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2023.03.24 07:47 W00_Die Dropped out of college and lost in life but not depressed... yet

When I graduated highschool I was ecstatic to go to college so I immediately went. I had big dreams of becoming an Aerospace Engineer with tons of scholarships supporting me so I went to a uni in utah. After a year I decided that it wasn't really for me and moved to a school in Idaho to pursue a degree in Computer Sciences for programming. It was wonderful and I loved it, however I could only see me doing it as a hobby so i'm running out of options of what to form a career on. I used to host parties every other day so I had more woman friends than I could even imagine but the next school year the vast majority of those friends either dropped out or got married so I had pretty much no one. I reached out to my old physics teacher from hs and asked him what are some technology based jobs I can try or just anything else I could try out. He ended up getting me a remote IT helpdesk job, I absolutely love everything about, all I do is change peoples passwords from 9-5 m-f. Unfortunately I only get paid $15hr or about $2000mo taxed, which is nice and all but that's not a stable enough income for me to afford a mortgage. I do have a meme page I run but I make $50-$1000 a month from it, I did just get demonetized for posting those reels about guessing which one of the little toy chicken was playing with a lighter without permission. I want to get 1-3 more of those helpdesk jobs but its so hard to find some that accept my application. Recently I've been trying to start a business of some sort but idk where to even start, I used an old pc I had to make a website server but idk what to even put on there. I'm stuck at home with no more close friends, I don't want to hang out because i'm saving every penny I earn to hopefully have a nice down payment on a duplex. My plan right now is to work for 18 months, buy the duplex, and rent out the other half or rent out both halves then just stay in my mothers basement until I have enough for another mortgage. I don't want to say we're poverty but we've got lucky with money from the jobs they found, my parents bring in almost a $100,000 a year they claim, so they no nothing about starting a business or renting or anything like that so I will have to learn all this on my own, It's a struggle and I need to figure it out or else I have no planned future. The only reason why i'm not depressed yet is because I feel, after I buy the duplex and start making actual money, I'll be about to move to new york or any other east coast and start fresh life making new friends and connects while there. I'm literally running on hopes and dreams. I'd say if I don't have my life together by 26 (6 years), i'm just going to drop everything I own then drive until I feel like stopping. For your interaction, do you have any advice what I could be doing in my life or have experiences you want to share?
Child prodigy, went to college immediately after highschool, began Aerospace degree but changed to Computer Sciences degree , make tons of friends, lost all the friends the next year, found IT job, dropped out and moved home, don't make any effort to go out and do stuff with friends because I want to save every penny I make so I can buy a house, plans to buy a rental property so I can be free from working a 9-5, plans to move to new york and start a fresh life.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.03.24 07:45 OzBargainBot [VIC] $0 Double Pass NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET Musical at Alex Theatre 25/3 7:30pm & 26/3 4pm ($10 Admin Fee) @ Its on The House

[VIC] $0 Double Pass NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET Musical at Alex Theatre 25/3 7:30pm & 26/3 4pm ($10 Admin Fee) @ Its on The House submitted by OzBargainBot to OzBargainNew [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 07:45 saphcrypt 30k Debt and saving for a house.

Righto friends hit me with your opinions!
Have a 30k debt with 10% interest. Currently paying $300 a week off it.
Also putting away $1000 a week for a house deposit and will look at buying a property over the next couple of years.
Silly question though should I just smash out the debt and not keep putting away for house deposit.
I get emotionally attached to my house savings and want to see it keep going up. :)
Will put tax return this year on my debt.
Happy Friday :)
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2023.03.24 07:45 sweetsassy70 I have feelings for my HS teacher

I'm (17 f) falling for my (25m) HS teacher. I'm in senior year. I know it's not okay but I just can't help it. He's hot af and all girls in our class are crazy for him. Everytime I see him he makes me go weak on my knees. He got those big muscles which makes him super attractive. I could see that he goes to gym daily and I feel he's very caring and affectionate towards me like He always asks if I'm doin okay in my studies or do I need anything. He always assures me that I could come to him anytime if I get in some trouble. I always thought he doesn't like me in that way. But few days back something happened. I went to his house to return Some stuff of his which he forgot in the classroom (yes I know I could return the stuff next day at the school but I just wanted to see him so bad haha so I just went) I reached at his house I knocked and he opened the door and I was literally flabbergasted to see him cuz he was all shirtless ,just had a towel on. my dream came true lol I was manifesting this from a long time. (it felt like my ovaries were screaming) lol but then he said thanks for returning his stuff. But when I was about to go, he asked if I want to come in and I said yes sure. Then he offered me something to eat. We had some chat and when I was about to leave, he hugged me, and kissed me on my cheek and he said thank you once again. When he hugged me my heart started beating fast and gosh I got a kiss from him I'm so fucking happy . But now from past 2 days he has been ignoring me.Does it means that he has feelings for me and if he doesn't then why he gave me a kiss I'm so confused I just want to date him so bad. Should I talk to him about this?
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2023.03.24 07:44 ThrowRARK friendship advice?? 22F and 23F

