seem to grip on and help it what a sad existence !
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2023.06.06 18:23 frothyv The enemy

(grande rant)
Fuck the delivery people. Y’all aren’t going to pick up the crates because TWO of them fell over. TWO. This always happens. Can anyone relate?
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2023.06.06 18:23 LateToTheParty737 Found this little guy in the garden, do I need to be worried?

I found this little guy running around the patio this morning before jumping into a crack in the patio concrete. Until August last year, I've only lived in flats, so have zero knowledge of what kind of mouse this is and how to get rid of it? I've got a daughter that is at an age of exploring and would be worried she'd pick it up, therefore, want to get it out of the garden as soon as possible. Any advice would help, thanks.
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2023.06.06 18:23 August202222 Drew Carey Picks Up $20,000 (and Growing) Lunch Tab for Striking Writers (Exclusive)

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2023.06.06 18:23 LurkinMostlyOnlyYes 6, 5 or 4 string bass for a beginner?

So I'm conflicted. Im just starting out learning bass (I'm self taught and only know a few songs) and my first bass guitar broke. That bass was a 5 string. Now it's time for me to buy a new one (its in a state where even a repairman can't fix it), but I'm not sure how many strings I should get. It's really hard to choose. Most of the songs that I know only require 4 strings (except for dragonball durag by thundercat and even with that one I think I could figure it out on 4 strings if I really wanted to), but I intend to mostly play bass on my own/not in a band. Also, a lot of bassists that I look up to (Thundercat, John Myung) use 5-6 strings. But there are a lot of bassists I like (Esperanza Spalding, Steve Harris, jazz bassists) that don't. Then there's the fact that I'm looking for a new bass teacher and I don't know if I could find one who teaches 5 or more strings. As for music I listen to, I honestly listen to all genres so I can't use that to pick how many strings I should get...
As you can see it's really confusing lol. What do you all think? For a self taught beginner who doesn't intend on getting into a band (I'm learning music mostly for self expression and fun!) , 4, 5 or 6 strings?
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2023.06.06 18:23 6thsmirk TIFU by getting home late while having a helicopter mom

I'm 17M and I'll be soon graduating from high school in a few weeks. To preface I'm not from the US. I asked mom to went out to see Spiderverse with a friend at a theater in walking distance from home. At first I wanted to see it in IMAX, but it means I have to take a motorcycle ride-hailing service and my mom doesn't like it - citing sanitary issues with their helmets and safety issues with reckless drivers which sounds pretty insane to an outsider but I had to get used to it. So I tried bargaining and my mom approved.
Now let's get to the main story. I told mom I would go at 7PM and get home by 9.30PM. The film started at 7.45PM. and ends at 10PM or something I don't remember. Then we took some pictures around the theaters, chatted for a bit and I returned home at 10.45PM. She didn't say a word to me when I got home, which I know means she's furious. Later on she told me in her calmest voice that she had tried to call me multiple times but I didn't pick up. I know I fucked up badly in this situation even if I had a chill parents. I should've updated her more, I should've remembered to text her my friend's number. And it didn't really help that my mom is suspicious of me going to the IMAX theater. I'm glad I tried my best to also calmly prove to her I really didn't go there, but her trust for me have been broken again, while at the same time I still resent her for a lot of times she was being overprotective.
I just want to vent in order not to just feeling like banging my head to the wall. For being a fuck up and also feeling like I don't get to have the experiences I think I could have.
TL;DR: Wanted to see Spiderverse in IMAX but my mom turned that down and instead I had to go to a theater near home. Should have texted her I was coming home later than I thought but I didn't. She accuses me of sneaking to the IMAX one. Tried explaining, she got less mad but I still don't know how to process my own feelings.
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2023.06.06 18:22 Perfect__Cell__ Advice for a no Merchant, no healing, and only guns and knives run

As the title says, I'm trying to stack three challenges into a single run. So far I've been okay until the Castle, but I'm running very low on ammo and my knives have been nearly depleted.
I do have crafting charms on, and also the case that drops more handgun ammo. Maybe I need to run from encounters as much as possible? For whatever reason, I haven't picked up any small resources for a while either... is there some way to increase their drop rate?
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2023.06.06 18:22 Ryanfunroe Me_irl

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2023.06.06 18:21 Wintervoidx The strategy I want to see someday

I want two strong competitors form two separate alliances and that the two leaders to make sure that the two alliances are constantly at each others throats.
I want those two leaders of their alliances to be secret allies that will go to final 3 together. One likely wins a million, and the other will come in second at 100k. Let the best person win, but almost guaranteed 100k AND both will be survivor legends.
Basically, the two of them will protect each other and inform each other of issues and pick off the people they feel are threats. Alliance A has a problem child that is gaining power? Well, then Alliance B decides to snipe that person with some inside info that Leader A gives them. Alliance B leader is targeted? Alliance A helps sabotage it subtly.
I am sure it would be a long shot, but if you had two people that appeared to hate each other, no one would suspect that they are working together to slowly pick off the competition. Each would be very likely looped in on plans to take out the other, so they would have an opportunity to act. Staying subtle would be very hard at times, but if you could pull it off, it would be epic.
TBH, probably best if it was cooked up in advance for an all star cast so you could plan ahead, and you know who may be on board and trustworthy for a plan like this.
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2023.06.06 18:21 SpacialRend19 [CA, CA/WW] [H] PayPal [W] English PSA 10s (Want List Included)

Hi everyone, I'm back again with a PSA 10 Wishlist! I'm just starting to collect PSA 10s, and would love to add a few more to get the collection started! I collect cards I like (mostly my favourite pokemon and favourite artworks), and not necessarily for value or for future value, so if you have PSA 10s feel free to show me what you've got! Even if it isnt on my list, I might be open to it! (Would like to pick up cards slightly below ebays recent sales if that's okay!)
Just a few wants off the top of my head:
- Any shiny Pokemon! Hidden Fates Full Arts and the Shining Legends ones are at the top of my list! I'm trying to get all the Shining Legends shinys, and I'm about half way there. Also open to "Radiant" cards, and other miscellaneous shinys from over the years
- Mew Vmax TG 30/30 (Lost Origin)
- Rayquaza Vmax TG 29/30 (Silver Tempest)
- Charizard TG03 (Lost Origin)
- Garchomp TG03 (Astral Radiance)
- Gallade Secret Rare 244 (Cosmic Eclipse)
- Celebi Alt Art (Fusion Strike) I know this probably isnt the best time to buy this card in terms of market value, but if someone offered me a good deal on it, I wouldn't be able to say no
- Any Darkrai or Celebi cards!

If you'd be interested in trades, or are looking for something specific. I'll link my Google Sheets doc below. Please feel free to browse through it
Google Sheets [Tabs - 1) Holos, 2) Reverse Holos, 3) Personal Collection, 4) PSA 10 Collection] - Complete your sets or your collections!
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2023.06.06 18:21 chefboyaudree ISO TWO 2-DAY PASSES

Hello! Looking for two 2day passes to Hard Summer! Located in the San Diego area, but can travel to other parts of socal to pick up. Pls pm me if you have any! Thanks so much friends :D
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2023.06.06 18:21 Mbate22 Where to start the bible (for a non believer)