okay so this is my first post and probably my only one. I have primarily made this post to get some feedback on a situation in which i’m very torn in. a few months back i 22 F got into a huge argument with my best friend 23 F. we both met through work and since the first time we hung out we were inseparable. she was truly someone i loved so dearly and couldn’t have imagined my life without. we both were in a time where we were both single and probably getting into trouble we weren’t used to getting into. i ended up in a situationship where i knew nothing was serious and it was plainly just for the sex. no feelings no attachments. he did know both my best friend and i but we never made it awkward where we couldn’t all hang out together. one night my best friend and i were hanging out and my situationship had texted the both of us to hang out. we weren’t up to much so we decided to all link up. i didn’t think much of it because we had all hung out before with no trouble. as the night is going on we all began to drink at his house and decided to just hang out inside until i could sober up to drive my best friend and i home. as time passes by we all headed up to his room to just chill until it was time to go home. during this entire time my best friend is continuing to drink which didn’t bother me. as we’re all hanging out in my situationship’s room we all laid on his bed to watch tv. as we’re laying there he begins to kiss me which didn’t bother me but out of the respect of my best friend i didn’t want to make her feel awkward having to endure seeing any of that. i turn away from him and start watching the tv again and i’m watching tv i start to hear mumbling. as i turn around to look at what i was hearing i see both my best friend and situationship making out. i sat up as quickly as i could and sat at the edge of the bed trying to figure out what was going on and what i was gonna do. i ended up walking out and going to my car. i had debated leaving her there because i was so hurt at the fact that this was happening but ended up deciding to stay and at least take her home. eventually she comes out and starts to cry and ask why i left. i could clearly tell she was pretty drunk and i should take her home. i start to drive to her house as i’m literally shedding tears down my face because never did i think i’d ever be in a situation like this. we get to her house and she stumbles to look for her keys to open the gate but eventually ends up managing. she got out and i had watched her walk towards the door and close the gate and thought nothing else of it. come to find out the next morning she got in her car and tried driving and ended up messing her car up by running into the gate. i found her the next morning passed out in her car because she had left her phone in my car by accident and when i went to drop it off she had no idea what had happened because she said she had blacked out. we didn’t really talk the rest of the day because i had gone out with family and my mind was everywhere. she calls me the next day crying not knowing what happened and why i was upset so i told her what happened and i wasn’t too sure how to move forward. i was willing to move past in with time and decided i didn’t want this to be the end because i truly loved her. i just think we both needed time apart. we talked a few days later and the conversations didn’t go as i had thought it would. she told me she didn’t think what i did (leaving her home by herself the night that everything happened) was okay. in return i told neither what she did was okay either. i had apologized and said that i think i could’ve responded differently but was upset i couldn’t just willing taken care of her. we both took our time apart and i was willing to let go of the past because she meant so much to me and a situationship shouldn’t stop me from having my best friend. come to find out her mom went to my old job looking for me and complained to a supervisor about what happened and was looking to get me fired. since then i’ve only talked too her a few times because i was truly more upset about the way things were handled after more than the situation itself. i just want to know what should i do friendship wise??
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2023.03.24 07:44 Bzybby What do you think? Please be gentle.

So this honestly doesn’t change anything other than how I’m processing this all. Here is the breakdown:
Together for 6.5 years. Broke up January 2023. He had an affair from summer 2019-summer 2021 when I found out. He took ownership, said all of the right things, went to therapy alone and with me. Still had some red flags-paying for tinder (says he didn’t know he was still paying for it), was on Instagram-denies how many times it said he logged in-but was definitely trying to hide it from me and deleted his browser history. Said he was on to get a house from Mr. Beast. Shows the message he sent him. Sometimes wasnt consistent and made me suspicious and have more anxiety in periods. He told me that was bull after we broke up. We spoke once after and he went on about how it’s only religion nothing else-but it just doesn’t add up.
Breakup day. He has missing texts from his friend who later sends him a screenshot of their conversation. He cancelled plans with me because he was going to hang out with this friend-turns out friend was working all day. Ex didn’t bother to call me back and go back to plans at all. Ask him about missing texts and phone call-starts fight-I see nasty messages on his GC-fighting intensifies-)3 denies deleting any of the texts that are missing from his phone. He gets his stuff from my house, says we aren’t breaking up-then right before slamming the door says yes he is- but because of religion.
Literally everyone that has heard this says he was cheating the whole time. That he must have been and just never cared or loved me enough to tell me the truth. He deleted stupid texts about his plans because he said “you sighed” when he first called me that morning to cancel and postpone the date I had planned which included an appointment a pottery class together, dinner reservations and a movie time. So it was time dependent. I was literally like ok that’s fine, would have been nice to know sooner since you made these plans last night with your friend. I mean isn’t that a sign already he doesn’t give a shit? I just want to in some way be more convinced he is an asshole but also I am just so more hurt thinking he could lie and cheat on me AGAIN after everything and how good he was to me since reconciling. It is so hard to have any worth since he left and I feel embarrassed for wanting him in some ways after all the pain he has caused me just by giving up and leaving me. But I feel like he could only give up on us if it wasn’t worth me finding out something else he was lying about. I should literally not care and somehow I can’t stop thinking about it.
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2023.03.24 07:44 jonjonh69 Testing only!! A&H SQ5 w/ Waves Soundgrid vs. Live Professor and Mac Studio

Hey y’all. I just wanted to report that I created a session with very similar plug-ins on both setups. With new Mac M2’s coming out (and being hyped like crazy) I wanted to run some tests and see if native processing is anywhere close to useable yet. This is not meant to be too technical of a read, just an FYI for all you crazed plug-in users like me.
A bit about my setup: -A&H SQ5 with Waves-SQ card -Base model Mac Studio M1 Max 32gb RAM etc etc -virtual sound check using SQ-drive -SuperRack on host computer with Soundgrid Server One-C OR LiveProfessor native processing on Mac Studio via Soundgrid QRec driver (to maintain fastest connection and lowest latency)
Latency on the Waves Soundgrid was low as expected, with useable values for live work at FOH and for MON depending on plugin type. In my opinion and in many real world cases, singers and drummers notice latency right away. Some notice excess latency at FOH too. Anyway, I’ve been using a Server One-C for a couple years with my SQ5 and really enjoy it. It takes some setup, but it generally has no issues once configured. The server runs all channel plug-ins on 32 channels, 8 groups, LR bus, as well as 4 effects sends. No issues. CPU usually hits around 30-40%. I feel safe here, with a tiny bit of caution for which plug-ins I use.
Mac Studio w/ LP testing first with a microphone and in ears, I started loading plug-ins on. It runs at 32 samples and pretty low latency (and the processing power is impressive) but not as low as is possible with Soundgrid. It’s not audible, but perceptible. I’m a drummer, so hearing even slight phase or comb filtering is normal for me. Strike one IMO, as even at its lowest possible setting, it can’t be used for MON. So I proceeded with the FOH test. Channel inserts on every channel, the plug-ins load…. But I start to get audio dropouts pretty quick. Change the buffer size to 192 samples… I get up to about 20 channels, and it starts getting over 30% memory usage. At this point I realize I will absolutely need some LR processing and add a Softube Tape, a VSC-2, a Shadow Hills comp, a Pultec, a MAXX-bass, and a Sonnox Limiter. CPU in LP says 50%. No dropouts. So I add a couple Seventh Heaven reverbs because what the hell….. CPU goes to 65%, dropouts start. I change buffer size again. Strike two. At this point we’re at about 1ms in, 4ms buffer, 3ms plug-in processing and listed 1.3ms LP out. Not included is initial A/D for mics or final D/A for PA outputs… or House processor latency….. so this is way up there IMO. Strike three was when I switched to simple reverbs and tried to lower buffer size to something usable. It didn’t happen.
While I am impressed by the Mac Studio, I think it’s completely the nature of native processing currently to blow goats. We are not there yet. The CPU load in Apple Activity monitor said between 4 and 5%, so it seems like the potential is surely there in the M1 Max processor, but the systems are not optimized to take advantage of this power ….. YET.
Anyway, someone buy me a D-Live system and I will go away. In the meantime don’t shame me for trying, you’ve all thought about doing this, admit it!! LOL
Lots of love y’all!!
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2023.03.24 07:44 iRamHer Supporting and strengthening an in-use H beam.