I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, but I am look for recommendations on where to start reading the bible. I searched and saw this was a common question, but not from my point of view. I am a non believer, I am not looking for a relationship with God, and don't anticipate becoming a believer. I am looking to read the bible to support my wife who is trying to rekindle her relationship with God. I could read along with her, but I'd like it to be a surprise. In addition to wanting it to be a surprise, I don't want to hurt her feelings or dissuade her from her journey if I get frustrated and don't want to continue reading.
Logically I want to start with the old testament, but many of the views and teachings have become less harsh, viewed as not as significant,and personally I find some of the view points appalling.
I see John being recommended a lot for the best account if Jesus' life, but I'm not personally interested in a relationship with Jesus.
I hear Ecclesiastes is a good starting point for it's over all account of human existence. That sounds like it may be the most appealing to me, but I don't know how relevant Ecclesiastes would be to my wife's journey.
Looking forward to any responses, but cautiously optimistic. From the few posts I have seen there seems to be a mixed bag of people with love in their heart which is what I was thought Christianity should be when I was growing up, and I've seen the counter to that where some people seem to use the teachings to excuse/embrace the hate in their heart which is one of the many things that drove me away in the first place.
I mean no offense with this post and want to say thank you in advance to anyone who took the time to read this, and a special thanks to anyone who gives me any input on my question.
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2023.06.06 18:20 c_garbs Bladeshow Score Hinderer Eklipse

Picked this up at bladeshow. Genuinely wanted to keep this one - I love it, just not enough to keep it. For full transparency, table was $685 and I'm hoping to get that back (though I paid $726 after tax).
PPFF NO notes. Yolo > chat.
-Hinderer Eklipse 3.5 Wharncliffe 20CVwith working finish, textured silver twill scale and special finish on lock side. Action is very, very good. Centering is perfect and blade is rock solid of course. There are no blemishes anywhere on the knife. And I certainly have not cut, carried or disassembled.
SV $685
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2023.06.06 18:20 Book_Golem Battle Report (Soulblight vs Kharadron)