disclaimer: I am likely going to install a temporary full beam flange width post with steel base and probably 1/4" thick top cap regardless of what is figured here, until I can remedy the core issues. I would *like* to not have to do that as the movement isn't too too terrible, unless I find buckling or cracking when I tear into it, which I am not expecting to find. I am trying to keep this short and concise. I'm not looking for precise to the fraction measurements. I'm really looking for a, yes that design could have been viable in preventing flexural torsional buckling/twisting. I have no reason to believe there's any local or distrortional buckling, yet. Obviously, I will need to tear into it but my ADHD would like to know how much motivation I am going to need to start this and how much cursing I will be doing through out.
1.)This is my main question, as I am trying to attempt to tell my woman I tried to not use a post. Would a basic 2x4 wall assembly supporting a 2-2x10 beam be adequate to provide an H beam with the needed lateral support to prevent flexural torsional buckling? Or rather, does the intersecting 4x10 member provide any stability in this situation, or is it just a floor member support? I have yet to see how it is connected at the 4x10 side, but after seeing the beam side with scope, I believe I may be over assuming its function, but that could be a red herring of poor craftsmanship. Technically it doesn't show anything useful. Picture is included down below, you can see the 2x/osb/shim assembly aggressively pulled apart, starting at the top, as the beam pulled away due to twisting counter clock wise. Much more info below but as stated below: The H beam is 10" tall x 8.25" wide x 1/2" thick. The load is roughly 8000lb of brick and 8000 pounds of roof. The lateral support would've started at roughly 70" away from support post, not including bearing measurement. Viable lateral stay? or just a joist support?
2.)Would a sufficiently sized post wide enough to support the entire flange, positioned at the assumed lateral support location, alleviate the middle span stress and be positive towards the existing beams health, or would I most benefit from supporting the flange on ends fully? or both? Or should I crib the lower beam to help temporarily support the upper beam mid span? Or is there a reason I'm not seeing as to why the existing end posts do not fully support the beam flange, beyond possible lack of support underneath the post? I have more than enough foundation to support a 10x10 if I desired at the "lateral support" location.
3.)Would bricking in beam ends be a positive addition in this situation, or would I be better off considering welding end caps at minimum and calculating for bracing to help with torsional buckling? Just out of curiosity, I imagine tension and compression are distorting the ends/effecting bearing/span capacity.

The pictures included at the bottom may be a better story teller than this wall of text I'm trying to summarize. Back story before I ask my question because this is the ultimate solution that can't happen yet. I have a residential structure was remodeled in roughly the 90s. I am assuming during the remodel they did drainage, and the drainage was done with steel corrugated pipe, which is in the process of, or is, collapsed. I realize this is a situation that needs remedied, and will be bringing in a mini to do proper drainage within the next few months, I hope. As a result of said drainage, and the fact that the foundation is on a heavy clay, I have a lot of expansion and contraction, and thus erosion. After drainage I will be driving some sort of piers and likely adding to the footings. I understand this is the core of my issue and the ultimate fix, it can't happen yet.
AS A RESULT, i have 2 supporting walls that are roughly 0.2 ISH degrees off last time I measured. Those walls support a beam, that beam supports 2 posts, which supports another beam. I will need to support the lower beam as it has some twist in direction of load, and unfortunately I think the brick plate does not have enough weld to attach it to the beam, and it's starting to split due to someone modifying the beam by cutting a hole dead center, and removing brick, which seems to support a large slab above it.
The house is 60s era, I believe the beams were all installed in the 90s, I believe some got repaired sometime before I moved in. I lived in this house for roughly 7? years now, the beam when moved in, which is covered with drywall, had a crack roughly dead center starting at bottom flange and working its way up and back, showing SOME but not much deflection. I wasn't concerned at the time, it was another project. Well it's time to do the project and I've had more shifting, still within spec just estimating, but definitely needs remedied as it will keep moving due to circumstances. In before the "there's no way anyone on reddit can help you, you need to see a so and so engineer" yes. Sure. And I will eventually. Good luck finding one any time soon though. at least here. I build and work with a lot of wood and steel structures although I over build, especially with steel, since I have a lot, my calculations are more jazz unfortunately due to health concerns that have eaten my brain but I am recovering, although I am more into hydraulic assemblies now. This is in my wheel house, although I'm not able to think 100% at this point yet due to personal issues, I am very capable of carrying out a temporary support and longer term fix, eventually. I am playing around with ideas at this point though. "boy this sounds like you're in over your head". I would hope the beam stays in over my head. This is my goal anyways. Enough jokes.
The beam in question above it is also twisting the same direction, likely due to the posts favoring direction of load, the posts not fully supporting the flange closest to the load direction, what I am assuming is a lateral support has seperated, and I am assuming the beam being loaded off center promoting torsion, specifically at the center of span, which is just beyond where the lateral support is. As a result, and keep in mind this is just rough eye balling because I have not removed any drywall beyond the one end to scope out, and the drywall job is interesting, so I am wondering if everything was straight/ flush to begin with. I am under the assumption, the beam jobs were designed by an engineer. However, I am also pretty sure THIS specific issue was fixed once before, and was partially the reason it's happening now, because improper fasteners/material was used.
There's 4 pictures here:
  1. The basement a ROUGH not to scale diagram which includes 2 beams each color coded, each has 1 end that supports the upper beam's post, which is notated with shapes. not really concerned about them, though I think the one needs some love/brick plate wasn't welded properly and is spltting from the beam slowly, and torsion mimics the 2nd floor beam} The problem beam supports a fraction of a roughly 12,000 pound 7" floating concrete slab, which is why it has a brick plate/bricked. And it really isn't a great install to be honest.
  2. the 2nd floor, which is where the beam in question is. The posts for this beam sit on the other two beams drawn, notated by diamond and 4 sided star. I tried to keep them color coded between the two drawings. Diamond being pink compromised beam, yellow being intact neutral smaller beam, and red just dictating the 2nd floor beam as a whole. This beam supports roughly 8000 pound of brick, not accounting for any load distribution, two roofs, I can't find my calculations there, but I'm in a 30psf area so let's assume both roofs together applying load on that beam would max roughly 8000 pounds.
  1. 2 scope picture of the connection of lumber and shims to beam, which is what connects what I am calling the lateral support, etc. These are pretty useless and uneventful, as the material will all be replaced regardless of situation, and you can't see the connection. I would not be surprised if it was toe nailed, as I am assuming it was fixed at some point due to context clues as a result of a similar movement in past.
Woman didn't want a post, but she'll probably get a post. I'm aware I can add plate steel to the bottom/top flange. I can add bracing. I can add a second beam. I can wrap the posts in a fabricated C channel, or replace with a full size beam post. I can increase the bearing capacity by adding extra 2x lamination/dispersing load on sill. Maybe someone is seeing something I can't see or am glazing over. My main concern, and maybe I'm wasting time on it, is assuming that off center connection is a lateral support to help prevent twisting.
I appreciate the responses, insulting or neutral ahead of time. I'll try to revise this and lessen the word wall in a bit/correct some terminology specifics.
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2023.03.24 07:43 draymoney2000 M22 and F18 getting mixed signals after a couple dates.

Getting mixed signals
Backstory: I am M(22) I met this girl at her work F(18) and we got to talking and she invited me to a party that night (Saturday) at her place and I could tell she liked me because during the party she was all over me and stayed by me the whole party, after we got drunk I stayed the night in her room and we cuddled till morning. And the next morning I woke up to go home and she walked me to my car and everything. I texted her that night (Sunday) saying I had so much fun and after that we got to talking on text, and she seemed interested. And the next day (Monday) me and my friend went to her work to talk to her more and she was telling my friend how much she liked me and wanted to get to know me. So after she got off work I offered to bring her food to her house and she agreed. We were talking and it got pretty late so she let me spend the night again and this night she kissed and we made out for like a minute, then we went to bed cuddling more. (So far no sex has happens btw) and the next day (Tuesday) we had a pretty good date I’d say we both had fun and we both kissed each other after the date to say goodbye. And after this I thought she was very interested in dating me.
Where the mixed signals come in: Now it’s been two days and she seem pretty distant. Shes been leaving me on delivered sometimes for more than 2 hours and not seeming very interested in the texting most the time. She has been kinda busy tho these past two days I’ll give her that but still she hasn’t really been showing she is interested over text or any desire to hang out again. And in the past two days I will say my feeling have grown for her more so it’s just kinda hard for to understand her motives. I just need some advice from anyone who like to share thanks.
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2023.03.24 07:43 ignRetweet Too Hot to Handle (2023) HD Full Movie Online Free

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2023.03.24 07:43 alkienmusic Starting in Tracy on the 30th. I think its the new XL Building? Anyone?

Any idea what to expect? Is it gonna suck as much as people say?
I worked the Delivery center in Livermore and hated it. I worked the Sort center in Mountain House and it wasn't too bad most days(I had to leave because I lost my car).
Now starting in Tracy. Don't know the building code yet.
Also, I kinda eff'd up my knee recently. How much of a problem is it gonna be?
Also hello :)
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2023.03.24 07:42 gravitas001 The solution to the Problem of a Non-Pressurizing Air Compressor.

The solution to the Problem of a Non-Pressurizing Air Compressor.