Well, I've finally played a whole five turn game of Age of Sigmar, with the latest General's Handbook and everything! I want to get into the habit of writing up battle reports, so here goes.
The Armies
My 1000pt list was the following:
Bloodline: Vyrkos
Leaders Wight King on Skeletal Steed (Warlord) ++General (Hunter's Snare)
Necromancer (Warlord) ++Waste Away ++Ulfenkarni Phylactery
Vampire Lord (Warlord) ++Spirit Gale ++Vial of Manticore Venom (bonus from Battalion)
Battleline 20 Skeletons (Galletian Veterans)
10 Skeletons (Galletian Veterans)
10 Grave Guard (Galletian Veterans) ++Greatblades
Other 5 Black Knights (Warlord)
3 Vyrkos Blood-born (Warlord)
Grand Strategy: Empire of Corpses
Total Points: 975
This is the list I used in my last game, with the intent that I don't need to learn any new units this way. I still don't have any Dire Wolves, so that's an aspect of Vyrkos I won't be able to take advantage of.
My opponent was running Kharadron Overlords. As I recall, it was something like this:
Sky-Port: Barak Murder-you-on-the-charge
Leaders Admiral ++Arcane Tome
Aether Khemist ++ Spell in a bottle (Purple Sun)
Aetheric Navigator
Battleline (I assume) 3 Skywardens
3 Skywardens
3 Endrinriggers
Behemoths Frigate ++Cannon ++Flagship
Grand Strategy: Keep the Frigate Alive (and also kill all enemy flying units)
It's sort of the opposite of my list - everything is fast and small units, while mine's slow and large.
Mission and Deployment
The mission ended up being Jaws of Gallet, the one where each round after the first the player going second can nominate an objective to be removed. I set up the table as a ruined city, with quite a lot of small pieces of ruins terrain laid out on a mat covered in cobbled roads. I'd intended for this to be a way to get the terrain out of the box prior to my opponent arriving, but he was happy with the layout (and naturally got to pick territory). Plus it's nice to play on a map that makes cohesive sense!
I deployed somewhat conservatively - the small unit of skeletons hanging back to hold my home objective, Black Knights and the Wight King on the left flank to run up and take the Northwest objective on turn one, the Necromancer and large Skeleton unit on the right flank to push for the Southeast objective, and the Vampire Lord and Blood-born taking the centre. The Grave Guard went into the grave, having been too slow to really help in previous games.
My opponent put his Navigator and Frigate on his back objective (Northeast), and everything else in the boat. I immediately worried about how I was ever going to catch these jerks.
Round 1
My opponent got priority, and gave me the first turn. I immediately advanced on both flanks and up the centre, taking four Objectives and scoring the Cunning Manoeuvre Battle Tactic (for getting my Necromancer onto the Southeast objective, which was in both our territories). Spirit Gale and Mystic Shield both failed to cast, heralding a depressingly familiar start to my spellcasting for the game.
I jumped the Grave Guard out 9" away from my opponent's Navigator, hoping for a long charge to take him out early. Alas, a 7 rerolled into a 7, and they sat around in front of the entire enemy army looking very vulnerable instead.
My opponent got things rolling on his turn, disembarking the Admiral and Khemist and moving them towards the centre objective, taking it from me (as the Admiral counts as 2 models, and either not all of my vampires were quite in range or we miscounted). Meanwhile, the Frigate itself advanced on my Necromancer's contingent, blasting away some of his defensive Skeletons. The Navigator sat on the Northeast point, and started slowing/damaging my units and giving a movement boost to the Frigate like a jerk. Also, the Khemist killed some of my Grave Guard and dropped the Purple Sun on my Blood-born.
The frigate charged my Skeleton Horde (with some of them reassembling in front of it), and both units of Skywardens piled out. Here I made another mistake, forgetting that the Necromancer can offload wounds onto nearby Summonable units, and one unit of Skywardens decided that they weren't having any of that 5+ Ward nonsense and murdered him. Ah well, he wasn't much of a minion anyway. The Skeletons held out though, and put a wound on each of the Skywarden units.
Round 2
My opponent won priority and decided to go for the double turn. Oof.
The Navigator chipped a few more wounds off the Blood-born and the Grave Guard, the Khemist likewise fumigating my wights. The Frigate remained in combat, though one unit of Skywardens peeled off to deal with my backline Skeleton unit. The Admiral charged my Blood-born, killing them outright but straying into pile-in territory of my Vampire Lord, who proceeded to beat him around the head with a mace for a little bit. The Skeleton Horde remained "strong", recovering plenty of models in the combat phase and then being reduced to a single unit champion remaining. This could have gone a lot worse. (Good thing that conniving Necromancer was dead, I might have lost the Skeletons if he'd been offloading wounds onto them!)
On my turn, I removed the objective my opponent's Navigator was sitting on. That'll tech him! I also used the Genera's Handbook Heroic Action Strike At The Opening to fight in the Hero Phase with my Vampire Lord, dealing a little more damage to the enemy Admiral. That guy is very durable! More skeletons regenerated, though tragically my Grave Guard weren't close enough to my Vampire Lord to recover any models. I also managed to actually cast Spirit Gale this time, chipping wounds off every enemy and slaying one Skywarden from each unit thanks to previous damage.