Your application will fail if the pressure your compressed air system produces is insufficient. Due to low pressure, an air compressor may run for long periods without ever hitting its preset safety limit. Overheating can result from poorly ventilated spaces and poorly serviced compressors. In this article, we have shared some tips that we have gathered from a reputable Atlas Copco air compressor in Palwal about what things to examine when there is an air pressure drop in your compressor. The next step the supplier of Atlas Copco air compressor in Palwal recommended was releasing the wingnut and then taking off the housing cover to check the filter. Make sure no dirt or grime is clogging it up.
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2023.03.24 07:42 blacklakemp3 Have you ever seen a fandom as out of touch with its creator’s intentions as these fanatic anti Targaryen contrarians?

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2023.03.24 07:42 papasbelly (TW) I think I was sexually abused by my mother

I (21F) have always had a turbulent relationship with my mother. I am currently almost no contact except for the occasional holiday she will show up to the family event. Now, I’ve blacked out a fair amount of my childhood due to trauma and such, but recently I was talking with my grandmother (the woman who raised me in my mothers absence) and it felt like a puzzle piece just clicked.
My mother is an extreme drug addict. I’m talking crack, heroine, anything she can get her hands on. She was fired from her fancy nursing job almost 8 years ago for stealing from the medicine cabinet. Because of this, she would always have strange characters around the house. Boyfriends, friends, dealers. I’m no stranger to sexual harassment or abuse. Its loomed over me my entire childhood/preteen years.
Now I’m writing this because I’d always felt like I’d blacked out something bad. It’s a major anxiety of mine. Anyway, tonight I was talking to my grandma about childhood & how weird my mother seemed to act. She didn’t like me or my little brother sleeping in our own beds. I mean, it was a weird age we finally did start sleeping separately. Like 13/14. She conditioned us to need her for basic hygiene things as well. For example, she gave us baths/showered with us up until around the same age. I can remember being at my dads house and begging him to take me to her to do my hair because I couldn’t do it right without her. She also was very concerned with when I would start growing pubic hair and would make me show it to her.
She would also do the basic violating privacy things as well. Look through our phones, crawl into our beds at night, invade personal space. She’d convince me that my dad wasn’t paying child support (he was, she was just blowing it on crack). And just generally would manipulate me into hating him. Sometimes she’d wrestle me? I’m not sure how to explain it, we’d be arguing and she’d straight up act like a 4 year old and start wrestling/fighting me. She did that a lot.
So, now what I’m writing about. My grandma and I approached the topic of my mothers revolving door of boyfriends and the consequences of that. Somehow I found myself talking about her weird behavior. As soon as I started talking I kinda just word vomited. There was a night that she had walked into my room (I was probably 12/13) and I was “experimenting” as a preteen does. I don’t exactly remember what happened after that. I think she said something along the lines of “what are you doing” and stared for a minute. Then I remember her getting into my bed and wrapping her arms around me. It’s all so fuzzy I don’t even know what happened after that. But I know the feeling, I remember how I felt. I’m nauseous thinking about it. I don’t know what happened, I’m not sure I want to know what happened. And I can’t ask her, I’m humiliated even thinking about it.
Sex is kind of difficult for me, I’ve always had a hard time speaking up for what I want. It’s like I’m incapable of it. I’m seeing this amazing guy who wants me to feel good, only person to ever make me finish. He wants me to tell him what I want. And I feel so bad, I can’t. I can’t tell him what I want because I don’t know. It’s like I’ve never had the opportunity to know. Or i guess, it feels like I don’t deserve to know what I want. I’m not sure I’m explaining it well.
It’s been so long since I’ve thought about it. These days I don’t even truly remember what it felt like to be loved by a mother, or if I ever felt it. She’s kind of just a smear on my otherwise decent childhood/life. I had a good father who did what he could, a decent childhood, an amazing grandma who stepped in. I don’t know what happened, I don’t know if I want answers yet. Am I crazy? Am I just imagining it? Did she effect my relationship with sex now? Am I insane for even drawing that connection? I’ve never been overcome with such emotion in my life, it felt like a ton of rocks hit me.
I guess it’s still fresh in my mind and I’m looking for guidance. Any input would be appreciated.
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2023.03.24 07:42 thewhat24 Fios, routers and 3rd party equipment

I recently signed for Fios 1Gb plan. The standard verizon Fios router is downstairs and I have the extender (I think it's a cr3100) upstairs. When they were set up, the coax cable was used and from my understanding both devices have to be connected via coax for me to be able to use the extender in the house. I am looking to change to a third party router and wan device in a mesh configuration (undecided on which brand). For those of you with a 3rd party device , does your set up require use of the coax cable for the extenders or is this specific to the verizon routeextender devices only?
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2023.03.24 07:42 featheredscarlet help help help HELP

So long story short, my mother in law and wife have hoarding tendencies. We've been together 4 years, living with my mil. I joked sometimes about Gray Gardens but holy fucking shit. I never go in my mil's room out of respect but I had to use the only other toilet in the house. It's raining. Water was running. Through the fucking skylight. It's rotting. It's been like this for a very long time and I'm trying to not panic because this was news to me. Like I had heard there was a leak but I guess I never thought to look since no one was that fucking concerned???! I'm not the home owner, no one asked me to help so I thought wrongly that it would be handled because my mil is still a competent adult regardless of how she acts. The house looks like a mess, but I've seen worse... I'm scared. So scared. I want it fixed but if we make a call... they might involve the state. I'm so not ready for this. I knew it was bad but I thought it was very surface level not fucking structural. The cost at this point is going to be horrid. And between my $15/hour and mil's retirement. We're fucked. Help. Mostly venting but any ideas on how to not get services called???? I clean the best I can, I kind of threatened my eye to get her on ADHD medicine that she started today because she's the sweetest, most messy person I've ever known. I love her with all my heart but omfg.
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2023.03.24 07:42 Novus-Logics 7 Proven React js development Methods to Increase & Optimize App Performance

7 Proven React js development Methods to Increase & Optimize App Performance
No user will want to waste their time on a web application that requires excessive patience from them. Time is a valuable resource. React is a well-liked framework that programmers trust for fast rendering. React js development is used by well-known companies like LinkedIn, DropBox, CSDN, Baidu, and others because of this.
During React js development Service, developers can intelligently and actively ensure React performance optimisation approaches by taking a few key measures into consideration and indicating them. React, however, even renders many irrelevant components resolving such speed concerns.
To get around the expensive DOM operations, there are excellent React speed optimisation approaches that we suggest. Discover how.

1. Virtualizing lists or windows in React applications

The performance of many React applications that use or display lengthy lists is frequently problematic. The complete list will be rendered in the DOM prior to loading the app, significantly slowing down the React.js app's performance and generating UI latency.
List Virtualization or Windowing is one method for getting around this problem. Here, we only permit a limited list of objects to be rendered on the DOM as much is visible, as opposed to presenting the entire long list of components on the app screen.

2. Coordinating the keys for list rendering

While working with lists in react js Services, you can give an element important property that will aid in rendering the following elements.
If the developer incorrectly assigns component keys to list elements for dynamic lists, it becomes useful for the user and slows down the speed of the React app. Here, it is unnecessary because the new list entry will immediately recommend the prior list entry.
To address this bottleneck, you must give each list component a distinct key value. Use Key={ } to improve the efficiency of your dynamic lists in a React project.

3. Slow image loading in React

There is a good probability that your React app's performance will suffer if it has a lot of photos. This occurs because the DOM renders each image individually before presenting the user interface. Therefore, we advise employing lazy loading images, which only render that specific image after waiting until its turn has appeared on the user's screen.
Similar to how windowing prevents extra DOM nodes from being created, lazy loading of images does the same. React-lazyload and react-lazy-load-image-component are the two widely used libraries for lazy loading to improve React speed.

4. Interaction of Components and Functional Components

By leveraging functional components, React.js applications can be performed more efficiently. The easiest and tried-and-true method for quickly creating effective and performant React apps, despite its cliched sound.
React components, such as the React Devtools (extension), provide the following benefits:
· Less code is needed
· Simple to comprehend
· Components are stateless
· Easy to test
· Flexibility to extract smaller components
· Interactivity

5. Recognize how to deal with "this" binding

While 'this' binding is not necessary for functional components, you may want to use them whenever possible. React will not automatically bind your functions within components if you are using ES6 binding, though. You can still manually achieve the binding, though. You can bind your components and functions in the following ways:
· Rendering with binding
· Embrace the arrow function in rendering
· Binding to the function Object() { [native code] }
· Attach the class's attribute to the arrow function.

6. Cut JavaScript Bundles

Learn how to trim your JavaScript packages to get rid of redundant code. Your React application's performance has a greater chance of succeeding if you eliminate redundancies and pointless code. You need to evaluate and decide on the bundled code.

7. Client-Side Rendering (SSR)

Consider using SSR deliberately and determining whether your application genuinely requires SEO. If you can avoid utilising SSR when it's not necessary, you'll be in luck. SSR consumes a tremendous amount of load.