My cavalry swept in from the left, taking back the centre control point and giving me more lovely victory points. I had the Wight King hang back an inch or two to continue contesting the Northwest objective too. In the combat phase, many Skeletons reassembled, and my Vampire Lord weathered a beating but finally finished off the Admiral (immediately recovering damage taken thanks to The Hunger), scoring me The Choicest Vintage. Also, the sole surviving Grave Guard charged the Khemist, though failed to do anything of note.
Round 3
I won priority. Time for a counter double turn!
This turn I forgot to pick a Battle Tactic. My opponent was kind enough to let me pick one randomly when I remembered at the start of the combat phase, but there was no chance of completing This One's Mine by then.
A few key things happened this turn. First, I was reminded that Objectives in Age of Sigmar are sticky, and you don't have to leave units on them. Second, my opponent removed my backline (Southwest) objective, freeing up my Skeletons to move even if it wasn't sticky. Thirdly, my opponent got fed up of the Purple Sun and dispelled it - it was sitting in the centre of the board and making it risky for him to move his troops nearby, while I was basically ignoring it. (I failed to cast anything so his Navigator had a dispel left.)
I began moving my Skeletons towards the centre, while the Skeleton Horde continued to regenerate itself (and also move to retake the Southeast objective, now that it had enough models again). My Black Knights continued to sweep eastward, flattening the Khemist with 7 Mortal Wounds on the charge, and my Vampire Lord charged back South to deal with the separated unit of Skywardens, wiping them out in a single round.
My opponent Flew High with the Frigate, transporting the remaining unit of Skywardens and the Endrinriggers close to the Northwest objective. His Navigator slowed my cavalry contingent to a crawl, and plinked the last Wound off the Grave Guard in the Hero phase - I responded by immediately re-summoning them at the end of the Movement phase to contest the Northwest objective (and to distract from everything shooting my Wight King).
The Grave Guard ate a lot of fire, though not enough to save the mounted Wight King from taking enough fire to kill him too. That hurt, I needed units that can actually do damage. There wasn't much (or any?) combat this turn, just a lot of my important units getting shot. Ouch.
Round 4
I won priority, and so we didn't have a double turn this time!
On the other hand, my opponent removed the Southeast objective, leaving my Skeleton Horde hanging around a big hole in the ground rather than delicious loot. This turn, with thin pickings for Battle Tactics, I chose Endless Nightmare - unfortunately, my big unit of Skeletons was up to 14 models by this point; I'd need to revive four in the Hero Phase and then pass the 25% chance to reassemble the other two in the Combat Phase.
I pushed my forces towards the centre of the battlefield, my Vampire Lord flying 11" to catch up with the two units of skeletons, and my Wight King popping back out of the grave to get even more control on the central point. The Black Knights attempted a long charge at the Frigate, hoping to wipe out one of the units inside with a good set of Mortals, but even with a reroll they couldn't make it in. To make matters worse, I only revived one Skeleton in the combat phase, failing my Battle Tactic. All in all, I scored only a single point this turn, and things started to look grim.
In my opponent's turn, he chipped wounds off my cavalry with the Navigator again, shot the Black Knights off the table, and disembarked the Skywardens to take the central Objective. There was also a bunch of shooting at my Wight King, but in cover and with Finest Hour up he weathered the storm this time.
Round 5
My opponent won priority again, leading to the most double turns I've seen in a single game of AoS. I also completely forgot to remove an objective this round, leading to extra points scored for my opponent - whoops.
The Skywardens went Northwest to contest that objective against emerging Black Knights - my opponent had to choose between running (and preventing my Knights from taking the objective from him if they emerged on his turn by contesting it) or not running (and hoping that their ranged weapons would be enough to sweep the Knights if they showed up this turn). He chose not to run, resulting in only a single Skywarden being within 6" of the Objective. As it was, the Black Knights did not emerge this turn (I rolled for it though, which was probably a mistake).
The Frigate and the Endrinriggers then charged Wight King and both units of Skeletons. With everything together, (and a series of unlucky saves) the Wight King died again, leaving my opponent in control of both objectives. It was going to come down to the Vampire Lord to save the day.
On my turn I selected Eye for an Eye as the only Battle Tactic I really had a hope of completing. I needed to kill either the Frigate (unlikely, but wins me the game at this point) or the Endrinriggers (much more likely, but I wasn't sure it'd be enough), while also getting enough skeletons onto the central point to take it and getting my Black Knights back to take the Northwest objective. Yikes.
I started strong by casting Grinding Teeth of Gallet on the central Objective, catching the Frigate, Endrinriggers, and my Skeletons (oh no, not the skeletons). And then I flubbed all the rolls, resulting in no Mortal Wounds to anybody. Total effective spells cast this game: 1.
Next up, I moved the Vampire Lord into position for a 3" charge into the Frigate and successfully brought back the Black Knights! That's the Northwest Objective taken care of, along with my Grand Strategy.
Finally, the combat phase. The Vampire Lord made his charge, and immediately rolled five misses for his attacks. Oof. So much for taking out the Frigate. Due to poor positioning on my part, both units of skeletons had to split attacks between the Frigate and the Endrinriggers, though the Horde did manage to pile in close enough to the objective to take that for me too. It came down to the wire, but with Crimson Feast and All Out Attack active, the Horde also managed to kill off the last two Endrinriggers, scoring my last grasp of points!
Final result: 22 - 22, Draw
I definitely made mistakes this game, but so did my opponent. I'm happy with the result - there were a lot of things that happened that could have swung it one way or the other, and in the end a draw honestly feels like a hard-fought victory!
Learning points
Battle Tactics are a really fiddly part of the game. I don't even have the six Vampire ones memorised, never mind the eight other options! That's definitely going to be a sticking point for me learning this game properly.
I really like the Vampire Lord, though I can definitely see why people like taking Legion of Blood for them - extra casting ability and more attacks would both have been very useful in this game. They're also not quite as damaging in combat as I keep thinking they are, which is something I'll have to keep in mind.
On the topic of casting: oof. One successful spell over the course of the game is not what I'd been hoping to see. Granted, some of those were dispelled by the Navigator, but I think I missed casting well over half of them in the first place - and losing the Necromancer early on didn't help with that. I feel like I'd like to be the magically dominant faction in most matchups (outside Tzeentch or Lizardmen), so more wizards might be the way to go. Or at least the Arcane Tome on the Wight King.
Vyrkos really didn't do much for me this game, though what it did do may have kept me in it. The 5+ Ward on the Skeleton Horde helped out on turn one, when the most damage was incoming; while the Wight King counting as seven models forced my opponent to make some riskier plays to take the central objective from me. I never managed to chain activate heroes and units, and as mentioned earlier I don't have the models for summoned wolves yet. I think I'll try out Legion of Blood next time for better Vampires.
I almost completely wasted the Grave Guard this game. A unit of ten Skeletons would have done better in their position. I think I need to keep them in the grave a little longer - if I'd brought them out a turn later they could have easily deleted the Navigator for me. (They were still useful for taking fire, but I'd rather not spend 140pts to do that when 85 would suffice!)
Kharadron Overlords are frustrating to fight against, but also Skeletons seem to be a great counter to them - coming back in the Combat phase means you can regenerate a lot of the damage that they do with shooting.
The Navigator is an incredible utility piece too - moving ships, dealing Mortal Wounds, and most annoyingly halving the speed of my units to stop them getting where I needed them to go. I know it's only based on rolls of one and six, but with a reroll each turn (from a command, I think? Or possibly an artefact.) he was able to get both effects off every round damaging multiple units.
The Frigate was cool, if infuriating. My opponent attempted to drop bombs with it in the movement phase exactly once, and came to the same conclusion I did about moving across enemy units: it's basically impossible. Doubtless there's some professional strategy for doing it consistently, but it looks to me like you'd have to start 3" away and fly over no more than 1" of model to get the frigate to fly over a unit given its base size.
We completed the game in somewhere over three hours. Not bad given that I'm still learning all the rules, but definitely something to work on.
Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope this was enjoyable. I'm always open to advice - I know I've got a lot to learn about how the army works!
Next step: paint all the skeletons!
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2023.06.06 18:20 RazorFistX3465 How to report Illegal Migrant

I got an order the other day. I saw the picture of the person who was picking up the order, but the person who drove up was totally different. Not only that, but he told me he didn't speak any English. I order at the same time, and always used to get a black guy-nice guy- and now I never get him, only a bunch of Hispanics. No wonder drivers are complaining about how slow it is, you have a bunch of workers flooding the market. So much for not taking jobs. Who can I report this to to get a real American at my door?
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