We hope you will follow and put into practise the React app performance optimisation advice that we have offered in this blog now that you have a clear understanding of React performance difficulties and React performance techniques. Improve the efficiency of your current React application by working with the top Reactjs development company like Novus Logics, which can offer experienced advice and best practises. ReactJS developers at Novus Logics implement best practices to deliver robust results for your Reactjs app development.

How much does it cost to hire a ReactJS Developer?

Hiring a ReactJS developer can cost between $20 to $38 per hour. The average hire rate of ReactJs deveoper depends on the size and complexity of the project. Hiring an expert develop from a reputed ReactJS development company is affordable when compared to recruiting an in-house developer. Recruiting an in-house developer can incur additional costs such as infrastructure, training and HR compliances.

What is ReactJS used for?

Facebook created the open-source React.js framework and library for JavaScript. As comparison to using pure JavaScript, it is used to create interactive user interfaces and web applications quickly and effectively.

Is ReactJS coding?

You don't need to be a skilled programmer to start with React, despite the fact that it has its own distinct ecosystem and development methodologies. Your general understanding of web development best practises will serve you well. Your ability to learn React will increase as your web development experience grows.

Which company is best for ReactJS?

There are many companies that offers robust Reactjs development services. However, you should consider the company that understands your project requirements and help you deliver quality projects within your determined budget.
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2023.03.24 07:41 Some_twat_on_reddit what the fuck am i meant to do anymore

parents almost made fun of me for it. i can't even fucking die. what the fuck can i even do anymore. my last resort was taken away from me. theres literally nothing i can do. getting through this is nonexistent. this is how my life is and its how its always been and i know for a fucking fact it won't get better, so don't waste your breath lying to me about it. i can't die. what the fuck can i even do? what am i supposed to do? everything that could have killed me left me alive, and not even my fucking sleeping pills could have killed me. im so fucking done. what am i even meant to do anymore? its not like i can even hang myself because theres no time where im alone in my house. i need a gun. i need a fucking gun. thats the only way. i need a gun because that WILL kill me. It WILL. im so tired. i even laugh at myself like everyone else does now. i laugh at myself and i literally beat myself up, i punch myself in my face till my head starts to get dizzy. i can't even cry anymore without laughing like some fucking joker wannabe. i've completely lost it and theres no way out. im not living a lifetime of this. i will not. i can't. its not going to get better and i can't even escape it by dying. what did i do when i was born to deserve this? was i a murderer in a past life or something? or is whatever god up there just playing a cruel experiment on me? im lost on what to even do. do i paint on a smile and live through it while in agony like i used to? do i try and kill myself again and see if it works? im so tired. im tired and im really really scared. i could end up homeless. i could end up arrested. i don't have a job so i can't provide for myself even though i try day in and day out to get one no one will take me. i have no friends. i have no where to go. i can't die. i can't sleep. what went wrong with me?
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2023.03.24 07:41 Todoslosplanetas Rental situation for expats

Please share your experience renting as an expat. I think this thread could be helpful for those wanting to move to another country. I've read a bunch of posts from expats that were not prepared for the housing situation they found in their new countries.
It'd be great if you could name the city/country you are in and what it is required to rent a place there.
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2023.03.24 07:41 Mojj- Hey F 20 does anyone wanna talk to me or be my friend? I could really use the company rn.

If you're a gang member or felon then it's fine with me. I have a lot of hobbies such as gaming and singing sometimes. I'm also a shopaholic that just never knows when to put things back because they're too cute. I also enjov trying to cook things in the microwave without setting the house on fire.
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2023.03.24 07:41 Intelligent-Box2500 Visa

I'm a U.S. citizen studying in Berlin. I do not have a visa and have overstayed my 90 days. I have been trying for weeks to get an appointment. I am supposed to go home for two weeks in April so I can attend the funeral of a close family member. A classmate told me if I'm going to leave the country without a visa I should make sure I have proof that I am supposed to be in the country: rental agreements, visa application, proof of enrollment, and my student ID. How big of a risk would it be to leave Germany without a visa and try to re-enter?
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2023.03.24 07:40 emma-ag Buy Stunning House At Best prices In Maryland With Us

Buy Stunning House At Best prices In Maryland With Us
Although purchasing a home can be a thrilling experience, it can also be challenging and stressful. You must choose the ideal house, work out the best loan arrangements, and finalize the purchase of your new home. You must engage with We buy houses Woodbridge VA who can assist you at every step in order to help you make the best selection when purchasing a home. A quality service provider may offer everything, including home comparisons and loan preapproval.
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